The Waters Above The Firmament

In our Bible, God clearly states that He divided the waters from the waters with the Firmament. Which incidentally I might add, took God an entire day to create, anyway, carrying on. Heaven and God's Throne sits directly above this division as told to us within the Holy Scriptures. However, if we listen to the likes of NASA we come away with the notion that outside the earth's atmosphere there is an endless vacuum and/or expanse of what is commonly referred to as Space.

After quite a bit of time and a ton of research into this I do know one thing for sure. What they are telling us is far removed from the truth to say the least. And what they are constantly telling us about sending this and that to other planets is nothing more than total and utter science fiction.

They like to put these vast distances between the earth and stars so as to fit into their heliocentric paradigm, but yet when we look into the Scriptures and actually look with our own eyes, all of this just does not fit into the nice neat little package they would have us believe.

Many people, after looking into various aspects of what we have been taught about our world as opposed to what we see, have done something that would be least expected; After finding out that our school system and all these agencies have utterly lied to us, they have picked up their Bible and went back to God. And I can't stress this point enough, some have even picked up the Bible for the very First Time and began learning about our Heavenly Father and our Lord Christ Jesus.

Now that has got to say something.

When people come to the realization that all of these organizations such as NASA (in particular) have done nothing but lie to us over and over again. They soon come to the realization that God is indeed REAL and that He sits DIRECTLY above us, just as it is mentioned in the Bible. This can in itself be extremely liberating to the individual, as once you see it with your own eyes there is no going back to the lie.

Indeed my Friends, if we just take a few moments out of our busy schedules and pay just a little bit of attention to what the Bible says and what our own eyes reveal to us, the results will be no different than what we are told in John chapter 8 verse 32; "Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free."

So I urge you my friends, do not be deceived by these people of so called science who appear to have all the questions answered, but in reality cannot prove any of their findings and hence all of their so called reality that they feed the masses is nothing more than sheer specualation and pseudoscientific theory. Stick to what the Bible says as it is OUR ONLY SOURCE FOR TRUTH. And believe me when I say, it will not let you down. You will begin to see with new eyes and believe it or not, virtually all the things you have always wondered about and which did not really make sense when looking at them through the eyes of science, will quickly fall into place and become abundantly clear to you.

There is one thing that I feel I must mention that has been bothering me since last I spoke to a seemingly highly devoted Christian who mentioned to me that the waters above had been expelled during the flood and are no longer above the firmament. At the time in which I spoke to this individual I was quite young in my quest for truth and my research and had not yet pulled all the scriptures that are related to the waters above. However, after this conversation I was driven to see what I could find on this theory (as I knew this was not accurate) and low and behold I had to look no further than the book of Psalms.

Psalms 148:4 (KJV) Praise Him, ye heavens of heavens, and ye waters that be above the heavens. Now I don't believe this can be much clearer that the waters are indeed still present above the firmament. And here is a tiny tadpole of information that might be extremely helpful when pondering this passage. THIS IS AFTER THE FLOOD. So I would hope this would clear up any misconceptions about the waters above all having been expelled during the flood, as this I'm afraid, is just not true.

Also, I have to add that recently in mid 2019 I did a search on various factions of the Christian Sector to see their thoughts on The Flat Earth and Biblical Cosmology, only to find that the vast majority Make A Stand With Science.??? I have even heard from a vast majority of these organization that The Bible Does Not Show Us In Any Way That The Earth Is Flat. Well I beg to Differ, and a short little search for passages on that topic show earth to be "FIXED AND IMMOVABLE", "STABLE AND UNMOVABLE" "ON PILLARS" "UNDER A FIRMAMENT IN WHICH THE SUN, MOON AND STARS WERE PLACED ON DAY 4. Proving this is really quite easy to do and will quickly show anyone who is looking for truth that indeed, the Bible does show a Fixed Immovable Earth Placed On Pillars By The Hands Of God. So for those who are listening to every word that your organizations tell you without question, I would suggest you do just a little bit of your own research before just taking everything that they say as fact, especially if they are USING SCIENCE as their GO TO for Truth.

The Waters Above The Firmament

Holding true to the scripture as they are presented, we take a look at what is described as the waters above. In many instances we have been led to believe something quite to the contrary of Biblical Scriptures when it comes to where we live and what the earth and the Heavens actually are. There are many things on this earth that cannot be explained away and that only Yahuah our Creator knows about. Scientists would have us believe that they have it all figured out and that we should just let them lead us around with their empty theories and baseless claims. However, some of us are waking up to the lies that have been presented to us through the course of time, and believe me when I say; the scale at which we have been misled is nothing short of Massive. Luke 8:17 (in part), states; for there is nothing hidden that will not be revealed.

NASA Shows Space is Water

Most people will believe everything NASA says and do not give any credence to what the Bible says, casting the Bible off as some sort of a man made fantasy. However, it is frankly quite the opposite when we are talking about anything having to do with fantasy. I have been trying to explain that there is water above, but most have this preconceived notion that there is a vacuum of space outside the earth's atmosphere. I wonder exactly how that works ? Where does the atmosphere stop and the vacuum begin ? And what holds the atmosphere to the earth ? The very idea that somehow this vacuum just magically begins is totally idiotic. With that having been said, how about we take a few minutes to see what NASA says about space being water shall we. There are countless articles that have been written and studies that have been done to substantiate this claim, but yet people have been so heavily indoctrinated into believing what Hollywood pushes out that they cannot see anything but the propaganda, even when it is coming directly from the source of all the deception.

There is No Doubt Space Is Water

I have said it before and I will continue to say it, Let God be true and every man a liar. There is no doubt the Bible is absolutely accurate when it comes to it's explanation of creation and how it explains the firmament and the waters that be above the firmament. Until recently we have had to rely on institutions such as NASA who supposedly are able to see into the deepest regions of so called space to give us the details of what is out there. But in recent years we have been able to purchase cameras with unbelievable zoom capabilities which has opened up a completely different avenue when we look at the heavens for ourselves. We have been and continue to be lied to on a massive scale my friends. Even now after the fact that we are able look for ourselves and see things much differently than what NASA says, they still continue to push this fable onto the public with the hopes that the brainwashing and indoctrination is so deeply rooted that nobody will believe what they can actually see with their own eyes, but rather continue to believe in this Matrix that has been pulled over their eyes in order to cover the truth.

The Stars Are In Water

Since we were children we were led to believe that there is an endless vacuum of space outside the earth. Problem is that nobody (including NASA) has ever been out of the earth's atmosphere, no matter what they would have you believe. God created the earth we live on and when doing so created the Firmament, which is a barrier between the earth and the Heavens. Genesis clearly states that God used the Firmament to divide the waters below the from the waters above. Scientists would have us believe that the stars are millions if not billions of miles away, yet we can zoom right in on them ? As for the so called Planets which they so much like to constantly make mention of. The Bible is in stark contrast to this, and makes NO mention to planets but rather the only reference made other than to the sun, moon and stars is to the "Wandering Stars". Take a look and tell me if you see what I see. As what I see is nothing short of the total opposite of what we have been taught, and yet perfectly in-line with what our Bible tells us. There Is Water Up There Folks, There is Absolutely No Way To Deny It.