Eclipse Paths

When following the Eclipse Paths given to us by NASA, we find that the paths just don't make any type of sense what so ever. They begin and end at non standard points showing no particular sense to their patterns when viewed on a Heliocentric (Globe) model. Furthermore, the patterns always appear to take a vector or chevron pattern when looking at them on a globe model. When viewing these peculiar paths of virtually all solar eclipse's, it leaves us to come away with the notion that something just doesn't add up.

Actually nothing bloody adds up.

Needless to say this raises more questions then it gives answers. But when the eclipse paths are put onto a Geocentric Map (flat earth map) the Solar Eclipse Path shows uniformed patterns and now makes perfect sense.. But wait, Weren't we always told that the Moon moving in front of the Sun is what causes the Solar Eclipse.? Well, What if this was simply NOT True.?

This question has come up time and time again and it seems that it indeed may be True, and not just some sort of a Conspiratorial Tin Foil Hat Wearing Theory spread by various globe questioning movements.

Needless to say, if this question is posed to anyone who is indoctrinated into the heliocentric mind-frame of thinking (which is nearly everyone) it is quickly discounted without even being looked at, and even called crazy or stupid or not scientific.

I wonder if anyone is aware of the fact that: Condemnation before Investigation is the height of Ignorance.? But yet the people that have been indoctrinated into believing we are on a spinning ball flying at breakneck speeds through the vastness of nothing will not so much as even look at the evidence. And immediately cast it off as a Conspiracy Theory, and brand the people who are attempting to bring this evidence to the surface for all to see, as totally uneducated and/or just outright stupid.

This brings us to the Lunar Eclipse. Now this may open a few eyes (if the Solar Eclipse did not), as in the video featured "science cannot explain what happens" we see a phenomena that is unexplainable by science, but yet do you think they will admit that the reason may simply be because the globe model is a total fraud.?, No Way - They most certainly will NOT EVEN so much as consider it.

I personally love when these situations arise, as it is something that they can't just explain away in an endless math equation that nobody can understand. But as I was saying they will still attempt to explain it using terms that just go around in circles so as to cause even more confusion while at the same time not explaining a single thing.

So let's take a look at the videos below, where from the evidence presented, you can draw your own conclusions in regards to this matter. I think it important for us to get an idea of how totally manufactured and false the heliocentric model of the earth that we are shown really is.

But then again; if we are not willing to come into this with an open mind and see with new eyes, we cannot be true to ourselves as to what we are being presented with. We really need to put aside all the falsehoods that we were taught and view this evidence as if it were the first time we are seeing anything having to do with this topic. We cannot expect to learn anything if we come into this with any type of a bias mind frame. As if we do, no matter what we are shown, we would have already made up our minds about it before we have even begun to view anything and thus cannot clearly see what is being presented.

Another thing that is commonly done among some people who are (shall we say) attempting to look at this with an open mind and that is the fact that before they have even finished looking at one video, they already are firing questions off - well what about this and what about that.??? All I can say is, within this webpage is the research I have done on all of the listed topics; and herein are the findings of the said research. If all the questions anyone has are not answered within these pages (which they should be) then I would suggest that instead of bringing the questions to me (or another researcher) go out and research for yourself and get the answers to your questions first hand, as believe me when I say, the answers are out there. If you want to take the time to look for them...

Solar Eclipse Problem

To start this segment off we are going to look at some problems surrounding the solar eclipse. When we take a look at various aspects of this event and couple that along with what we are told about it through mainstream science we can clearly see that it just does not add up to what we are being told. Most people will start an argument out with, well you just don't understand Geometry, this is what you can't understand the globe. Huh.? Okay, so if this is indeed the case and we are all just too stupid to understand simple geometry then I wonder why it is when we look at the geometry in relation to the solar eclipse it is all WRONG.??? Maybe someone would care to explain this to me.? All I can say here folks is that this plain that we live on is not at all like we are told it is, in fact it is so vastly different from what we are told that it is honestly quite shocking. All I can say is go through the videos and then after having watched the material form your own conclusion based on what was presented.

Big Total Eclipse Problems

To follow up the first video of this segment we are going to look at what we are told is suppose to be causing the eclipse and how if we follow what we are told it just doesn't make any sort of sense. We have always been told that it is the Moon and the Earth that cause both the Solar and Lunar Eclipse. But what if I were to tell you that neither of these add up when you do the math.? Would this in any way cause you to take a closer look into these act's of nature that seem to totally defy any form of mathematical formula when looked at through a scientific eye.? It did for me, and what I found was something that not only defies logic when looked at from what we were taught, but also goes against all that we see when viewing these events. All I can say is that when you add this all up, there is no possible way that what we are seeing is in any way caused by what we are told. It cannot be, as it just does not add up mathematically or scientifically.. You Be The Judge.

