Why Are They Spraying Nanotechnology ?

This is no joke, these maniac's are spraying nanotech into our atmosphere by way of chemtrails and polluting the water and soil, killing tree's and much, much worse. This is something that is wide spread and going on at all times. The chemtrails have increased as have the spraying of nanotechnology. I know this sounds crazy, and why would they deliberately be doing such a thing ? Well that is a good question and one we are trying to find the answer to, as it is effecting everyone in the world.

Geoengineering is not a conspiracy theory, it is the deliberate and large-scale intervention in the Earth's climatic system. Simply put, it is the spraying of chemicals into the air via planes into the atmosphere. Independent testing over the past decade confirms that Chemtrails around the country contain a dangerous and extremely poisonous mix of chemicals that includes: barium, nano aluminum-coated fiberglass [known as CHAFF], radioactive thorium, cadmium, chromium, nickel, desiccated blood, mold spores, yellow fungal mycotoxins, ethylene dibromide, and polymer fibers.

What if I told you that Red Human blood cells were being sprayed into our skies ? I wonder if this will get the attention of any of you. Well this is actually happening and that's not the craziest part of it, but when these blood cells are captured and looked closely at, they are actually growing and attempts to kill these blood cells are not working. These people who are doing this are doing this deliberately, and have a very dark agenda.

The world around us is changing and this changes are visible in the skies, water, and trees. What most don't realize is that these changes signify the death of natural life as we know it. This change is visible in the soil, water and on the ground, as these metal oxides are falling with rain on the surface of earth. The concentration of various metals have reached levels thousands of times higher than the acceptable limits in various natural environments. This is effecting the trees, as their immunity against outside infections is decreasing. It is fundamentally killing nature as we know it.

The samples from our air show the existence of fibers that are unidentifiable. These samples are not part of nature and we have no record of any such substance in any databases or laboratory. There are many people who experience "Morgellons Syndrome." In this condition, patients develops lesions on their skin that ooze and produce fibers. The samples of tissue taken from ordinary people, who have no signs of this syndrome, confirm the existence and growth of these fibers in them.

Biological life is divided into three kingdoms: Bacteria, Archaea, and Eukarya. These fibers look like bacteria, have strength of archaea, and are self-replicating. This combination is never found in the natural world. Therefore, it is man-made. This could be the start of trans-biology in us, as we now have all the forms of biological elements inside our body.

So as we can see, this is no joke, these guys are total and outright maniac's and they are for some dark reason being allowed to spray these chemicals along with nanotechnology into our skies while knowing full well it is going to have significant impact on the earths population.

They Are Spraying Nanotechnology On US

Speaker is Sofia Smallstorm; From Chemtrails to Pseudolife, the Dark Agenda of Synthetic Biology. Chemtrails are being sprayed that contain nanotechnology and foreign DNA. Dried red blood cells have been found falling from the chemtrails that can reproduce themselves outside the human body. This could be fallen angel DNA spoken of in Daniel 2:43. The Bible says that they, the fallen angels would mingle themselves with the seed of man but it would not cling. For many this may seem far fetched, but for those of us that believe in the Holy Bible and in Christ Jesus this is not far fetched at all. We have to keep in mind this is only part of a very big picture we are trying to show you within this site. It is up to you to come to your own conclusions when reading and viewing the material that is presented within these sections. Most people are happy to go through life without ever looking into any of this or the agenda that is moving ahead behind the scenes. People really need to Wake Up to what these madmen are doing.