Technological Singularity

The Singularity – it's a nightmare scenario that plays in the minds of most of us whenever we see some freaky smart tech. But should we really be concerned about machine intelligence getting out of control or is it just science fiction ?

The idea of a technological Singularity is that they are going to have runaway growth in machine intelligence and one day it's going to get out of our control. Technological Singularity is about an exponential take off in machine intelligence.

At some point, they will design a machine with enough intelligence to redesign itself. At that point, it will be able to improve its intelligence and this will be some kind of tipping point where the intelligence of the machine will start to take off, because it doesn't have man's biological limitations. Does anybody here see a problem with this ?

But it doesn't stop there, it gets far worse. There are a great deal of people in the world that want nothing more then to be shall we say enhanced by chips within their brains so that they will be able think faster and have better memory recall. But this should not surprise us in any way as Hollywood and the mainstream have been programming the masses for decades with Movies such as the Xmen, Ironman, as well as many many other Superhero movies that show how through the use of technology humans can gain the level of enhancement that far rivals who we are today. This is nothing more than more programming and propaganda to make technology and machine intelligence look inviting to the masses. While in the background there is a far greater agenda at work.

The ultimate goal of the higher elites is to become as gods by transferring their essence into a machine and thus becoming eternal. This is a total delusion, promised by I wonder who ? We will become as gods. Does this sound familiar to anyone ? If not I suggest going to the section on the fallen angels to get an idea of where this technology initially came from and how these people have been blinded by lies.

The only path to eternal life is through our Lord Christ Jesus, there are no shortcuts nor is there any way to obtain eternal life without repentance. These people who think they are going to traverse Gods laws and skip judgement by becoming a machine are totally and utterly delusional. This is a nice way to say it, because believe me when I say; I could quite easily describe this lunacy much more colorfully and exceedingly more graphically.

This segment has been exceedingly difficult to put together for me as this topic is quite disturbing to say the least. The lie of evolution has been pushed and pushed to the point that most have taken this lie as fact and now are looking to the (as they call it) next step in man's evolution ? I can't even begin to describe the feelings that brings out in me as a Christian. Knowing full well that God is our Creator and evolution is total and utter garbage and still only a half baked theory if you can even call it that. But yet these people have been blinded and follow it as if it were so sort of modern day gospel.

In any event, I will stop this introduction at this point as I could probably continue to comment on this topic for hours. I will leave you with some video that can better explain this then I can, and leave you to come to your own conclusions on this topic as I think I have made my own view points on this topic abundantly clear.

The Techno Singularity Nightmare

So as mentioned above there is a certain group of people who actually think that they are going to become god's through transhumanizm and in some way traverse God's judgement. These people do not have any understanding about what they are attempting to do, and have been lied to by beings that are running their own agenda through these blinded people at the top. I know this sounds pretty far fetched but the segment on the fallen angels will clear most of this up for the vast majority of you. The only way to get what these people are looking for is through our Lord Christ Jesus and that's it, there is no other way. There is no way to the Father (Yahuah) except through (Yahushua) Christ Jesus. These people are going to pay a very very steep price for what they are attempting to do, but not having knowledge and believing in evolution is where this all leads. It's actually quite sad that these people would rather resort to means such as this, then to simply repent and come to Christ Jesus.

Singularity Unleashed

Okay, So this is disturbing to say the least. It would seem to me that over the course of time the powers that be have figured out that all they need to do in order to normalize something within the general public is to continually bombard the public with propaganda. Through the mainstream media, Hollywood and various other media outlets the message that they want programmed into the masses is constantly put forth in order to dumb down the people towards the agenda they are seeking to implement. We have seen this in various different cases throughout time, like Space travel, Darwinism, The Big Bang and on and on. The keep repeating the agenda and bombarding people with their propaganda and over the course of time it begins to be accepted and they do not experience any resistance, or very little from the few of us that are awake to their entire satanic agenda. These people are like a virus on this earth and are constantly trying to infect the masses with their evolutionary and atheistic views of the world.

Abomination of the Cybernetic Collective

As crazy as all of this sounds it gets even worse, as they basically tell us that there is no choice at this point but to get onboard with the A.I as it is moving forward and there is no stopping it any longer. When we look at this concept and look at all the confusion in the world today and not only that, but how these maniac's are basically trying to make themselves into gods, or at the very least creating a god of sorts, we have to wonder what the driving force is, or better WHO the driving force is. But I think we all know who the driving force is and how the A.I will allow this entity access to the entire hive mind which they are at this very moment creating. They want everything connected, and that means US as well. They are not going to stop this agenda, and if we don't get onboard with this, we will probably be considered to be obsolete. And what do they do with something that is obsolete ? This has gotten to the point of no return with the development of A.I, so I guess all we can do now is sit back and see where it takes us in the long run. Hope for the best, and expect the worse.