A Look At Various Solar Eclipse Paths

As mentioned above. This particular video goes through various eclipse paths over the years to show how the paths are depicted on a Heliocentric (Globe) model of the earth as opposed to being shown on a Geocentric (Flat Earth) model. While on the Heliocentric model the paths make absolutely NO SENSE at all and leaves one to wonder why they would even make such data available to the public when it clearly goes against what we are led to believe. While on the other hand the eclipse paths on a Flat Earth Model namely the Gleasons Map adapt perfectly and conform to how we believe an eclipse should appear when its path is followed. It really is hard to believe what they pass off as science today. It would seem that most are happy to go with the flow (so to speak) and not question anything presented by NASA or the Media. When with all due respect, we should question everything coming from these organizations.

Phenomena That Reveals The Truth

In this feature we take a look at the last Solar Eclipse that took place in Aug. 2017. Many people were out with cameras and video recording devices conducting some pretty in-depth analysis of this Phenomena. It is quite striking as to what is found and leaves a great many question unanswered when it comes to current explanations we get from the likes of NASA and other organization on this naturally occurring event. Once again the question is raised. Is it the earth that actually causes this effect ? If you leave it up to scientists we always get the same half witted answers and we are just suppose to shut up and accept it and not question anybody walking around in a white lab coat right.? Wrong !!! It's these people who have been trying to mold and twist everything in order to try and fit it into their messed up heliocentric theory. Which is still only a theory, and not a very good one at that if you as me, but yet they try to pass it off as fact. The only Fact here, is that their half baked theory is anything but Fact, but rather it is a total and outright fabrication !!!

One Lie To Cover Another Lie.

This is to show you how entirely dumbed down people are today, it's absolutely incredible when we stand back and just look at what the vast majority of people are willing to accept as an explanation coming out of the supposed scientists at NASA. I mean for goodness sakes how can people not see this garbage that they are telling them ? You see folks, they have to come up with these elaborate lies in order to patch over the entire heliocentric lie, because if they didn't the entire heliocentric model would fall apart, but then again it doesn't need much help as it is already crumbling, it is just the people who refuse to see it for what it is that are holding it together by a thread. This is a prime example of what is commonly known as cognitive dissonance, which is seemingly running rampant in our society today. Not that it is any fault of the people as we are all victims of the same elaborate and massive deception. We have all been programmed by a constant bombardment of propaganda over the decades to believe only what the powers that be want us to believe, and nothing more.

Science Cannot Explain This Because it Can't Happen ?

So this is an extremely interesting video, as it covers the daytime lunar eclipse. Thing about this is that since we are kids we are told that the earth's shadow is what causes the lunar eclipse. However, what is interesting as you will see is that the portion of the moon that is actually going into shadow is on the opposite side of where it should be. We have been so totally indoctrinated through the school system that we blindly accept what is taught. You will see this from two separate locations, the first being in New Mexico and the second in Missouri, the second is quite revealing as the person in the video is trying to rationalize what he is seeing while trying to make it fit to what he was taught, but things are just not adding up.. It is actually quite sad to watch how badly the population has been manipulated, indoctrinated and deceived by the school system and science in general. These people do not care that they have been filling the people's heads with lie after lie, nor do they care that they have not been teaching truth to anyone, just as long as they can move their luciferin agenda forward.

2019 Eclipse Debunks The Globe

In this video we are going to review yet another bombshell piece of observable, physical evidence which categorically refutes the standard "Globe Earth" theory. The author of this presentation personally witnessed this phenomenon during the recent total Lunar Eclipse on 1/21/2019, dubbed the "Super Wolf Blood-Moon Eclipse". We go through quite an extensive explanation of how they tell us an eclipse works, which we find to be totally impossible by the globe model standards. Perhaps the most interesting of all eclipses is the "Selenelion" which is defined as an uncommon type of lunar eclipse when both the Sun and the eclipsed Moon can be seen at the same time, which makes no sense at all and I for one do not hesitate for a moment to say, is impossible on the globe model of the earth that they continually push down our throats. You know folks I don't think anybody looking at all the evidence that is going to be presented here can come away with any conclusion other than that, we have been LIED TO on a massive scale. Shame on these organization for what they have done.