Chemical Spraying And Geoengineering

By now I would suspect that most everyone has seen these streaks across the sky on numerous occasions. While we would like to think that they are nothing more then normal condensation trails made my planes, condensation trails disappear quite quickly, where as chemtrails linger throughout the day and sometimes even into evening. In many instances these trails are overlapping, sometimes numerous times giving the appearance of a tick-tack-toe board.

In February 2014, a US Air Force veteran and whistle-blower named Kristen Meghan stated publicly that chemtrails are very real and that she had witnessed the evidence of it firsthand. As part of her job as an environmental engineer, she was aware of exactly what chemicals were going in and out of US military facilities and what they were being used for — or at least she thought she did.

Meghan further stated that such activities have been happening since the 1940s, with the end goal geared toward controlling individual countries' ecosystems. Perhaps her response as to where her proof of this was is quite telling: "If you try to take a picture in a restricted air hanger, you will have a M-16 in your back. People are scared to come forward."

Whistle-blower Edward Snowden is perhaps one of the most polarizing people of the last decade, and for obvious reasons. Supposedly, one of the many secrets Snowden leaked to the public was the use of chemtrails by the US government in an attempt to control agriculture. Further to this, these projects were more often than not funded by black budget programs—programs that officially don't exist yet account for vast amounts of public spending.

According to Snowden (and others, including a group called the Agriculture Defence Coalition), agriculture as a whole is under attack from "experimental weather and atmospheric testing programs," essentially toxins and chemicals delivered from above through the atmosphere and rainfall, or chemtrails. Given the highly controversial subject of GMOs, it is easy to see why some people believe "organic agriculture" would be targeted. If successful, this would force people to turn to GMO produce, and in doing so, hand more money and control to those who govern them.

Geoengineering And Weather Modification

It is nothing short of alarming what is happening in our skies. The chemical spraying is at an all time high world wide and it just seems to be getting worse. While we would like to think that the governments of the world have our best interest at heart, we all know that throughout history this has not been the case. The chemicals that are being sprayed into our atmosphere are of a toxic nature and tests that are being conducted verify this. The amounts of Aluminum which soil samples are coming back with are shocking. Not only are the tests that are conducted on soil shocking but when you stop and think that it's raining down on us as well. How can this in any way be good ? And this is all being done under the false premise of global warming, which anyone with any knowledge at all knows is nothing more then a fabricated hoax and a gigantic money grab on the part of the United Nations. But hey, don't believe me, look into it for yourself and see what conclusions you come up with on the subject.

Watch This! Then Try to Deny It

For those that still have not gotten a grip on what these maniacs are doing to our skies I will put up another short video done by TruthStream Media who is just gathering some film on the chemical spraying of the skies. I don't know about you, but I have been trying for a very long time to tell people about what is going on, only to be met with, ohhhhhh yeahhh, that chemtrails thing again. I have to admit that people are so entirely dumbed down, no wonder these people can get away with what they are doing. Nobody is paying any form of attention to it at all. Everyone is too busy trying to make money and worried about what they are going to buy next to pay an attention to the fact that our world is being destroyed right under our noses. Not only that but if we just take a minute and look at the health problems associated with this it should make everyone stop what they are doing and start asking questions. I can't stress it enough folks, keep your eyes on the skies and see it for yourself as they are putting harmful toxic metals in our skies without any type of resistance from the population at all.

It's Finally Admitted: 'We're Living in a Test Already'

So it is admitted that we have been and are still in a test of an aerosol spraying event that will not stop. These people have no concern what so ever for any of us and do not seem to care about any type of consequences that might arise because of these blatant acts of treason. Yes I said treason... I think that any government that blatantly puts their citizens at risk without informing the population of even the slightest risk to their health is committing treason against it's people. What would the government do if a plane from another country flew over and sprayed who knows what over one of our cities.??? They would most likely shoot that plane down and call for war against the country responsible, but yet they do it to their own people, now that's what I call a concerned and diplomatic government don't you ? We don't mean anything to these people my friends, we are merely sheep and as long as we continue to pay our taxes to these thieves we will be left alone to graze. The laws that are put in place only apply to the citizens and not to the people committing the real crimes against humanity.!!!

UN Agenda 21 and Geoengineering

So I'm not sure how many of you are familiar with what is commonly known as Agenda 21 but it is one crazy agenda let me tell you. How this ever came to pass is beyond me, but it has been active since the 1990's and is in full swing. The film quality in the first part of this film is not very good, but it is the message that is important as this agenda is spelt out to us and it should for lack of a better term, Shock the heck out of most anyone who listens to it. The problem is my friends is that the powers that be are very patient. They slowly put things in place over the course of decades so as not to shock people with sudden moves. And believe it or not hardly anybody notices the subtle changes over the course of time, until it is right on your doorstep and then we wonder what happened, but by then it is too late. This also has brought forward the geoengineering of the earth, which is also a part of Agenda 21. All I can say is this should shock anyone to the point of understanding that Chemtrails are NOT some form of conspiracy theory, this is all part of a plan and it seems it is moving forward without any type of resistance.