How They Use The Firmament To Reflect Radio Wave

So do you think Satellites are real ? Most people throughout the entire world have been deceived into believing that satellites actually exist and that they are the reason why we are able to get satellite T.V, GPS, satellite phones, ETC. Well nothing could not be further from the truth, it is just another lie in a long list of lies formulated around the fake heliocentric globe model of the earth. To most people it would appear that we are indeed getting signals from something in a geostationary orbit, or at the very least it certainly appears that way. After all, we aim our satellite dishes to pre-set coordinates do we not ? Of course we do, and they never move, but why ?

Have you ever heard of ionospheric propagation ? This is extremely interesting as here yet again we are given an explanation that makes absolutely no sense, but yet because we know nothing of the topic, we just believe what we are being told and carry on.. After all, our GPS works and we are able to get satellite TV so who cares right ? Lets just see what they are selling us shall we.

The ionosphere is a region of the upper atmosphere where there are large concentrations of free ions and electrons. While the ions give the ionosphere its name, it is the free electrons that affect the radio waves and radio communications. In particular the ionosphere is widely known for affecting signals on the short wave radio bands where it "reflects" signals enabling these radio communications signals to be heard over vast distances. Radio stations have long used the properties of the ionosphere to enable them to provide WORLDWIDE COMMUNICATIONS COVERAGE. Well isn't that interesting.

So here we go again, we are suppose to believe that they can reflect these waves off of "Air" just as "HAARP" reflects it's energy beams right ? But they conveniently leave out this little detail, and that is the atmosphere get thinner and thinner the higher up we go until there is no atmosphere at all ? But hey that's ok, because these particles are what ? Glued together to the thin air and they absolutely never move ? Ummm, Okay that sounds like it could work right ??? WRONG !!!

I don't think that anybody who has at least one firing synapse in their brain can look at this can say "Yeah that makes sense", because it doesn't make a lick of sense and is an entirely bogus explanation. But what does make sense is that they are rebounding these signals off of the solid firmament dome. Now that I can relate to, but here again, they cannot come clean with what they are actually doing as this would then imply that there was a protective dome and that would then imply that the world was not a globe, and well, we can't have that now can we ?

Oh, but wait... It get a whole lot better. How would you feel if I told you that All Satellite Launches were nothing more than Balloon Launches ? That should totally shock you, but what if I can prove it ? What if I can actually show you "White Papers" that not only corroborate what I am saying but basically spell the entire operation out ? From deployment to retrieval and all points in between. Would that convince you that what you are told is nothing more than a Hoax ? How about the fact that the secrecy behind this is at the point that if anybody even gets close enough to the plane that is carrying the retrieved model is to be shot. These people do not care, they will go ahead with their agenda and rid the world of anybody who threatens it.

Operation Fish Bowl PROVES Dome Firmament

So do any of you remember the discussions in the Antarctica segment ? If you recall, we went over a few of the operations that they conducted immediately following their expeditions to that region. The one was code named Operation Fish Bowl, where they did high altitude nuclear testing of multiple warheads over an extremely short period of time. We are of the mind-set that during their last expedition they indeed found the edge of the dome and hence were using the nuclear weapons to map out the structure above us. We also believe that during these procedures it was found (to their surprise) that they were able to bounce radio waves off of the dome itself. Which as you will see, the military immediately made full use of. I tell you My Friends, nothing is what it seems in the world as we know it, as the world that we know is the one that they have embedded into our minds, and believe me it is nothing like what they are saying it is. But you may have realized that already if you have gotten this far through this site.

Satellite Launched By Balloons (Language Warning)

I have attempted to keep this site Rated G to the best of my ability, but I had no choice but to put this video up. It has some of the best "white paper" and visual evidence of NASA's Frauds, there is no way I could bypass it. Please try to get past the language as the person narrating gets a bit worked up when going through the evidence, which can actually be understood under the circumstances. I have to say that if by now you have not been convinced that we are all in the dark then I don't know what to say. These papers are from 1954 and if they were doing these things back in 1954, what are they doing today.? Needless to say once you see this you will understand why I had no choice but to put this video up. Please forgive me for the language, but it's the message that is of the utmost importance and had to be uploaded for you to see. While I understand that some, if not most of this is a hard pill to swallow, we are not kidding about the deception that the entire world is under. I can't even describe how this should make any of us feel, but I think by now you should get it.