Gravity or Pseudoscience

The Theory of Gravity is exactly that, just another half baked theory. Gravity has never ever been proven, but the term "Gravity" has been used over and over to explain away everything that cannot be explained. Newton and Einstein were totally wrong and have been proven wrong over and over again. Yet scientists hold on to these Theories like they were some sort of scripture in the scientific realm. They continue to develop one mathematical equation after another in order to try and fit them into some sort of a paradigm that they so badly want to work. They manipulate equations to fit their physics but yet the equations and/or conclusions do not conform to what is seen, nor is it scientific in any way.

In this day and age we more often than not see a pseudoscientific approach to solutions then we do a practical scientific approach. Giving way to even more theories when it come down to things that cannot simply be explained by actual scientific tests being conducted. The problems that arise with many fundamental physicists is that gravity just does not play ball. It simply does not conform to their quantum theories claim. That is, to be the one true theory. Now a bunch of physicists are advocating a gentler approach: let gravity be gravity, and look instead at how the quantum theory might be changed in order to accommodate it. Huh .???

Do you see what I'm saying here.? They cannot explain it, nor does an invisible force that they themselves created fit into their own theories. So what are they going to do.? By their own words, they are instead going to change the quantum theory to try and accommodate gravity into it.

WHAT ???? How Very Scientific Of Them !!!

I have to be honest my friends, the more I look into all of these concepts surrounding the Heliocentric model that they have devised the more it falls apart at the seams. I don't think that any of these so called theoretical physicists and opportunistic scientists ever thought that the average person would start to dig into all of these empty theories. Only to find that they are all totally bogus and are all part of an elaborate lie put in place to lend credence to the Heliocentric (Globular) earth.

Gravity has to be the single most stupidest theory of them all, as to imagine this invisible force that is SO STRONG that it in some way holds the oceans down on the earth, yet SO GENTLE that is allows birds and insects to fly directly over the bodies of water it is pushing down. Does anybody realize how ridiculous this sounds.? I don't know if anyone has stopped long enough to give this any consideration but if you do, you will most likely come away with the same thoughts I have, and that being that water always finds it's own level and that's why they call it SEA LEVEL, Because its LEVEL.. Which Means FLAT. I don't know about you, but the mere thought of water being able to curve is laughable.

But we will always have the neigh sayers who have been totally brainwashed into believing this nonsense, and who will fight you tooth and nail and swear that anybody who believes anything but the globe model is totally stupid and uneducated.When in fact these people only parrot what they have been taught, they have never done any type of experiments to prove what they believe, they just believe. Yet when someone does experiments to prove what is referred to as gravity is nothing more than simply buoyancy and density, they will deny any and all data and continue to blindly follow the misconceptions of science.

If the object is lighter than Air, it will Rise and if the object is heavier than Air it will Fall. PERIOD. Folks, there is no magical force called gravity that somehow changes these facts. Buoyancy and Density is all that it is, there is nothing more. Common sense tells us that it is just that simple, but just go ahead and try to explain this to someone who has been indoctrinated into the Heliocentric model and see what happens. It's not a pretty sight let me tell you my friends, and it can turn extremely ugly in a hurry.

In any event, this was my two cents worth on Gravity. I will let the video material below explain this in much greater detail to you, and as always, I urge you draw your own conclusions on this topic.

Epic Gravity Experiment

Here is an experiment carried out by JTolan who is the gentleman who does all of the long distance infrared photograghy and video that you will see in certan parts of this site. He has some fantastic video and still shots of distances that (if we were on a globe) should not be able to be seen at all, let alone with the clarity that he has showen these visual distances. This experiment is on the subject of Gravity and he will explain what science tells us should happen when such an experiment is conducted and will also show the results of this experiment. You see folks the world today is all about what you can prove and not hear-say. Many will say, well you just don't understand science, okay if this is infact the case then how can the so called science followers explain these experiments.? It does not take anybody with an extremely high IQ to realize that the people who back the science of the globe earth have NOT DONE any type of scientific testing to corroborate what they believe, they just simply follow what they are told.

The Pseudoscience of Gravity Waves

This video shows what is being passed off as science and how their own models of the said universe contradict each other. Not only that, but while all of their theories are based on manipulated physics which they try to inject into math equations to fit their theories. Their theories are in stark contrast with each other. Gravity is nothing more then a fantasy. What we witness on a daily basis is nothing short of simple density and buoyancy. If the object in question is heavier then the air around it, it will fall, and if the object is lighter then air it will rise up. It's not some sort of rocket science to figure this out. As mentioned in the introduction to this section gravity is an invisible force that nobody can see, feel or even detect for that matter. However, keep this in mind when thinking about this unseen magical force, without gravity taking center stage, the heliocentric (globe) model and the universe as they would like us to believe it is, would not be able to exist as they perceive it to be.

Gravity Is Just A Bogus Theory

As with many aspects of the Heliocentric model which requires excuses and ridiculous mind bending mathematics to try and bolster up their fairy tale world, Gravity is perhaps one of the biggest culprits. Gravity is the answer to everything they can't explain, but they can't even explain gravity.! It's totally and utterly ridiculous to have some sort of a half baked theory that nobody can even give an explanation to. Oh, they can come up with all sorts of mathematical equations that would stump some of the best mathematicians on earth, but they explain exactly nothing when it comes to gravity. That's because it is an imagined force that cannot be proven to exist. In 1974, physicist Daniel Long of Washington State University published a report on a tabletop experiment in which he questioned the validity of Newton's law of gravitational attraction. His results, prompted skepticism of Newton's law in the physics world. What goes up must come down, Period. As I said, this is not rocket science here my friends, it's simple if we keep it simple.

Eric Dubay: Relativity Does Not Exist

Eric Dubay known for his debunking of the heliocentric system explains why Einstein's Theory of Relativity is nothing more then endless equations explaining absolutely nothing when it comes to fact, and is more under the line of fiction then fact. All evidence and reasoning from things observed is that Relativity does Not Exist. gravity, relativity, space and time – Albert Einstein explained all these and more. But he had an uneasy relationship with quantum theory, and with physicists still casting around for a unifying theory of physics, today his ideas in all areas are under scrutiny like never before. Einstein made sure that Newton's law fit into his theory of relativity no matter the cost. But what if Newton's math did not match reality ? And if Newton is off, would Einstein also be off ? Actually, Einstein's concept of gravity — building on Newton's work — is just one of more than a half dozen theories of gravity floating around. Most were unveiled in the past 50 years, each harder to understand than Einstein's theory. Bottom line is that gravity had to be created to explain their concept of heliocentrism, nothing more.