Mystery Babylon Explained

So where to begin with this. I guess the best place to begin is in Ancient Babylon, the birth place of The Mystery Schools themselves. The Mystery Schools were largely condemned by the early Church Fathers because of the fear that their practitioners were consciously or unconsciously continuing the old pagan ways. As it was, nearly all of todays Christian holy days coincided with pagan holidays, from Christmas and the Roman feast of Saturnalia to Easter and the fertility rites of the goddess Easter.

Christianity was a young religion when compared to the worship of the Greek, Roman, Egyptian, and other Middle Eastern and Eastern deities. The mystery schools kept alive the practice of magic and the belief that secret rituals and sacred relics could command the presence of divinity. The ancient mystery rites dedicated to such gods as Osiris, Isis, and Dionysus, together with the magical formulas discovered by Hermes Trimegistus and other masters of the art of theurgy, compelled the gods to manifest and share their powers.

The myths of the old gods and the holy scriptures of the Christians, the secret experiences of the ancients and the revelations of the apostles, the personal sense of God developed by the pagan cults, and the promise of the church fathers that one could know God through his son all seemed to some individuals to be harmonious. The rich inheritance of the pagan world seemed too valuable to abandon when such mysteries could be so easily adapted and kept alive in the new rituals.

The church fathers disagreed sharply with the devotees of the Christian mystery schools who sought their approval. In their unanimous opinion, those who sought to blend the old pagan rituals with the new revelation of Christ were members of secret cults who were to be condemned as heretics. In response to the rejection of the church establishment, the heretical members of the Christian mystery schools simply became less open and more secretive in the expression of their religious practices.

It was rather easy to be labeled a heretic by the early church fathers. Originally composed of a small group of Jews who had followed the teachings of their rabbi until His death on the cross, the first members of that sect or cult were sharply divided in what it was that they believed. Was Jesus of Nazareth a great prophet or was he truly the long awaited Messiah of the Jews ? The early Christians had no established doctrines regarding the resurrection of their teacher from the dead or his alleged divinity. They were even uncertain if they should continue to follow the Jewish religious laws. When Gentiles were allowed to join the small Jewish sect, the arguments concerning the true revelation of Jesus the Christ only escalated. Eventually, as the Christians solidified their beliefs, established their doctrines, became recognized as a church, and held councils to establish more rigid creeds and ecclesiasticism, it became much easier to identify those men and women who were heretics and who truly departed from the established beliefs of the church.

There is often confusion between the terms "cult" and "sect." Generally speaking, if a cult becomes accepted by the mainstream culture, some of its original enthusiasm will eventually cool and it will steadily become more organized and structured until it matures into a "religious organization." Later, as some of the organization's members become dissatisfied with the religious routine and yearn for a more passionate expression of faith, they break off into a splinter group of the church and become a "sect." As the sect becomes more organized and is regarded more seriously by the mainstream culture, it becomes known as a "denomination."

So you see My Friends, slowly throughout time, paganistic rituals and practices were little by little adopted into various organizations that are in full swing today and known as religious sect's or groups. Problem is that by slowly adopting these aspects of The Mystery School traditions, it has pulled Christianity down a dark path. Which has left nothing more than a mere skeleton of what Christianity originally was.

We see this daily if we stop and look at the practices of most churches in society today. They have their Easter Pageants, their Christmas Holiday Celebrations and on and on, which we know to be totally against Biblical teachings and the early church. In fact it has gone so entirely rampant throughout the world that there is hardly any True Christians who follow Biblical Teachings left in the world today. It has all gone so entirely Paganistic that I'm sure that Lucifer is extremely happy with the works of man, which has turned in his favor.

We are going to look into various aspects of The Mystery Schools of Mystery Babylon and attempt to show you how these workings are still in full swing today right in front of our eyes and most don't even realize it.

We are also going to take a quick look at New Age self proclaimed prophets that are getting everyone ready for the coming New Age. By this I mean they are preaching self awareness and spiritual readiness for the upcoming contact with alien beings. We have already looked into the Alien/Demon origins of UFO's but these people are bolting full speed ahead with the Copernican Heliocentric Universe and of course evolution and hence can't for not love nor money see past these false teachings.

They therefore Marvel at UFO's and can only derive at one aspect of their existence,, and that being, they are from some far away planet, or that they have been here since the beginning and only now have they decided to help us, or perhaps more realistically put, Rule Over Us.

