UFO's Are Not What You Think They Are.

Ever since archaeologists found cave paints glyphs and geoglyphs that depicted similarities to what is commonly called UFO's today, we have been subjected to a fairy-tale of aliens from other worlds coming to visit and/or seeding the earth. This all stems from the fact that most that are in the field of the sciences are not believers in God or creation, but rather hold firmly to an evolutionary view of the world and the heliocentric model of the solar system.

Holding onto these views and the imaginary illusion of there being a multitude of other planets and/or worlds in the cosmos gives way to the delusion of these flying objects that we witness in our skies as being from other worlds. Which also acts as a catalyst to the creation of various series such as "Ancient Aliens" which most of you may have seen at one time or another. All these shows do is confuse and distort the viewers perception of our world and also pushes them in the opposite direction as to where these entities actually originate.

These so called UFO's are not beings from other planets in the so called solar system, as space is non-existent and only a fabrication to mislead the public. As mentioned in the introduction to this segment, the only thing that the people of this world have sent into so called space is "Your Imagination". Nothing man made has ever left the earth.

These entities that people see are not of a physical nature, this is perhaps why when people see so called UFO's moving at speeds that are unrealistic to us, Never And I Mean Never do any of these craft break the sound barrier. One might ask, well how can this be.? Everything solid that flies through our atmosphere faster than the speed of sound breaks the sound barrier and we know when this happens we are met with what is commonly called a SONIC BOOM. But these craft do not break that barrier and never create a sonic boom, this is not because they have some sort of a knowledge of things that can magically bypass our physical laws, it is because these craft are not solid objects and hence the physical laws cannot be applied.

These entities are simply not of our physical realm, so the laws that are designed for physical objects do not effect them in the ways they effect us and/or the machinery that we as humans design. It is not hard to wrap your head around this if we just stop for a moment and give this some critical thought. I personally have seen many films of these objects that seem to morph into other objects right before your eyes, or appear to just vanish into thin air and are gone. Once again, this is not some form of magic. It is simply that they are not from our physical world but rather are from the spiritual realm.

They are spirits of the Nephilim, Fallen Angel's and/or demons. I know that those out there that are of an evolutionary background will fail to see this, or not give this any type of serious thought and would rather just call anybody of this mind frame either unscientific or religious nuts. While that is fine, people can think what they want, but the problem remains that there really isn't any other explanation that fits into what we are seeing. If we take a moment and look into the Bible to see what it says about these events will see that Ephesians 6:12 says: For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the cosmic powers over this present darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly places.

In any event, taking all of this into consideration I would urge all of you to take some time and view the videos below. All I can do is offer you kind folks the video evidence and my opinions on these matters based on the evidence that I find and personally view. Please do your own research and draw your own conclusions to this and all other material presented. I can only show you what I have found on these topics, the final judgement is yours and yours alone.

But right before we dive into the meat and potatoes, I wanted to include a little eight minute clip from Richie From Boston who has been one of the preemptive channels seeking truth in a world filled with lie's. What is said within this eight minute time frame is a must hear for everyone prior to diving into the video's on this page.

Beware of TRUTHERS Warning of ALIENS !!

As I just mentioned I wanted to include this short clip as I think the message it holds is something that everyone should hear and give heed to as this is true on so very many levels. In today's society we are constantly bombarded with Propaganda from every conceivable angle on a daily basis. Even some who are of the truth community have fallen prey to the constant onslaught of the propaganda. By this I mean so many had broken free of the worldly indoctrination that is constantly coming at us through platforms such as facebook, google and yes of course lest we not forget the biggest Propaganda pusher of them all NASA. But it seems lately we find many of them once again calling the entities that we see in our skies Aliens, when we know full well that this is simply not the case. So I wanted to put this up as a reminder to everyone how easy it is to slip on these icy slopes we are on. Once we break free of the brainwashing and the indoctrination we have to be so very carefull not to fall back into the trap.

