The Dangers of The Coming 5G Network

Is moving forward at such a rapid rate without taking safety into consideration something we are concidering an industry norm now.? It used to be that without fail companies would have no choice but to submit to rigorous testing of new product to see if they would in any way impact the population or the environment. Today it seems that companies can just do whatever they want as long as the governments are getting a good slice of the pie, and are reaping the rewards down the road. Forget the safety, forget the environmental impact, forget everything and lets just move forward because there is a lot of money to be made. Typical worldly materialistic thinking there.

How would you feel if you knew that an untested technology is being deployed across the world with no government oversight, no transparency, no public input, no regulations, and no long-term studies on health and environmental impacts ? How would you feel if you knew sensors are rolling out to be installed in everything, from clothing, appliances, building materials, automobiles, cosmetics, toys, computers, furniture, etc, turning our world into the Internet of Things, as a component of this untested technology ?

By the year 2020 the telecom industry intends to cover America with over 2 million of these "small cells" installed on lamp posts, buildings, power poles, basically, everywhere, giving no person, bug, or animal a place to escape. In addition, those hidden "sensors" that will be tucked in every item you buy off a shelf and will be monitoring, tracking, and sending out signals. Experts have discovered that the skin, our largest organ, does respond to 5G and in fact our sweat ducts can act as antennas and can receive signals. This has not been tested for safety and experts in the field expect a jump in melanoma rates around the nation and eventually around the world.

The likelihood of you hearing about the negative aspects of 5G is close to nil because that's the way the telecommunication industry wants it. This has been rolling out under the radar as much as an untested, certainly unvetted, a technology possibly can. You see folks, it's all about the money. This world has gotten so lost in greed that it can no longer see anything but dollar signs. Big business and from what I can see, our own governments do not care about the citizens well being in the slightest. Instead of applying restrictions on the 5G network and making sure that it is not in any way a health risk, they are pushing for it's release at every corner.

Most every speech we hear coming out of world leaders is either about Climate Change or the coming 5G Network. We have already seen how they have manipulated the data when it comes to climate change and now we must buckle in as they are going ahead with the 5G Network without having tested it in any way and with zero safety precautions in place in order to protect the general public. It really is amazing to me how money can blind people... But I digress.

In the meantime, the wireless industry is pushing this through so quickly it is ignoring the International EMF Scientists' Appeal to the United Nations. As of March 22, 2017, the appeal has received 225 signatures from 41 nations "to the United Nations asking the UN and all its member states in the world, encouraging the World Health Organization (WHO) to exert strong leadership in fostering the development of more protective EMF guidelines about health risks, particularly risk to children and fetal development. By not taking action the WHO is failing to fulfill its role as a preeminent international public health agency." This is only one reason why I feel we need to slow down the expansionism of the Wireless/5G network.

There is yet another aspect of the 5G that we have not yet discussed and that is the Sterilization and Eugenics program that wireless is perhaps the biggest player in. The agenda that was drafted over 40 years ago tells of this, as this entire agenda is part of a depopulation program that has been in place for decades. This is discussed in our first video and I'm sure that it will shock you. You will not believe what they are doing to our children in class rooms. I tell you folks this is NO JOKE, these people are totally crazy and most of the institutions and organizations dealing in the new technological advances of the world have been infiltrated by dark satanic forces and believe me this is NOT some sort of a tinfoil hat wearing comment.

No matter how we feel about this, do you think they will slow this down or stop long enough to do tests ? The answer I'm afraid is NO. These people do not care at all, nor it seems do our governments, who stand idly by and let big money do what ever it please's as long as (like I said previously) they get their cut of the action. The world in which we live today is one of total materialism, nobody cares about anything as long as they get what they want out of it. It's an absolute shame !!!

5G Documentary (Extreme Dangers)

If you think Wi-Fi, Smart Meters, & 4G cell phone towers are harmful, meet the new 5G. Keep in mind that human beings are made up of electromagnetic fields. All animal life is. Plant life, too. Human EMFs are compatible with those of nature. They are not compatible with the EMFs sent out by scientifically created technology. One of the problems with 5G is it can literally change human DNA, cause multiple cancers, plus hundreds more biological effects. Please spread the word and make sure your city is NOT installing these death driven towers near your homes and families homes because the dangers are real as you will see in this documentary. Many children have devolped various cancers because of having been exposed to 5G towers that were installed either right next to, or directly on their school's. Now one might think this is merely a coincidence, but when it happens to multiple children attending the same school, the dangers then become exceedingly apparent.

