An Introduction to The Book of Enoch

Over the course of designing this page and through all the research having been done in the various topics throughout, the book of Enoch remains perhaps the most controversial, yet most intriguing. Most Christians while holding true to the Bible totally discount the book of Enoch as it is not currently part of the Bible they read. This is not to say that this book never was a part of the Bible, nor does it in any way say that it was not removed from the Bible.

While in our best estimate the book of Enoch predates the book of Genesis (written by Moses) and also makes countless references to the Son or Man (Christ Jesus) and his coming. It seems rather odd to me that one of the oldest (if not the oldest) texts penned would be so quickly discounted by most Christians. We are going to take a bit of a look into the reasoning behind this and also how it was held as one of the most revered book in ancient times, so much so that when the writings of the book of Jude took place by the half brother of Jesus, reference was made to this book. Which would lead us to believe that this book book was present and widely read in the time which our Lord walked the earth.

When Enoch penned this text he specifically stated that this book was to be put away, as it was not for the generation of that time, but for a generation long into the future (we believe this to be our generation). So, Is Enoch inspired.? Does it hold the key to understanding the deception we are facing.? It talks about more than Watchers (Fallen Angels) Cosmology, planets, stars, and Nephilim. It also talks about our Messiah and King Christ Jesus.

Having a book of such in-depth knowledge into our past and yet so prophetic about our future cannot and should not be just cast aside because some men years ago decided it was not to be placed within the Biblical texts. If for no other reason it should be looked upon as an extra biblical text at the very least. The book of Enoch is extremely insightful and should draw any Christian towards it. There is a great deception that is upon the earth and it is going to made worse as time passes. It is of the utmost importance that we take in any and all information dealing with this deception so that we are not caught sleeping (as our Lord and King warns us).

Also, and perhaps most importantly, keep in mind that nowhere within our Holy Bible does it tell us that we should Only Read The Bible. It does not tell us that we should not use what ever resources are available to us in order that we can gain a good understanding of the Bible itself. Jesus made reference to The Book of Enoch as well as to The Book of Jasher. This would imply that He also read these books and was familiar with their message, So Why Don't We Do The Same.? Do NOT listen to people who tell you that you should only read the Bible, when there are many books that the Bible makes mention of that can do nothing but add to our abilility to both learn and understand. Bear this in mind when viewing the videos we have provided below.

I am confident when you listen to the breakdown of various parts of this book you will come to see that not only is it enlightening, but it was penned far ahead of it's time, and I personally believe it was meant for us, the final generation. As we must keep in mind that our Lord tells us that in the end times nothing will be hidden from us, and all will be revealed. So would it not make sense that the mere finding of these scrolls would be this biblical passage coming to be fulfilled ?

Our Lord tells us of this in Luke 8:16-18 - "No one lights a lamp and covers it with a jar or puts it under a bed. Instead, he sets it on a lampstand, so those who enter can see the light. For there is nothing hidden that will not be revealed, and nothing concealed that will not be known and illuminated. Pay attention, therefore, to how you listen. Whoever has will be given more, but whoever does not have, even what he thinks he has will be taken away from him."…

What You Need To Know About The BOOK Of ENOCH

There are many things we can learn from The First Book of Enoch. First of all we can get a vivid description of what was going on prior to the flood and can better understand why God (Yahuah) had no choice but to flood the entire world and kill all that was contaminated by The Fallen Angel's. These Angel's caused such termoil in our Father creation that all flesh had become corrupt as mentioned in Genesis. So while Genesis only gives us a brief description of these events The Book of Enoch gives us an extremely detailed account of their activities and what happened after they intermingled themselves with the daughters of man. Personally I feel that this book should have been part of the the Bible as it was and still is in the Ethiopian Bible. But leave it up to the so called Church Fathers to make sure this did not happen. But thankfully we were able to get this very important book given back to us through the Dead Sea Scrolls and now we are able to see the messages within.

Enoch and The Warning for The Final Generation

The Book of Enoch and The Warning for a Final Generation with David Carrico & Jon Pounders. This goes into great detail about the Book of Enoch and while it is quite lengthy, I promise it is worth every minute of your time. David Carrico is among one of the finest people to listen to on this topic, a very humble and knowledgable servant of God and follower of Jesus. The breakdown of The Book of Enoch is extremely enlightening, as we see how it was adopted into ancient times, but yet put on the back burner in todays teachings. I find it quite ironic that people are so unwilling to look into such enlightening texts that show such a great deal of the ancient times. It goes without saying that I believe the vast majority of the unwillingness comes from brainwashing within the churches. They for some reason or another refuse to even look at it, which is totally bewildering to me. I mean would it not seem logical to look at all avenues when it comes down to dealing with the final days.???

The Genesis Revelation - Flat Earth Apocalypse

This is another presentation from Now You See TV in which we are listening to Mr. Rob Skiba and Mr. David Carrico discussing the varying aspects of todays church and how the vast majority of the people who are heading up the flocks fail to teach what the Bible actually says and would rather try to twist the scriptures to fit their belief system. Believe it or not the majority of churches are guilty of this. They get set in their ways and will not even look to see if what they are teaching is right, and if someone even so much as questions what is being said or taught you are met with fierce resistance. This I'm afraid is just sheer ignorance on the part of the churches who are suppose to insure what they are teaching is true to the word, as who would want to be guilty in front of God for steering their congregation down the wrong path.? I know I certainly would not, as these people are held responsible for the well-being of who they lead. This is once again, nothing more and nothing less than Pride and Stubbornness stepping in the way of common sense.

The First Book of Enoch - The Book of the Watchers

This is the First Book of Enoch, which is titled The Book of The Watchers. The watcher class angels are the angels that were put in place to keep watch over man as his numbers grew on the earth, but as time passed and mankinds numbers greatly multiplied daughters were born onto them and the angels took notice of them and desired them. This is a continuation of Genesis 6 where as when the angels fell from heaven they might take wives for themselves from the daughters of man and be with them in order to produce off-spring. Enoch goes into great detail of the events leading up to their fall and what transpired afterwards. He also goes into great detail concerning the angels off-spring (The Nephilim). Enoch tells us how The Nephilim were in those days and how sinful and barbaric these Giants became. He also explains how the angels manipulated and contaminated the gnome of virtually everything that walked the earth and also tells of the punishment they received from God on account of these actions, which is extremely insightful.