Genesis Creation

This Awesome Plane that we have the privilege to live on was not some happenstance or a product of some Big Bang that took Millions or Billions of years to come into existence. Absolutely Not, it was created, and done so in 6 literal days by our Heavenly Father Yahuah. He Created this Plane for His creation to dwell on. One need not go into text books about this theory and that theory to try to explain away the Bible and it's account of creation, one just needs to take a moment and look around at the sheer beauty of the Earth and the perfection of it's Masterful Design...

Spend a few moments to see how Almighty and Powerful God actually is, and yet how Gentle, Kind and Loving He is towards His Creation. When we look at what the evolutionist's pass off as the reasons for why the earth is here and how it magically got formed through some explosion from who knows where and from what we can only guess and over the course of Billions of years formed into what we today call home. We have got no choice but to come to the realization that they don't have a clue, and will make up virtually anything so as to contradict the Bible and remove God from the equation.

They then try to explain it away by putting billions of years and millions of light years in distance from the stars and on and on and on. This is all a half baked theory, as well as total speculation and is also totally without merit. There is not, nor has there ever been any evidence to back this theory of nonsense they try to push on us, yet it is taught in our school system and generally accepted as fact. Why in the world would this be accepted ???

There is also one other aspect of creation that I must address and it is the fact that in many instances I hear people say that Jesus is the one who created all things. Most of this comes from people who at one time or another were indoctrinated into the false doctrine of the "Trinity". In many places throughout the Bible it is clear that God is the creator of all things, including our Lord Jesus. The Bible also makes it quite clear that Our Heavenly Father (Yahuah), Jesus (Yahushua), and the Holy Spirit are three separate and exclusive beings or entities. We cover this in full detail in our section on "Knowing God" in the "Teaching" segment which I'm sure will interest people who are of this belief system.

But for now I will take one example in the second video showing various Scriptures that point out creation and how the earth was formed. One particular Scripture that should clear most of this up for the people who are of this belief system is Proverbs 8: 27-30 Where Jesus Himself is telling us that he was there while His and Our Heavenly Father Yahuah was creating the earth. I feel it of the utmost importance to know who is who so that we pay proper respect to our creator. Much as Jesus did when He was on earth, as in John 6:38 Jesus makes it quite clear that they are separate and that He is doing what His Father has instructed Him to do; "For I have come down from heaven, not to do My own will, but to do the will of Him who sent Me". For those who are still not convinced that this doctrine is a false teaching we cover this in depth in our section on Pagan Christianity as well in the later chapters of this site. Which IS A Must See For All.

When it comes to creation we are led down the prim-rose path by so called science which tries to take all aspects of it away from The Father and place it in some mystical Big Bang which is said to have happened by chance millions of years ago. These people are so hard pressed to try and disprove the Bible that (no matter what) they will attempt to come up with any half baked theory and/or math equation to try and explain away biblical creation. Well, we are going to hear from Yahuah Himself and let Him describe how He created the earth. I am going to include a reading of the 38th chapter of the Book of Job, where God Himself Questions Job and in turn tells Job many of the details surrounding Creation itself. There is no getting around this passage. It is clear as to who created the earth and believe me, it's not some so called Big Bang that did it.

We are also going to look at the shear beauty of creation itself and what a magnificent artist our Father is. We are also going to take a quick look at the Dome, or Firmament and explain how light works and how it would not work properly without it.

Most people do not stop long enough to understand the vast beauty of creation, and do not understand what a privilege it actually is to have been given the opportunity to see it with our own eyes. Instead, science tries to explain it away and in turn remove our Father from creation itself, which is nothing more than absolute Blasphemy, which they will pay for dearly.

Light sources, The Dome and The Beauty of Creation.

I wonder if anyone has ever given the slightest degree of thought to why it is when the sun is rising in the east, the west side of buildings are being illuminated and light comes in through a west window and lights a room.? If we stop for a moment and think about this we will come to the conclusion that without a second light source this would be virtually impossible. We are going to look at how photographers use light sources in order to properly view objects in three dimensions, which is exactly how we see things when viewing our earth. Now this may seem a bit off the rails to some, but consider this. On the first day of creation God said: Let there be light. It was not until the fourth day of creation that God created the sun. So if we take the Bible literally (which we should) we can see that there is indeed more than one source of light, and this is why we are able to see the earth as we do. So why is it that science does not tell us of this.? Because it would raise questions that they simply cannot answer, that's why.

