Secrets Inside The Freemasons

So what do you say about The Freemasons other than this is perhaps the darkest and most luciferian cults in the history of the world. These people have gone off the rails so to speak and will let nothing stand in their way in achieving their sinister and selfish goals. Yes, Yes, I know. Another Conspiracy Theory. Geez, I wonder when people are going to be able to get past using that term and just start looking around for a change, and start to see what is right in front of them for goodness sake. Or perhaps maybe when they get off of the bloody social media sites and start paying attention and maybe learn something for a change, rather than going through life with their heads buried in their cell phones texting each other about useless garbage that amounts to absolutely nothing in the long run.

I hate to keep digging into people about cell's and the time that is wasted on these inferno devices, but cell usage has just about gotten to epidemic levels around the world, and again I will say... This is all by design in order to keep the population dumbed down and not paying attention, and for all intensive purposes it seems to be working. It's called slide of hand by most magicians and it's no different in the real world today my friends.

Most have no idea what these people are even capable of, let alone what they have already done in the world in order to bring their agenda forward. I feel that if anyone who is even half way awake or even slightly interested in where this world is going would take just a weekend and look into it, they would come away with a totally different attitude towards certain organization and governments. All the technology, and all of the social media sites are all part of the agenda to keep the public's eyes off of what is transpiring in the world around them.

We are going to take a little bit of a look into the corruption that has taken place right before our eyes and see how things are covered up in order to move everything forward. It is shocking when we come to the realization of just how deadly these people can be, or how sinister and dark these forces are. It should make anyone just stop in their tracks and wonder how these nut jobs are able to get away with such monstrous acts.

There is only one way folks, and that is to be in control of virtually all avenues of investigation and to be able to push nearly any and all attempts to expose them under the rug so to speak. I understand that at this point some of you are probably saying, what is he talking about.? So without taking anymore of your time up trying to explain the darkness that is surrounding each and everyone of us, I will let the video material below speak for itself and do the explaining for me.

All I am attempting to achieve from this entire site is to show everyone the material I have came across in my nearly 2 years of research and investigation into all of these various avenues put into these pages. It is my hopes that my work will open the eyes of some of you people who know there is something wrong with the world today, but just can't quite put your finger on what it is.

The thing of it is my friends, we are not able to fight these people physically, rather things will end up transpiring just as it is written in the Bible. All we can do is prepare for what is coming and nothing more. As we are told in Ephesians 6:12 (KJV) For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

So with this in mind we are first of all going to take a look at what is inside the masonic bible. Yes you heard that right, they have a bible but what most don't understand is what is in it and who they are worshiping. All I can say is it is NOT the One True God. So lets take a look and see what these guys are all about.

‪Inside look into a Masonic Bible

Yes, the freemasons have their own bible, but it is not what you might think. When we hear the reference to a Bible, we automatically think of our Holy Bible which was given to us from God Himself for us to understand our father and to find truth so that we might not be deceived. However, when we look into the freemasonic bible we find something totally different than what we are used to when making reference to a Bible. These people are not Christians as they profess to be. They are instead full out lucifians who worship lucifer and not Yahuah. While the gentleman who is doing this video is having a bit of trouble focusing the camera in on the various aspects within this book we can clearly see the pictorals that are being depicted within. And well, they are not something I would consider to be of God. These people are not at all what they appear to be on the surface. I just wanted to include this to start off this section, hopfully it will give you an idea of who they are and what they believe. This will be a good starting point to what we are going to reveal in the following video's below. Folks this organization is anything but what it seems, which I will be more than happy to show you.

Freemason Priesthood of Babylon

The Freemasons are nothing like they protray themselves to be. You will see in the videos presented below in the three part series that they indeeed try to make themselves out to be nothing more than a Fraternity of sorts with no religious ties of any sort to any given religion, well this is simply NOT TRUE. They (The Freemasons) are at the top of most all religious sects world wide, and while they themselves follow a certain set religion among themselves, teach a totally different set of religious beliefs to the masses, as you will see. As I said this organization likes to make itself out to be purely benign in nature, but it is in fact a cancer that has contaminated nearly all (if not all) of the religions in the world. The Freemasons follow what is commonly known as the "kabbalah" which teaches almost the exact opposite of what our Holy Bible teaches us. But as I have mentioned numerous times before, look at the information for yourself and come to your own conclusions based on what is presented.

