EMF, ELF, Mind Control & 5G Frequency Manipulation

On 14 July 2016 the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) of the USA made space available in the radio spectrum for consumer devices to operate within the 25 GHz to 100 GHz of the electromagnetic spectrum. It went on to say: "The Commission has struck a balance between new wireless services, current and future fixed satellite service operations, and federal uses. The item adopts effective sharing schemes to ensure that diverse users – including federal and non-federal, satellite and terrestrial, and fixed and mobile – can coexist and expand."

Nowhere in its document is mention made of consumer safety or well-being. I guess that is fair of the FCC because historically, it is not interested in matters of microwave radiation and consequent thermal and non-thermal effects on the population. Let's face it most people find this hard to believe, but the FCC works purely on behalf of the telecoms industries in granting them access to the airwaves, no more and no less.

The FCC and the telecomms industry rub their hands with glee because lots of money is going to be made as 5G devices roll out, yet no recent safety studies have been carried out on consumer safety at all. No doubt both the FCC and industry will point regulators to the old, out-dated and one-dimensional so-called 'safety studies' (thermal effects) produced by the ICNIRP. This private organization is comprised of people and individuals who work in the telecommunications industries with no background in epidemiology, toxicology, radio frequency safety or medical practice.

As of 2016 there are many thousands of peer-reviewed medical and epidemiological studies that show, illustrate or correlate, adverse biological effects with use of mobile phone technology or WIFI. Using frequencies even higher than 5 GHz (and up to 100 GHz) will compress the time frame in which cancers and other biological effects show themselves within society. It is anyone's guess on what might happen in terms of biological safety yet it is clear to see that the pulsed nature of these high frequency, high signal intensity signals do not harbour good news for humanity, particularly in relation to the functioning of our DNA.

Adrian Clarkson, on a CBC Program called the 5th Estate conducted an interview with Former CIA Chief Psychologist Dr. John Gittinger who told Clarkson about the testing, and that the largest "MK Ultra" research project was done on an involuntary basis.

During the Cold War, the CIA funded a series of secret brainwashing experiments at a prestigious psychiatric clinic at McGill University. No method was too bizarre, including using LSD, hypnosis, prolonged periods of induced sleep, and electrical shocks to the brain. Patients were given the treatment without explanation or consent, and even decades later complained that they had never completely recovered.

In 1980, the fifth estate exposed the magnitude of the human tragedy in which two Canadians told their stories publicly for the first time. Bob Logie was admitted to Allen Memorial hospital at age 18 to treat psychosomatic leg pain. He was repeatedly given LSD as a test subject without his consent. Logie also received an experimental therapy called de patterning. He was exposed to massive doses of electroshock therapy and kept asleep for up to a month at a time. Tape messages were played repeatedly while he slept.

No one knows how many patients were exposed to the program of chemical and electroshock treatments at Allen Memorial. But documents and testimony have revealed that the Montreal experiments were part of a series of psychological projects given the code name MK Ultra and run by the CIA in a quest to understand how to brainwash people.

The American spy agency launched the experiments after the Korean War, when soldiers came home criticizing the American way of life. The CIA was convinced that the Communists had found the key to brainwashing and set out on an elaborate but secret attempt to use any chemical or psychological means to discover how to work with it.

The CIA set up a number of fronts that were run by its brainwashing experts. In Canada, that included the Human Ecology Fund, which paid for the research conducted at McGill University.

This leads us up to today and the fact that the experiments have not stopped, they have just moved them to what they refer to as Black Op's. The introduction into radio waves and microwaves are now used instead of chemical drugs of the past, as they are yielding better results for these maniac's. I tell you folks, no matter what area of technology we look at there is always a government presence attempting to see how they can utilize it for their own means.

As we have discussed in the previous section about Chemtrails and the fact that they are using Nano Technology within the Chemtrails which are a perfect conductor of electromagnetic waves, we must include this in our research as these projects have not stopped. When we couple this along with the 5G network and the Internet of things right around the corner it leaves us to believe that they will soon have the capability to control anybody at anytime or masses at one time.

5G and The Prince of The Air

If anyone is going to watch one video on Frequency it had better be this one. If for no other reason than for you to know just how this is going to affect each and everyone of you. This is no joke, there are people all over the world that are coming forward with evidence showing that 5G is military based and is used in warfare. There are literally thousands of scientists and doctors alike who are attempting to halt the implementation of this network. When this goes live and it probably will because it seems that the people in charge do not care at all for we the people. Folks, I cannot stress this enough, when you see what the US and Canada have put in place as guidelines I think you will be shocked to say the least. It can only be that they are fully aware of what this network will do, but don't care... I just can't think of any other reason that they would put guidelines like this in place knowing full well that they are a joke. They must be aware.. They have to be.

