Where is The Curvature ?

So here is perhaps the most interesting of all the fields presented here, and one that has got to be quite an eye opener for those who are stuck in the "We Live On A Globe" frame of mind. I can really relate though, as I was of that mind frame for over 50 years. However, this is perhaps one of the biggest things that got me looking even harder and deeper into the flat earth. More so I would say than any other aspect of this entire movement. So lets then take a bit of a look and see what is behind all of this curvature business.

The curvature of the earth is said to be 8 inches per mile squared based on the Pythagorean theorem, also known as Pythagoras' theorem. Problem is however when looking for the said curvature based on the math, none can be found. People from varying backgrounds have conducted test after test to desperately try and prove the earths curvature, all of which I am "NOT" sorry to say, Have Totally And Utterly Failed.

Surveyor's and Engineer's alike Do Not account for any type of curvature when planning, constructing or drawing up their blue prints. So with this in mind it has to leave us to wonder, does the curve of the earth actually exist.? I for one DO NOT Believe That It Does. Lets See What You Think After This Section.

All the footage shot at high altitude by the likes of NASA is ALWAYS shot with a Go-Pro Camera and a Fish Eye Lens, which is an ultra high definition wide angle lens. The problem with this certain type of lens is that it distorts the images natural contour. I believe this is why NASA uses this type of lens to begin with, as it contorts the sides of the picture showing an imaginary curvature (You Will See What I Mean).

Countless numbers of people have launched high altitude balloons to heights comparable to NASA but have instead filmed the earth with a standard 35mm Lens or 65mm lens yielding totally opposing results. Gee, I wonder why that might be.?

I find it absolutely amazing that for some reason or another most people will believe all that organizations such as NASA put out AS TRUTH, but won't believe what their own eyes and God given senses tell them. Once again I will say that all tests done over the past 150 years to prove the earth's motion have been met with utter Failure.

Yet most of the world will blindly believe what is taught to them through the school systems and text books, or organizations such as NASA and other space oriented organizations. First of all, these organizations are put into place to keep the public's interests obscured with endless data and/or pictures made up of composites or that are conceptual designs created by artists or they are merely computer generated CGI images.

But just try and tell people that they are not looking at the real thing when they are shown images of distant galaxies, planets or stars and see what type of reaction you will be met with. It's not pleasant to say the least. In fact it can turn out to be down right nasty, to the point of name calling and in some instances much, much worse.

What people do not understand or refuse to believe, is that they have been totally and fully indoctrinated into believing what has been and still is nothing more than a totally backwards engineered fabrication of a fantasy globe world. Believe me, I know it is hard to come to terms with the understanding that we have been lied to throughout our entire lives, and while I hate to say it, nothing could be more true. It wasn't until I looked extremely deeply into all of this that it all began to fall into place like a row of dominos fall when they are stacked in line and the first one is pushed over.

The lies we live are so numerous and so large that it will make even the most level minded persons head spin, but as I have made the point of mentioning numerous times before. Do not take my word for it, go through this site and see what they have done for yourself and then draw your own conclusions. However, believe me when I say, that a person would have to be either totally blind, or in outright full denial not see what is right in front of them.

People ask me, Why would they lie like this.?? Well, there is an agenda here my Friends, as you yourself will begin to see. As we continue through this site it will become clearly evident to you as this agenda will slowly start to reveal itself. They have attempted to conceal the majority of this from nearly everyone while calling anybody who questions anything a Conspiracy Theorists.

However, lately they don't seem to be hiding in the shadows any longer, and are coming right out and basically telling us what they are doing. And guess what, those crazy Conspiracy Theorists were not so crazy after all. But Friends, you have to be fully awake and paying attention in order to see it.

Hopefully, with God's help, this site will help to do exactly that for the majority of you.

Learning Curve

ODD TV goes through a wide array of different topics concerning the heliocentric model here. How the media tries to hide facts about the missing curvature of the earth and how NASA covers things up and lies about virtually everything. Did you ever wonder why in all the footage that NASA supposedly gives us from the International Spaces Station, never do you see NOT ONE satellite.? According to statistics given by the Satellite Applications Catapult there have been some 7,900 objects launched, yet we do not see any space junk as they call it or operational satellites in any footage supplied by NASA, NO. Nor do we ever see any such objects being detected by high altitude balloon launches by the general public. Distances that should not be able to be seen according to the math provided by Heliocentric followers can easily be seen.??? So while we do not question their math, we do indeed question the FACT that absolutely No Curvature Can Ever Be Found.

Global Agencies, What Do They Really Know.?

So when we start digging around in various documents from the CIA, Russia, USGS, The US Army it is amazing what we find. Now being that they continually preach to us that they have known that the earth is a Globe for approx 500 years it really is quite astonishing to find that not so long ago they were conducting tests to see exactly what it really was. This however is not the most astonishing part of this entire fact based study that we conducted. You see, when you start looking through their documents you see that their findings were quite a bit different than what they would have us believe. You would think that this would be something that would be shared with our education and scientific community would you not.? Well it seems that no matter what, we are still told (and taught) lie after lie even when they know full well that the world and the cosmos is not what they tell us it is. It is really amazing that these people are not in jail, as that is exactly where they should be. What is also amazing is the fact that people still continue to believe these liar's despite all of the evidence we have uncovered...