Earth According To The Bible

In this video we take a short look at Biblical creation through the scripture that show us how God created it and how it is shaped. In many scripture it is mentioned how the earth is fixed and immovable and also how it takes shape like mud under a seal. The fact that the Bible explains to us that God placed the earth on Pillar's should be something that should give anybody pause, as being set on pillars and being described as fixed and immovable can only point to one thing. There is no way that this can fit in the paradigm that is taught in our school system as fact, based on the heliocentric theory. It is all a total lie and one that has been put in place for many generations and continues to be fed to the general population on a daily basis without being challenged. Well, I for one am without a doubt challenging it. I have full faith in my Heavenly Father and in my Lord Christ Jesus and will go with what the Bible says before I will ever entertain what man says. Let God be true and every man a liar.

The Earth's Masterful and Intricate Design.

This may be hard for some people to try and wrap their heads around until you see the video. Attempting to Understand the intricate and masterful design that encompasses our world is not something that is usually thought of, but believe me it is something that everyone should know about. This video presentation will show how God put everything in exactly the right place to make this happen. But do you think we will ever be taught this in our education system.? Of course not. We are hopelessly at the mercy of this system and the people in it who teach us lie after lie in order to keep their fantasy paradigm of Evolution alive and well. Most people have never seen the earth as it actually is but rather have been shown nothing more than a fabrication of what they want us to believe the world is. When you see how everything actually works and how intricate it all is you will understand that there is NO WAY this could have come about unless it was designed by a Masterful Designer. It seems they that will stop at nothing to try and hide the creator of this world.

Satan's Upside Down World.

This presentation gives a very well defined look at Yahuah's Creation. If you are familiar with the Bible you will quickly see how the Bible itself interprets creation as opposed to what man has twisted it into. Man has done a grave injustice to our Father by taking His creation and turning it into something that Satan himself has designed, and that is only alive within our imaginations. There is absolutely NO TRUTH to this concept of the earth that we have been shown; It is Kept alive within our education systems, and especially within Hollywood and various space agencies, who flood the News and Social Media with artist concepts and computer generated images of places that are nothing more than imaginary. We have been so heavily indoctrinated that we accept all of this without question, when in truth, we are being lied to on such a grand scale that it is almost impossible to measure. We have to wake up out of our slumber and see the world how it was meant to be seen by our Creator, which is vastly different from what we have been shown.

A Look At Gods Awesome Power

In this video the Narrator takes us through what is commonly taught about creation from a heliocentric model, as well as a flat enclosed cosmology. He points out various aspects of God's Vastness and Greatness when viewing creation through the eyes of the ancient profits as well as how some Christians view it today. We cannot even begin to comprehend our Heavenly Father, nor will we ever understand the Power and Knowledge that He has. Not a sparrow falls that God is not aware of, and all the billions of stars that He Himself has created, He calls by name. He also counts all the hairs on each of our heads. I wonder if everyone can just stop and just think about that for a moment. There are over 7 Billion people in the world and yet our Father knows each and every hair on each and every one of our heads. This alone should be enough to be considered staggering, but yet it only scratches the surface of the incredible power of our God Yahuah. We can't for a minute even imagine the power our Father holds. All Praise and Glory goes to The Father.

A Reading of Job Chapter 38

This is taken directly out of the Holy Bible and the Book of Job Chapter 38. This should give us some idea as to what it must, or would be like to stand before Almighty God. I don't think any of us can even begin to fathom what that would be like, or how humbling it would be standing or rather kneeling in His presence, never mind being questioned by our Heavenly Father Himself. Brings me to think of what is known in the Book of Revelations as Judgement Day, if nothing else, it is definitely some food for thought. As God says to Job "Brace Yourself Like a Man, I Will Question You And YOU WILL ANSWER ME". I can't even begin to imagine what this would be like. Yahuah also makes His creation perfectly clear to us when He is questioning Job. He basically explains how the earth is and what He did when He created it. An excellent explanation of creation coming from The Father Himself. And as for me, I will take Our Fathers word on how our world is and how it was designed long before I will give a single ounce of credence to what scientists say it is.

Is Genesis History ?

Here is a full length feature that dwells into the various aspects of science as opposed to biblical creation. We constantly hear that this rock formation and that formation are hundreds of thousands of years old or millions if not billions of years old according to science. Would it surprise you to know that this concept is totally flawed.? We have all been programmed My Friends, programmed to think in millions and billions of years,. Science has gotten us so utterly indoctrinated in the evolutionary concept that we never question anything we just believe everything we are told by these illusionists. Well, I am questioning everything and what I found is shocking. The world is extremely different than what we are told it is by science. In fact it is totally the opposite, but this should not surprise us, as Lucifer does everything exactly the opposite of God.