I have to say folks, these people are full out Delusional and have a total lack of judgement when it comes to these so called aliens. Perhaps better put, they have a total lack of critical thinking when it comes to these entities that they are so happy to have come down and meet with them. The one and perhaps the most important thing of all is: You never invite these Demon's in, No Matter What The Circumstances...

Origins Of The Babylonian Mystery Religion.

While the majority of the contents of this presentation will be recapped in the section on Pagan Christianity I felt it necessary to include this video as the foundation to this section as it explains the origins of the Babylonian mystery religion quite well. However, I must ask that you bare with the video as the audio may be loud at times as the video is quite old. It is however the message that is important in order that we understand how many Christians are being misled by religious institutions today. As you will see Mystery Babylon is alive and well and has become a part of most of the worlds day to day belief's, while masquerading as the teachings of Christ Jesus, when in fact these teachings are in stark contrast and quite the opposite of what Yahushua taught. Folks, it is imperative that we understand this for what it is, as if we do not break away from these false teachings we ourselves will be held accountable and subject to the same judgement as the ones who have conceived these false doctrines.

Mystery Teachings for the Coming One World Religion

This video plays out like a straight-up tutorial on the Babylonian Mystery Religion as explained through the mechanisms of scientism. It is so blatant that I personally don't see how anyone can deny the luciferian agenda behind virtually every aspect of "modern" quantum physics. It is utterly amazing as to what kind of a fantasy land these so called scientists live in. I mean, lets get real for goodness sakes, this is what is referred to as science today. So as I was saying in the opening on this section The Mystery Schools are so far out there that we would have to be half out of our minds in order to buy into this garbage. But this is where its all going My Friends. This is rapidly turning into a belief system and/or religion of sorts. Only thing is, you would have to be totally out of touch with reality in order to even consider this pantheistic mind warp that these people are stemming from. These are Ancient Mystery teachings, and in reality are nothing more than Mysticism, Monism or perhaps best defined as Pantheism.

New Age Deception in the Church

If we understand that Mystery Babylon is alive and well in our society today we can start to see how it has been adopted into society and most churches today in what is called, "The New Age". Since The New Age Movement was exposed back in the late 1980's they now refer to it as New Age Spirituality. We are going to listen to a gentleman who used to be a part of The New Age, but woke up to the Deception and now has been a Christian for over 20 years. He shares his experiences and some insight into what this cult teaches. As I have mentioned many times throughout this site, Satan does everything backwards and this has never been more evident than when it comes to describing New Age Spirituality. Satan has mixed words and concepts that have the people who are involved with this New Age garbage so extremely confused that they no longer have sight of who God or Christ Jesus are. They have been entirely and utterly Deceived. If there is anybody we personally know who has been misled by this cult, we need to do what we can to bring them out of this nightmare, and quickly.

An Evil Agenda to Deceive Millions

I don't know how aware any of you are with the psychedelic drug called Ayahuasca, but this has got to be the craziest thing since LSD. This alone is perhaps not the most insane part of it, it is what they are planning to do with it that is totally nuts. This New Age Spirituality that we seen in the last video is now planning to incorporate this drug into the churches. Gonz from Face Like The Sun channel along with some other folks basically infiltrated a gathering that was held not so long ago and received Intel into what these maniacs are planning to do from within the churches. I have to admit that I really thought that what we were seeing was in itself damaging enough, but from what I gather this is not even close to what these peoples full agenda is. Take a listen to this haywire method these people are bringing forward and see if you can fathom what this will be like when it is incorporated. These people have entirely lost sight of biblical Christianity. How can anyone think that some psychotropic hallucinogen can bring them closer to God ? These are Ancient Babylonian Teachings, plain and simple.

The Shocking Truth About The Future

So as I had mentioned in the closing of the above intro, this is a mixture of the A.I agenda and also some UFO footage that went mainstream a short time back. They are now basically coming out and telling us all about this now. This can only mean one thing, They are getting ready for Full Disclosure. The problem is, while it will seem like disclosure on the surface it will be the story that they want you to accept. It certainly will not be the story that these so called aliens are actually Demon's and/or Fallen Angels who have been running the show for Lucifer since the dawn of their fall from grace. As we will see they already have their self proclaimed prophets in place who are preaching the false gospel of these entities. I don't even know what more to say on this, what more can I say ? It is heartbreaking to watch the direction in which humanity is seemingly heading. They have been so utterly blinded by Lucifer that coming back at this point is probably not even possible for some of them. All they need to do is "Repent" and our Heavenly Father will welcome them back with open arms. It's really not that hard.