Is Global Warming Real or A Hoax.???

Alright so lets see if we can figure out all of these different and out to lunch aspects of this so called climate change and see for ourselves if this is indeed real or an elaborate hoax and overall money grab.

After looking through countless articles and videos on this topic and trying desperately to weigh out the so called data (or lack there of) that these climate alarmists are putting out as reality, I have come to the conclusion that their models are not based on facts but rather speculations.

Why would I say such a thing.? Well my friends it's like this, when someone proposes something you would think there would be enough data available that we can look at it for ourselves and come to our own conclusion based on the so called data. But what if when looking through the data you find that it has been manipulated and or skewed.? Does this then give us reason to doubt its validity.? Absolutely it does...

When we look at the fact (and this is a fact) that many climate scientists have done their own tests and research to try and corroborate the findings of these global warming alarmists, only to find that the actual data paints a much different picture. So where does this leave us.? It leaves us with this question... Why would they hide the data that shows (in repeated tests) that climate change is just not occurring. Folks, this is all a scam and a money grab, but it is much worse than that when it comes to what they are actually doing to our environment because of it.

Bioengineering can be an extremely dangerous thing to experiment with. Kevin Trenberth, of the UN's intergovernmental panel on climate change, recently told The Guardian that he understood researchers' growing desperation, "But solar geoengineering is not the answer," he said. "Cutting incoming solar radiation affects the weather and hydrological cycle. It promotes drought. It destabilizes things and could cause wars. The side effects are many and our models are just not good enough." We have plenty of evidence that the volcanic cooling Harvard wants to learn to replicate can be devastating: The Mount Tambora eruption in 1815 caused crop failures, resulting in famine and outbreaks of disease during Europe's "year without a summer."

Even though there are risks it does not seem to even hold a bit of concern for these maniacs. They just continue on without so much as letting the general public know of the potential health risks, crop failures and droughts that they may face. Now I don't know about you, but I think it would be imperative to know about something that is being planned that may indeed hold substantial risks to not only our health but to potential environmental impacts don't you ?

This brings us to the question, why is this all being done in the first place ? Well it is all about the So Called, Man Made Global Warming Hoax. This entire agenda has been fabricated, data has been skewed, readings which show hardly any or NO change in climate has been conveniently buried or destroyed. I just can't get over what these people can actually get away with without being challenged. They should be criminally charged with crimes against humanity and then maybe all of this nonsense might stop. I now hear that in certain parts of the world if anyone so much as makes a claim about Climate Change or Global Warming being a Hoax they can actually be charged ? Are they bloody kidding us.???

So you see how this works my friends, they lie, they steal, they cheat and then if you are bold enough to question it or say anything about it, well... They will just charge you or simply toss you in jail. Is this the governments we elected ? Is this who we want in power ? This whole thing is quickly becoming nothing more than dictatorship running rampant around the world, which is setting the stage for a new system, which is none other than The New World Order. But we will address these lunatics a bit further along in this site, Don't worry, we are going to expose these maniacs and their agenda as well.

Bottom line here my friends is that we once again have been mislead and lied to about this agenda as well. There is virtually nothing that we have been taught and/or shown that can be taken as truthful. As we will see when continuing through this site more and more will be presented and shown to be following the same patterns, which are lie after lie after lie. But unlike these people who string us along with lie after lie, we will show actual proof to back up our claims.

Mark Steyn vs Michael Mann

While this is perhaps one of the worlds biggest misleading conspiracies of all time I am going to start this off on the lighter side. Mark Steyn is currently in a legal battle with Michael Mann who would like us all to believe that by showing us his made up graph of potential climate change world wide we are suppose to go into all out Alarm that climate change is actually occurring. When in fact there is NO DATA to corroborate his graph in any way shape or form. Mark Steyn makes light of this situation while at the same time showing us how bizarre Micheal Mann's allegations actually are on the reality of climate change. He also explains how through the media and the education system young minds have been manipulated into believing this nonsense, Thus turning many into climate change activists. Problem being they are fighting for a cause that does not exist, and has only been placed in their minds through over twenty years of brainwashing and a constant bombardment of climate change propaganda through the media. This has turned the REAL study of climate science into one that is met with scrutiny at every turn, as people like Michael Mann do not seem to be concerned with the integrity of the scientists and organizations associated with climate science as much as he is with pushing his hypothetical models on the world.