Full 5G satanic agendas exposed

The speech of the century on 5G and the entire wireless agenda and other agendas exposed. Joe Imbriano Tells all. You WILL NOT Hear OR SEE This Information Anywhere Else IN THE WORLD. This is the most Factual and Comprehensive speech on the 5G wireless agenda anywhere. Your lineage depends on this information getting out to the masses. As I have said previously the education system has been compromised, Joe Imbriano shows us how he has went in front of countless school boards and showed them this information and asked them to quit destroying our children. Only to be met with ridicule, condemnation and hatred, but yet they know exactly what he is saying and know that he is absolutely right, as there are papers that he holds that are over 40 years old outlining this exact agenda. It is extremely hard to argue documents that come straight from the source now isn't it ? This all hinges of how society is set up, and believe me when I continually say our education system has been compromised.

5G Is A Kill Grid.!!!

This is some very important information that you will hear nowhere else! Joe Imbriano discusses the plan to microwave all of us and how it eventually will result in forced vaccinations unless we thwart their evil plans for culling humanity. The 5G network (while on the surface) is sold as nothing more than a way to increase your ability to connect your devices at a higher rate of speed is only a ploy to get the people that are already hooked on these devices to accept 5G with little to no resistance. It's all about frequency my friends, which most people know nothing about and do not take any time to look into. If they did, they would understand just how menacing certain frequencies can be on the human body. It is of the utmost importance that we understand what is currently taking place all around us because without knowledge in these areas we are going to end up allowing a system to be turned on that will have extremely negative and lasting effects on us as a people.

Saturated 5G Future Without Safety Checks

5G is a completely different beast altogether, and it is being forced through as fast as possible without even taking the time to set standards or do any safety checks, despite the fact that non-ionizing radiation is long-known to be harmful. The goal is complete saturation of the signal in every corner of the country (and eventually the earth). It isn't just the Internet of Things takeover it is much, much more. The very idea that these people are allowed to move forward all in the name of progress without having to do any sort of safety testing is appalling. The FCC and the regulatory commissions should be ashamed of themselves and actually should be shutdown. As what good are they and why are we paying them wages to do nothing ? These organizations are put in place to monitor what big business is doing and what the potential risks are to the population and/or the environment. So where are they ? It is my guess that certain pockets are being filled, because as we all know money talks. So there's that.

They Do NOT Want You See This!!

We have long been saying that the towers you see are not Cell Phone Towers at all, but something quite different. Ever notice that you can have a tower quite close to you but yet you only have a couple bars of feed on your cell phone ? We chalk it up to the fact that the tower belongs to another provider and not ours, so this is why we do not have a good signal. Well, what if I told you that these towers were putting out so much frequency that they are causing people to develop cancer and other life altering diseases. This is once again not some conspiracy theory it is a documented fact. If we look at the amount of towers that are being erected and where they are placed we start to see a much different picture being painted then what we are told. At the time this video was downloaded it received over 1.2 Million views, and I would encourage you to take a look at it, what you will witness should shock you... These people have an agenda as I keep mentioning and I will continue to try and drive this point home. You would have to be totally blind not to see it.

5G is a Sterilization and Eugenics Program

This is not some kind of a joke, This is something that will affect everyone, and there seems as if there is no way to escape it. In Japan they said they are trying to bury some of the 5G materials and equipment as to minimize the risks and effects on the people ? This single statement should give each and every one of us cause for pause. The Georgia Guide Stones is something I have not dwelt into on this site, but I would urge any and all of you to go and look them up on the net, as they reveal some extremely hideous plans. Nobody knows who paid to have these stones erected, it's all wrapped in mystery. The message they reveal however, is not a mystery at all. What we have to understand folks is that we don't mean anything to the elites of this world. They are driven by dark forces, and for those of you that think this is a crazy notion, I don't know what to tell you, I guess you will just have to be one of those people who find things out the hard way. In any event, this threat is extremely real and going to affect everyone. If by some measure of sanity people can wake up and see what's going on around them, then perhaps they will at least be able to come to the realization of what these idiot's are attempting to do. THIS IS AN AGENDA FOLKS.!!!