The Star Constellations

How many of you have ever given any type of thought to the constellations of stars that are constantly in the night sky.? Have any of you ever wondered why they don't change.? I know I have thought about this on many occasions, but being that we are all programmed and indoctrinated into the Heliocentric Model, we don't stop to realize that it is impossible for the same stars to have remained in their fixed positions since the dawn of time if we are indeed on a globe hurling through so called space.

Once I got rid of the preconceived notions that science had explanations for everything. I quickly realized that they don't really have explanations for anything. I also then realized that I too had been a victim of this massive lie.

Maybe we should stop for a moment and get a little bit of insight into how the scientists of today work from one of the smartest men to ever have lived. When Albert Einstein was once asked how it felt to be the smartest man on Earth, Einstein replied, "I wouldn't know". "You Will Have To Ask Nikola Tesla".

Here is what "Nikola Tesla" had to say about the scientists of today: "Today's scientists have substituted mathematics for experiments, and they wander off through equation after equation, and eventually build a structure which has no relation to reality." So with that in mind, lets take a look at what today's scientists are proposing.

Let's look at it this way, if we are spinning at 1000 MPH at the equator and traveling around the sun at 66.600 MPH and the sun is bolting through supposed space at approx 500,000 mph, and the Milky Way Galaxy spins a whopping 1,340,000 miles per hour; Why does nothing in our night sky ever change.? I mean really.? Does this make any sense to anyone.? Anybody, and I mean Anybody should be able to see that this is totally wrong. Believe me, once you start thinking about it for a few minutes it should become abundantly clear that this simply cannot be. As if we take all of these astronomical variations in speeds and distances into consideration there is no conceivable way we should see what we see in the night sky.

Also, here is a little bit of food for thought for you. If the globe model of the earth is correct and we are tilted at 23.4 degree's, how then can the North Star always be in the same position when we are suppose to be on the opposite side of the Sun during half of the year.? As the earth would be tilted in the opposite direction from the North Star during this time period.?

This makes absolutely no sense and is not explained anywhere in any books of science or otherwise. This would leave me to believe that what cannot be explained away in some mathematical equation is just simply not addressed in any way shape or form, and is deliberately left out of text books in order to not cause any type of doubt to the validity of the globe.

But why should this surprise us in any way.? We have already seen what they have been teaching us through the school systems have we not.? Why would we think that this would be any different.? And of course if there is anyone who approaches science with a litigable question, which cannot easily be explained, they just add more distance between the earth and the stars in order to ensure their precious globe model remains intact.

It is quite clear that we have all be lied to on a massive scale, and it only takes a few minutes and a small amount of critical thinking to come to this conclusion. I tell you my friends, the deeper we dive into this, the more we have to virtually stop and grab a breath of fresh air, as the deeper we look, the more deception we find, and it just continues and continues. One lie after another, after another, and on and on. And as you will see when they get pinned into a corner, it's just another lie to cover up the initial lie. It's absolutely ridiculous, but somehow or other they have managed to deceive nearly the entire world with this garbage.

But this is quickly coming to an abrupt end, as people all over the earth are waking up. These people are now getting questioned and believe me they have no answers. therefore, they are attempting to ramp up the propaganda as they have in recent months with one so called discovery after another. A new earth like planet here and a bunch of new planets over there, it just never seems to end with these people. They are getting worried my friends, as people are waking up and seeing for themselves that what these scientists have been saying and teaching us for decades is nothing more than an elaborate lie.

Let's dive into a little of this and see what we can determine is really happening with our earth and the stars shall we.? I think you will find it quite interesting to say the least.

Exactly How Deceived Are The Masses ???

So if the stars are not burning balls of gas millions of light years away, but rather, angelic "luminations"... And these angels can fall... And there are those Who Have Fallen... How can we even trust what we see in the night sky.? For some time now, I have been exploring the idea that the entire false heliocentric Copernican system was conceived of and is perpetuated by Satan, in order to essentially craft a new narrative through which he and his fallen minions could once again present themselves to humanity as our "saviors" and "gods". (This is the entire purpose of the whole "Ancient Aliens" meme). So with that in mind, the notion that these fallen luminaries, these deceivers, might in fact deceive the entire human race for hundreds of years into believing there are other "worlds" out there and thus provide a premise from which "extra-terrestrials" could then come from doesn't seem as far-fetched as one might think...

Why Don't The Star Constellations Change ?

As mentioned above. We are going to take a look at this thorn in the side of the heliocentric model and try to make some sort of sense out of this craziness. I don't know about you, but I for one hate being told something is a certain way, or that this is the way this is or that is, but yet when questions are asked on the topic, we get no direct answers of any sort. The question is also raised in this video about the Fixed North Star Polaris, which never moves and is fixed over the north pole. We check into this as well, and try to make heads or tails out of what should be happening during the season changes on a heliocentric model of the earth as it rotates around the sun. My guess is that after watching this short video presentation you will be no different than I was, and have questions regarding the legitimacy of the globe. Problem is, that this is only one part of a never ending and very deep Rabbit Hole that never seems to quit when we start looking into this Deception.

Star Trails

Time lapse photography can reveal some awesome sights especially if you are pointing your camera to the night sky. Star trails are indeed beautiful, but nothing shows the movement of the Heavens around the earth better then star trails. Since the dawn of time man has been making sun dials for telling time and using the stars for mapping and direction. There is no way that over the course of time we would be seeing exactly the same stars and constellations if we were indeed hurling through space. This is just common sense and not some sort of scientific equation. Polaris has been fixed in its position since creation and it will remain there as long as our Creator see fit for it to be there. All stars rotate around Polaris and always have since the beginning. To think this all just came into existence by way some kind of an accident is just absurd to say the least. Everything is just much to "Perfectly Designed" to even fathom such a ridiculous notion. Unfortunately there are many that just cannot seem to let go of the Globe, and will defend it to the bitter end.

The Reverse Engineering of Geocentrism

Here is a short video that explains how this Heliocentric Masterpiece was reverse engineered into the model we are all being force fed. I tell you, when you start looking into the deception behind this model it goes very deep and has been in the works for a very, very long time. They painted themselves into a corner a long time ago when they started putting such vast distances between the earth and other Heavenly bodies. Now, when questions are asked about various different bodies, like for instance Polaris, they give such a crazy number as to it's distance most of us don't even know how many zero's are in it. But we are suppose to believe that we can actually see something that far away with our naked eye. Just how crazy is that ? But this is how they do things. They started out nearly 2000 years ago with this scheme and it is still going strong to this day. If you want to find out more detail about this and a whole lot more, continue through this site as we dive into all aspects of this vast deception. And believe me when I say what we are touching on here is only a small part of where this is all leading.

Stars Are Not What You Think

All through our lives we are told that stars are big balls of gas that are billions or trillions of miles away and are monstrous in size. It is the same when you hear the likes of NASA or our educations system tell us about our sun. They tell us that our Sun is but a small star in the vastness of space and that all the stars that we see in the night sky are similar to our sun but much, much bigger. Well all I can say is I don't think that the people who wrote these text books or who derived at the conclusions surrounding the stars ever considered that we would one day have the capability of zooming in on this light ourselves. You see, when you do, you get a whole different vision of what they are and not only that, but if we can zoom in on these light there is no way that they are as far away as we are told that they are. Just more elaborate lies brought to you courtesy of the Illuminate and Freemasonic powers that be and the solar system that they backwards engineered to once again Hide God and push their evolutionary paradigm out onto the world as fact.