End Times Warning - The Great Delusion

I can't stress this enough to all of you, as while this may seem to be a bit out in left field to some of you, others, including some of the most renouned researchers in the UFO community have come to the conclusion that UFO's are indeed NOT from some distant place, but rather from right here, and are NOT a form of alien life. They have concluded that what most of the world preceives as aliens are nothing more than Fallen Angels and YES, Demons. This comes from a rather wide array of information and evidence, whereas some people who have had close dealings with these beings have stated; that when in close proximity with these beings there is a general feeling of dread, and something mischievious or otherwise sinister about them. Leaving one to think that what they are showing themselves to be is quite to the contrary of what they actually are. I firmly believe what we are witnessing is something that has been with us since the dawn of time, and is once again manipulating mankind just as they did back in the Day's of Jared, leading up to the Day's of Noah. As I said, I can't stress this enough my friends, as when we start really looking at these (so called craft) which seem to defy any and all aspects of the rules of physics and Never, and I MEAN NEVER, no matter how fast they go, or how fast they take off do they break the sound barrier. Never is there a sonic boom. Never.

Aliens & the Copernican-Creationist Conundrum

This video takes us through the plans that are in motion around the entire world, which are all based on lies. Lucifer has had this plan in motion for hundreds of years and has manipulated Gods creation to fit his needs and low and behold he has put people in place that are executing this plan without any hesitation. It all starts out with evolution and the Copernican view of the cosmos, without these lies in place people would not have been deceived into believing all of this rubbish and would still be avid believers in God and Creation. However, as you will see this monstrous lie has made it's way into the school system up into college and university levels and is taught as fact. The governments are also totally in sync with these plans as you will also see. They have full knowledge of this massive lie and feed it as much as possible through various organizations and of course the puppets within the mainstream media, Hollywood and so on.

The Truth of The UFO Alien Deception

So as it was mentioned in the introduction, the Governments are fully aware of this massive lie that is being told to the general public. We also see how the mainstream media feeds the public about UFO sightings and especially how they seem to be so extremely enthusiastic about telling us about NASA and how they are finding all of these planets and how they are in a zone that could support life. We are going to look at the New Age, Satanism and the lies that are associated with this and the UFO phenomenon. They are without a doubt preparing the general public for something massive. We are of the belief that they are getting ready for disclosure of their knowledge of aliens. But keep in mind, this will not be the truth of aliens, it is all part of an agenda and the one leading this deception is none other than Satan. All of this has been in motion for generations and is now coming to the final stages of this massive deception. The Alien Agenda is the Grand Finale of stage one of this illusion. Stage two leading to the final deception will be talked about and explained in the last section.

Greys Are Demons Inter-Dimensional Demonic Entities

As we have seen in the two prior videos there is a great deception that is taking place right in front of us. Here is take yet a deeper look into various aspects of the alien phenomenon that seems to now be increasing world wide. we are going to look at the different messages that are being received by so called mediums and psychics who are said to communicate or act as mediums to these beings. The messages that are given to people from around the world (who do not know each other) all seem to be the same and are all extremely deceptive. We are also going to take a look at crop circles and try to determine why these beings would bother making such elaborate designs, but never conduct these operations around any witnesses. There is just way too many red flags that are raised when looking at all the information surrounding these entities. Through Hollywood and the media people have been softened up to these beings and who are not as afraid as they should be. Believe me you do not want to be anywhere near these demons.

UFOs and the BIBLE Chariots of God and Fallen Angels

We are going to look at some Biblical Scripture that when looked at in the Hebrew language renders some different interpretations than are given. Now this is not to say that the interpretations that are made are in any way wrong, it is just that there are multiple definitions to many words in the Hebrew language. Throughout history there are references made about flying shields like in the case of Alexander the Great, as well as the reference to chariots, which can be called Millstones. We are going to look at a millstone to get a visual of how this definition could quite easily fit into what people are seeing and interpreting as alien craft. As the Bible states in Ecclesiastes 1:9 What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun. So when we take this literally we can only come to one conclusion. There is nothing new that is happening on the earth, all of this has happened before, this is perhaps why there are countless references to these objects throughout history in way of cave carvings and paintings, we even see old paintings with UFO's in the background.


To close off this section on UFO's and Demons we are going to look at one final presentation. In this video we are going to be looking at various sighting from various locations. Sightings of strange light from around the world have been constantly increasing over recent years, as well as the frequency of crop circles. Some crop circles have been said to be encoded with binary(computer)code. When we look at some of these crop circles we find they have been bombarded with microwave radiation. In any event, we are going to look at a bunch of this stuff to end off this segment. As mentioned over and over throughout this site, we leave the final decision on this and all other topics to you to come to your own conclusions based on the information given within this site. All we can say is that after years of research into these areas I have come to the conclusion that all we have been taught is a massive deception or perhaps better said; A Down Right Lie. These people do not want the public to know the truth as if they did, everything they try and teach would come crumbling down