Global Warming; 31,487 Scientists say NO

So I wonder how many of you know that nearly 32,000 scientists have signed a petition saying that there is NO SUCH THING AS GLOBAL WARMING ? This is true, but do you hear about this.? Of course you don't. Anything that sheds light on the truth behind this entire hoax is quickly swept under the rug, and since the media is part in parcel in this entire scam, they will not tell you the truth let alone anything about this. So we are left holding the bag when it comes to our governments forcing this Totally False and Made Up Agenda. This is nothing short of a world wide conspiracy that is going to effect the entire earth, and it certainly is not going to effect it in a positive manner that much is for certain. These people should all be rounded up, removed from any position of power they currently hold, whether it be in government or in the scientific community and charges should be laid for the crimes against humanity. Follow through this presentation and see for yourself what these fools are doing.

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Global Warming.

Steven F. Hayward, gives a lecture at Hillsdale College back in 2014 on the Global Warming agenda which is totally falling apart and quickly becoming one of the biggest black eyes to the scientific community since the Piltdown man. I keep saying it and will continue to keep saying it. They have brainwashed our children and turned them into nothing more than dumbed down sheep that jump onboard with any type of environmental movement they can find and actually believe they are doing something to help the world. While it's nice to see that our up and coming generation is attempting to do something to help, or they at least think that they are, they are doing nothing but following a model that is proving to be so far from accurate that it could easily be catagorized as A Down Right Lie. But will scientists admit this.??? Not on your life.!!! They will continue to push this agenda even though they know full well their model has fallen totally to pieces. My friends, it is so very important that we understand that we are all being lied to on a scale that is unpresidented.

Lord Christopher Monckton, Global Warming is a Hoax

While this video was done a few years ago (2015) when Steven Harper was still our Prime Minister, the message is absolutely awesome, one that we all should pay close attention to. While Harper was given a stern warning of things to come, we can see today with the transfer of power to the Liberals and Justin Trudeau these warning were either not listened to, or worse Prime Minister Trudeau is working together in tandem to help bring about A One World Order. And this all at the expense of the sovereignty of our great Canadian nation, whom countless numbers have given there lives in order to protect the very sovereignty this Prime Minister is so willing to just give away. Lord Christopher Monckton is one of the foremost speakers on the total and outright hoax of Global Warming and is the one gentleman that I personally would urge anyone to do a little bit of research on, as the scientific proof he has gathered is irrefutable and is also in stark contrast of the global warming agenda.

The Great Global Warming Swindle

The data in respect to Carbon and it being the main ingredient for Man Made Global Warming has been manipulated and true results have been hidden. This is no joke my friends, there is absolutely no correlation between Carbon and Climate Change what so ever, in fact there is no such thing as Man Made Climate Change at all. All of this is a fabrication and an outright LIE. We are going to go through a number of test results and data that shows that what is going on in the world is absolutely normal and has happened before on many occasions. You will hear from award winning scientists who have come forward to set the record straight and to let it be known that this entire agenda is politically driven. So much so that even the brainwashing of the masses into climate driven movements has all been orchestrated by propaganda in order to get people to go along with this agenda. The thing is, there is no such thing as Global Warming. But let's let the scientists explain it to us shall we.

Frankenskies Directors Cut

So lets take a bit of a look back in history just to see how long we have actually been dealing with Geoengineering. I think you will be surprised to find out that spray programs have been in place to manipulate the weather for nearly 100 years. These programs were and still are conducted by the military and because of this reason they are able to be hidden from the general public. As I have repeatedly stated, people out there who are sound asleep do not have any idea what is happening right under their noses, which I shutter to say is approximately 90 percent of our given population. Well, we are going to attempt to change that number, as if by the time people go through this site, if they are still asleep and are able to just put away all the information that they will have seen, then I am afraid to say that there is no way to help them. They will have become a victim of their own blindness or unwillingness to come to terms with what is being presented. The fact remains that those who have eyes to see, Will See, and those who do not, Will Not.