The D'Wave and Alternate Dimensions

As we mentioned in the opening preface the D'Wave is a lot different then any computer system we have ever seen, it is in fact something totally different entirely. We like to think that with this growing technology we are expanding our ability to find cures for various aliments that plague the world, such as cancer. But the D'Wave seems to be something that while it could perhaps be used for such a Nobel reason, is instead being used for something far more sinister.

When we talk about the D'Wave or a person reads various articles about this Quantum Computer it always seems that it always comes back to the same agenda. Parallel Universe's and Alternate Dimensions seem to always be at the forefront of articles associated with this system. Google, NASA, CERN, and other so called research organizations have purchased this system to aid them with their so called research, but what is the research and how is any of this helping humanity ?

We are going to take a quick look into the abilities of the D'Wave and how excited everyone seems to be about the endless abilities it may be capable of. Keep focused on what they are saying as there is always an agenda in the background that while they come right out and say it, they mould it into the presentation in such a way as to deceive the listener to their true intentions.

Having all these organizations in place with this super computer at their disposal is extremely concerning to say the least, as we have to keep in mind that over the course of time none of these organizations have ever been truthful with the public nor are they working in the best interest of the general public. However, this should not surprise us in the slightest, as there is just so much going on behind the scenes that it literally makes your head spin, as you will see as we continue through this site.

I really feel that this is why most people come away with the notion that most of this is nothing more than some sort of a "Conspiracy Theory", as when we start digging into the various aspects of these organizations it is extremely difficult to wrap your head around it all. Thus, many people (instead of trying to unpack it all) tend to just dismiss it as a conspiracy of sorts. Well my friends, I for one can tell you it is anything but that, it is indeed happening no matter what some would contend, as you yourself will see as we dive deeper into this site. There is indeed an agenda unfolding right in front of us. One that has been very neatly laid out and that has been in the works for a great deal of time.

So bare with me here as I unpack it all for you, segment by segment.

DWAVE Quantum Communication is admitted

Quantum communication is a field of applied quantum physics closely related to quantum information processing and quantum teleportation. Its most interesting application is protecting information channels against eavesdropping by means of quantum cryptography. A quantum eraser experiment setup, where two entangled particles are separated and measured... Quantum teleportation, an effect (erroneously) touted as faster-than-light travel. In reality, no information is being exchanged faster than light. Okay so this should probably have the average person confused at this point. Let us try to quickly elaborate on what is essentially being said here. What they are trying to say is that while they can communicate fast-than-light, nothing is actually sent (physically), but informations is. Can anybody say the words "Ouija Board" ?

The D'Wave and Parallel Universes

On to the D'Wave and the so called Parallel Universes that they seem so excited about finding or opening. Geordie Rose, Founder of D-Wave (recent clients are Google and NASA) believes that with the power of quantum computing we can `exploit parallel universes' to solve problems that we have no other means of confirming. Simply put, quantum computers can think exponentially faster and simultaneously such that as they mature they will out pace us. Now I don't know about you, but this should be pause for concern for most people. It's not just the fact that they are indeed looking for portals and gateways into these parallel universes, but what they are also doing is communicating with entities from these alternate realms. These realms are not on some distant world, they are right here, as there are really only two realms aren't there. The Physical and the Spiritual. So if they are communicating with other entities, it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what these entities probably are now does it folks.