Gods Fingerprints

The Fibonacci sequence is a mathematical succession of numbers in which each number is obtained by adding together the last 2 digits that came before it. In mathematical terms, the Fibonacci sequence is based on something called recurrence relations, which tells us the next value of a sequence using the previous value in the same sequence.

It goes as follows: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, 144, 233… fundamentally continuing on indefinitely. As simple as it may seem at first glance, in the eyes of some, the Fibonacci sequence is evidence of a blueprint or simply the potential trademark of purposeful design.

As we have seen throughout time hiding God seems to be something that nearly all people of science have continually conspired to do. In keeping with the totally broken theory of evolution, they continue to teach this rubbish to our children. Even when they are hit dead on with evidence of Divine Creation and a Divine Creator they bury the evidence and just carry on teaching what fits into their pseudoscientific paradigms.

How long will this system be allowed to continue to suppress our Creator ? Yahuah's fingerprints are commonly known in the scientific community as the Golden Ratio. It's really quite amazing to understand that these people know full well that this Golden Ratio is not something that can just happen and that it is the work of Yahuah Himself.

Yet no matter what, they do not reveal this information and would rather suppress it and teach evolution to the masses. I wonder if we stopped and thought about this for a few moments, what do you suppose we would come up with as a reason behind the suppression of this evidence.?

If we look back through history, now I'm not talking about the mainstream history which they teach us in schools, I'm talking about the actual history that formed the world into what it is today. It's certainly is not hard for anyone to find out that the occult has been behind virtually all of the transformations of the world over the last few centuries, which in turn has moulded it into the fantasy land that we are shown today.

But we will get into this a whole lot deeper as we go through the sections ahead. All I can say is there are dark forces at work behind the scenes, manipulating nearly everything to fit into their satanic ideas which is then taught to us through the government funded school systems. I can't stress this enough my friends. There is tons of proof that we are being lied to on a Massive Scale, but yet when you show people they just shrug it off as bogus, or a conspiracy theory of some sort.

I guess I can kind of understand as I too was a part of this deception for over 50 years, but since I started to look at everything and dig into it extremely deeply I have found mountains of evidence to prove this deception is absolutely real, without a doubt. All we have to do is come into this with NO preconceived notions of what we think we know and just look at the evidence as if we did not know anything, as actually we don't, we only know what they taught us, and it is almost all a lie.

I urge you to take a few moments to see for yourself how our Father Yahuah has so perfectly designed all that you see, including us, as His fingerprints are even within our own DNA Structure.

A Detailed Look At The Golden Ratio

In this video we will look at the mathematical and Intellectual Genius and Superiority of God, our Creator. His fingerprints are literally everywhere, but isn't it funny that this is never discussed or taught? The education system is filled with lies about our world, creation and well, most everything else. They will continue to push their flawed evolutionary theory out as fact when it is so clearly flawed. I find it amazing that the education system has not been challenged on this. As they are clearly teaching evolutionary propaganda and not what is known (even by them) to be true. It seems that these people seemingly in charge of teaching things to our children and to us for that matter will stop at nothing to continue to hide the existence of Yahuah our Creator. No matter what is found or what points to Creation they will immediately suppress it so they can continue to push evolution on us, and do so with impunity, and without any fear of subsequent consequences for their actions.

God's Existence Proven Without A Doubt

This is perhaps one of the best compilations of facts that prove the existence of God. There is massive amount of proof that cannot be rebuked in any way by mainstream science. However these people will not even look at it and continue to push the false evolution theory full speed ahead when there is no proof what so ever to back their claims. Please sit back and discover all of the evidence that shows that we are not some kind of happenstance but rather created in the Image of God and this world that we have the privilege of living on was designed for us by our Heavenly Father Yahuah. Its unbelievable the lengths they will go in order to hide these facts. One can only assume that the one that is behind all of this is none other then that cunning adversary that misled Eve in the Garden of Eden so many thousands of years ago. As when we look at this whole concept of heliocentrism and evolution, it has the appearance of a neatly devised plan to take the Creator out of the equation entirely. Now who would want to do this I wonder ?