EMF ELF Mind Control-5G

Mind Control goes beyond MK-ULTRA, Monarch Programming - Everyday 'make life easier' tech can be weaponized against the human population. These weapons transmit extremely low frequency (ELF) signals which mimic natural brain waves; at the flick of a switch, all the people around these microwave transmitters are turned into submissive zombies who cannot think clearly, become depressed, apathetic and want to lounge around all day doing nothing: The massive increase in mobile phones has enabled the UK security forces to use this network of transmitters to beam mind control signals into the brains of anyone living near these transmitters. Microwave phones use pulse modulated microwaves of the correct intensity to pass through the skull into the brain and control behavior. Since ELF is not found naturally, and is only used for nuclear submarine communication, its presence proves mind control weapons are being used on the general public.

Nervous System Manipulation Patents

So would it shock you to know that there are hundreds if not thousands of patents out there that deal with Mind Control and Nervous System Manipulation ? Well there are and these patents have been implemented and are fully functional still in effect today. It is utterly amazing that these organizations are allowed to basically conduct experiments on the masses without any consent or retribution due to their negligence. Even the creators of these patents are giving warnings to their usage. Now it's any ones guess as to why someone would make a patent and then give out a warning as to anyone who was going to use the said patent, maybe the full scope of the damage that can be done by these patents wasn't realized until nearly the end of the experiments and thus the creator was more then a bit guilt ridden by this creation. It's any ones guess, but this is an oddity within a patent and should be taken by all of us as fact, as why would the inventor do this ? It's virtually unheard of. But does anybody even heed these warnings ? I highly doubt it, not if it stands in the way of profit.

The Unsolved Mystery of the Eugene Signal

On March 27th 1978 A Powerful radio signal was noticed in Eugene Oregon and up to some 3000 feet above the location of Eugene. This signal was causing health and psychological problems in that particular community to such a degree that people were experiencing everything from the formation of red rashes on the skin to hearing extremely high frequency sounds and in some cases hearing voices. At that time it was said that the source of the radio signal was unknown, but this is believed to be nothing more than the governments cover story. It is still to this day thought of as a secret government experiment having to do with radio frequency effects on the population. Problem being is that these forms of radio waves have serious health risks as some researchers have blamed such signals for disorders ranging from, Cancer and Cataracts to severe Headaches and Insomnia as well as Ear and Throat problems. The experts who had investigated this signal describe it as a 4.75 Megahertz pulse occurring 1,100 times per second. To this day this remains a mystery.

Frequency Warfare

The International EMF Scientist Appeal serves as a credible and influential voice from EMF (electromagnetic field) scientists who are urgently calling upon the United Nations and its sub-organizations, the WHO and UNEP, and all U.N. Member States, for greater health protection on EMF exposure. As of November 9, 2017, 236 EMF scientists from 41 nations have signed the Appeal. The Appeal is being signed by scientists who have published peer-reviewed papers on the biological or health effects of non-ionizing electromagnetic fields, part of the electromagnetic field (EMF) spectrum that includes extremely low frequency fields (ELF) emitted by electrical devices; and, radio frequency radiation (RFR), used for wireless communications. The scientific findings identified by the signatories and others justify this appeal. The World Health Organization (WHO) is encouraged to exert strong leadership in fostering the development of more protective EMF guidelines, to call for precautionary measures, and to educate the public about health risks, particularly risks posed to children and to normal fetal development. By not taking action, the WHO is failing to fulfill its role and it's obligations as the preeminent international public health agency.

5G, Optogenetics & Li-Fi: MK Androids: Human AI

There was a series of CIA mind control programs including BLUEBIRD, ARTICHOKE, MKULTRA, MKSEARCH and MKNAOMI during the 1950s up to the 1990s. The CIA sought to blank-slate test subjects wiping memories through drugs, electric shock, high-pitched sound and other torture techniques. Dr. Ewen Cameron was partially backed by the CIA during project MKULTRA and used electrodes to zap the memories from his unwitting patients brains during the 1950s. This method of torture was called "psychic driving." After horrendous electric shocks, drugs were given to the test subjects to put them into days of prolonged delirious sleep. Cameron would then subject them to audio tapes he made, in which he repeated certain phrases thousands of times, with the hope of producing new personalities within them. Meanwhile, Japanese researchers have developed a trick to implant false visions into people's brains, altering the way they experience the world and potentially even the way they think. Welcome to the real world.