Forbidden Teachings and an Introduction to Enoch

As we have gone through the various aspects of the fallen angels and their deeds on the earth we see that they tried to virtually corrupt everything and everyone. These were some nasty entities, and the children that they produced along with the genetic manipulation of flesh and the monsters they produced was nothing more then a direct attack on God Himself and His creation.

Lucifer and his league of fallen angles hated that God had created us and hate all of us with a vengeance. More so now than it was in the beginning as now they have been punished by God for their sins and their acts upon the earth.

We always have to keep in mind that these entities are eternal and while they were locked away this in no way means that they did not have access to man. There are people in this world who go to immeasurable means to contact spirits and who conduct rituals to bring these spirits into their home and at times even to possess objects or themselves. These people are so very deceived and so much hate God and Christ Jesus that it doesn't seem to matter the cost, they will do what they have to in order to serve Lucifer.

You see my friends there have been promises made by Lucifer and the fallen angels. Promises which they are never going to be able to keep, nor do they have the power to make any of the promises which were made come to be. Yet they have so deceived their followers that despite facing the eternal lake of fire for their sins against God and Christ Jesus they continue down this dark path totally blinded by the ones they follow.

We are also going to take a short bit of time here and give a brief introduction into the book of Enoch as well. Hopefully it will give you a good understanding as to why people are always talking about it, as the book of Enoch is very graphic and basically tells the story that continues after Genesis 6 in the Holy Bible. The Book of the watchers which is the first and original book explains what happened to the fallen angels after they came down to earth and took wives for themselves. It goes into great detail about the off-spring of the fallen angels as well, this of course being the Nephilim, the giants referred to in Genesis 6.

All in all, this entire segment in extremely interesting and should be eye opening even for the most devoted Christian among you, as it can serve to give you insight into certain aspects of ancient times that we are not otherwise taught. As if we listen to any accounts of the mainstreams rendition of ancient history it is for the most part just another fantastic fable spun by who knows who and put out as truth to the masses. They will never show you this history, as it does not conform to their manipulated rendition of what they teach us.

By now you should already be abundantly aware of the vast difference in actual history as opposed to what we are taught in our school systems. Yet these people still get away with all of this hogwash that they teach and if we so much as try to confront any of the system on this, we are quickly silenced. We are slaves to this society my friends and therefore we really need to get this information out to other people in order for them to be able to see it and come to their own conclusions on the state of the world and the system in which we live.

Before introducing the Book of Enoch we are going to take a quick look into what the Bible tells us about the end times and what it may say about UFO's and Aliens. We have an entire page on this coming up next, but here is a bit of a prelude to all of that and also an extension to the Nephilim where as it all fits together rather neatly, as you will see. We are going to hear from the late Chuck Missler, who was one of the worlds finest teachers of the Bible. Unfortunately he passed away earlier this year, but his voice is still with us and his explanations about the scriptures surrounding this are very eye opening. He also makes reference from the book of Jude, which is a direct passage taken from the book of Enoch.

The bottom line here my friends is that the teachings that were handed down by these fallen angels was something that should not have been, it was forbidden by our heavenly Father Yahuah for man to know these things which were taught by these angels. This is perhaps why we see the upheaval that we do in the world today. Then of course we have it all conveniently explained away to us by the powers that be as "Ancient Alien Technology". So I'm sure you are starting to see the bigger picture here, or at least I am hoping that you are.

So lets go and see exactly how all of this came to pass and where all of this in leading us shall we. And please remember that all I am able to do is to show all of you my findings, the final conclusions on this as well as all other topics is yours and yours alone.

What The Bible Says About Angels and Aliens

So as I mentioned above, Here is the late Chuck Missler who gives a very good detailed analysis about the Nephilim and the Fallen Angels and what we may be seeing in our skies. The late Mr. Missler takes us back into Genesis 6 once again to explain and decode the text. He also uses a wide array of scripture to corroborate the message he is attempting to put forth, while explaining (In Detail) some aspects of interpretations that seemingly get missed by most scholars during biblical translations. Mr. Missler had a way about him, a very devoted Christian who loved talking about God's word and presenting it to people all over the world. He gives us some examples of what we are to expect in the near future and why we are seeing the sightings of UFO phenomena drastically increasing in recent times. As I said this is merely a prelude to what is coming up in the next page with deals entirely on this topic, but I felt that here was a good place to begin to break into this extremely compelling topic.


As mentioned above ancient symbols or sometimes referred to as The Symbols of Darkness are also directly connected with the fallen angles. I can't stress enough how these fallen entities have corrupted mankind. Their teaching are very much alive and well in our society today as they continue to pollute mankind through Dark Practices of luciferianism and demonology (which is the study of demons), evil spirits, and more generally, supernatural entities. What people are unaware of are the symbols that are associated with these practices, and how these symbols and (in some cases) idol's and images are in a sense luring these entities. We are going to show a rather wide array of these symbols and try to give a brief but accurate rendition of the usage of these symbols. As I mentioned before folks, the goal of lucifer and the fallen angels back in those days was to totally corrupt man and from what we see today it would appear as if the age old goals have not changed. However, now they are seemingly trying to Hide God Entirely and thus totally destroy Christianity itself.

ENOCH Ancient Civilizations & The Fall of Man

This is a Thirty Minute prelude to the book of Enoch in which we look at the various aspects surrounding the fall of the watcher class angels. We also briefly peer into the fallen angels off-spring known as the Nephilim and what their punishment was due to their action. The book of Enoch is a vivid account of the goings on of the fallen angels and their hybrid children. Anyone who is interested as to what took place when these beings attempted to contaminate the whole of creation by messing with the gnome of virtually every living species on the earth, would most likely enjoy going through the entire book of Enoch. If we think for a moment that the fallen are not continuing to influence mankind we need not go any further than to look at the sudden spike in technology to see they are very much in contact with certain individuals in our realm. As if we think that mankind just all of a sudden got smart, we really need to think again, as never in the history of mankind has there ever been such a rapid advancement in intelligence and/or technology as we have seen in the past 100 years.