Freemasonry Legends Part 1

Freemasons are one of the most feared and powerful secret societies in history, shrouded in myth, rumor and scandal. Freemasonry is based upon the legend of the building of Solomon's Temple, which is said to have employed thousands of masons and stonecutters almost 3,000 years ago. For many reasons, we cannot verify Masonic history too easily. Some have investigated Freemasonry, both from within by infiltration and from without by research. It seems however that despite the many countless attempts to reveal the societies inner most secrets has been in vain. The secrets that this society holds within its highest ranks are kept by an oath (that if broken) is punishable by death. All we know is that of all the Masonic members, only a choice few at the societies highest ranks know all of these well kept secrets. We can only assume that the degree of secrecy all stems from the fact that while the higher degree Masons know full well the god they serve, this is NOT shared with the lower rank initiates

Freemasonry Legends Part 2

As we continue on with Part 2 of this most interesting investigation we continue to see that on the surface the Freemasons like to give out the appearance of normality and that they are nothing more than just an age old type of Fraternity of sorts. And that the rituals that are performed within their lodges are nothing more than a way of getting their members to strive for higher understanding of themselves as a person. While a definition of this nature in regards to these rituals could be viewed as NOBEL, I believe that what these mock ritualistic ceremonies are truly depicting is something much different than what these people would have us believe. While in our own lives we strive daily to improve ourselves and through the course of time to be better ourselves with each passing day, we never resort to this type of ritualistic behavour in order to obtain our goals. These people do not serve God, they serve Lucifer and in doing so resort to conducting these rituals, all in order to please their god. On it's face Freemasonry appears as if it is non dogmatic, but it is only appears this way.

Freemasonry Legends Part 3

Coming into the third and final part of this three part documentary should set the stage for the video directly following this presentation. I feel that understanding how this society tries to portray itself is of the utmost importance if we are to truly understand how the Freemasons work behind the scenes. The Freemasons are goal driven, the goals that they strive for were put into place hundreds if not thousands of years ago and are still in place today. The goals which I am referring to can be followed back to ancient Babylon and the teaching of the Mystery School Religions, which follow a Paganistic belief system, namely the Kabbalah. We must always remember that what we are shown on the surface of any secret society is never what it actually is, no matter what they would have us believe. We have proven time and time again throughout this site that what we are shown within this world are only half truth's at best, but usually are outright lies. So why (even for an instant) would we think this would be any different.???

Ex-Master Mason EXPOSES The Freemasons

His name is Victor and he does not hold back when he tells us what the Freemasons are all about. He gives us a complete structure of the Masonic order as well as showing us how it ties into the Illuminati. Victor got involved with the Masons through his job, where he is a police officer, yes you heard that right. According to Victor almost every and all aspects of the police system and government are all involved with the Freemasons or the Illuminati. He goes on to explain the absolutely bizarre rituals that the up and coming masons are required to follow so that they may advance in the ranks, up to the 32nd and 33rd degree. Which at that time the truth about the masons is revealed to the person. He goes on to tell us about how the masons are indeed totally satanic and worship lucifer and how they make a mockery of Christian rituals such as Baptism where they us Blood instead of water. He goes on to explain how the elites of Hollywood are all ritualistic satan worshipers and who totally hate God. This is totally worth the watch.

The Insanity of The Freemasons

So I may have gotten a few of the viewers wondering about the comments I was making above, but there is a good reason for why I was saying what I was. This presentation takes us through one of the biggest lies as well as one of the worst man made tragedies that we have ever experienced. What I am speaking about here is 911. My Friends, this is not what it seems to be, nor has it ever been. I know there have been countless numbers of people that can, once again, call it nothing but a Conspiracy Theory.. Man I hate that term already. The people that keep calling it that have not done any type of investigation or research into this event at all, and just chalk it up to people looking for an excuse to this so called Terrorist Attack. Well, what if I was to say to you that yes it was a Terrorist Attack, but that the Terrorists were Domestic and not Foreign.? Take the next hour and look at this presentation and once again I urge you to be your own judge on the information provided, as you have got to make up your mind on these events. All I can do is show you what I have found in relation to that fatal day.