The Heliocentric Hoax is Alive and Well

This video tries to find the earths curvature by airplane, land, water and rail. All the while never finding the supposed curve. Despite going through all of these variation of travel and trying one way or another to show curvature the video presenter was unable to find any so called curvature through this entire video. While many will argue and argue that math is the only true way to explain most everything on this topic, we find that the math in this area is flawed big time. The ball earth theory is quickly becoming what is commonly known as pseudoscience or a belief system rather then it yielding any type of scientific fact. Science is something that is proven and that can be proven again and again by using the same experiment or system used to derive at the original conclusion, but in this case it has never been proven and seems that it cannot be. However, this will not stop people from continuing to defend the globe at all costs. It would seem to me that the indoctrination of the general public through the education system is pretty much complete at this point.

Easily See Through The Deceptions.

As you will see when going through this site the evidence is self explanatory when it comes to our earth. It doesn't take a deep degree of thinking to come to the conclusion that what we have been taught all of our lives is nothing more than a fantasy. I am going to show you a few different aspects of the evidence within this video that should at the very least get you thinking that perhaps what we were taught is just not quite right. That is a nice way of saying we have been outright lied to on a grand scale. Despite all of the attempts truth seekers have made to find earth's so called curvature have so far failed to show any type of curvature anywhere where the tests have been conducted. And this is only one aspect of the experiments that have been conducted in order to find out if what we were taught is in any way True. I urge you all to take a look at this short video and see if any of this resonates with you, as when I first looked into this I quickly found out that all that I thought I knew, I didn't know...

Indisputable Evidence-Earth Not a Globe

We are going to address the age old question that seems to be a focal point to most any Globe believing individual and that question is; Does Water Bend Around The Globe Earth.? They constantly say, "See The Ship is Going Over The Curve" That is why (they say) that the ship disappears from sight... This video is just more evidence to this question that YouTube and Google are sure to keep out of search results. Unfortunately with the flat earth evidence being buried by the mainstream as fast as it comes out, just using the search string "research flat earth" just isn't enough anymore. They are doing all that they can think of to suppress any and all evidence that comes out that tends to be in stark contrast with their heliocentric model and which shows beyond a shadow of a doubt that We Have Been Lied to since birth about not only the shape of our world, but also creation. As I have mentioned before and will continue to mention, They are hiding God at every turn and it seems they will stop at nothing to continue doing just that. Shame on them.

Infrared Photography Exposes Globe Lie!

This video was uploaded by a channel called Jeranism, who has been exposing the global lie for a great deal of time, years in fact. In this particular video he is highlighting a channel called JTolan Media 1, which uses something called Infrared Photography which gives us a far greater distance of sight than we can observe in the regular spectrum. The bottom line here is that this cannot be denied no matter who is trying, or is in full out denial mode about where we actually live. Folks we have been lied to on a massive scale and as Jeranism mentions at the beginning of his presentation, the people who fully believe they live on a globe and who will not even look at any evidence to the contrary have adopted this as a belief system as opposed to science fact. There is nothing you can show them that will make them believe otherwise, which is what can be considered as total and full indoctrination. It really is a shame that people are so entirely brainwashed that they just totally refuse to look at anything that does not fit into their evolutionary and heliocentric belief system.

Florida in Infrared

If there are still some people who still believe that the earth is indeed a globe or ball, then this video should finally clear this up, as there is just no getting around this, no matter how stubborn anyone is when it comes to the Flat Earth. Here you will see The Entire State of Florida from the Gulf to the Atlantic Ocean. And I have to personally say that if anybody can look at this and not see the flatness of our earth staring them right in the face then I just don't know what to say. I will say it again, there really isn't any way around this video, it is so very telling, and so extremely awesome as we rarely can see this distance due to atmospheric distortion, but with an Infrared Lens which is used here, we are able to cut through all of the atmospheric distortion to bring to you an extremely clear video of The State of Florida like you have never seen it before. I certainly hope that you enjoy what JTolan has captured here as it is something that I'm sure we will never see again any time soon by amateur or professional video makes alike. Enjoy.

Mississippi River, Great Lakes, Hudson Bay at 1200 mi

So as Jeranism mentioned in the above video JTolan Media 1 has some fantastic long distance infrared photography and video showing massive distances that we should NEVER be able to see if we indeed lived on the supposed globe that they tell us we do. As I continue to say and will continue to say as we go through each section of this webpage, we have been Deceived my friends. And as you will see, the flat earth is only a small part of the total and massive deception that we are living. There are aspects of the world in which we live that are so far removed from the truth that it is actually shocking to say the least, and we continue to be deceived with the likes of NASA and Hollywood and of course The Media. I certainly hope that you will continue through this site and see for yourself just where all of my research has taken me over the course of the last few years as it has been quite an eye opening trip for me. And boy, do I ever want to share it with whom ever will listen to what I have found. About the only it can be described is: I Was Once Blind, But Now I See.