The Quantum Computer System Explained

As stated in the opening section, the quantum computer system is far different from what we are used to using in our day to day lives. What we personally use as a computer system for is like an infant playing with a toy in comparison to the Monster called the D'Wave. However, with over 3 billion internet users worldwide the D'Wave has no shortage of information at its finger tips. It can access all of this information that is gathered and at the rate of speed that it is capable of learning, the information it can use to problem solve is staggering.

While all past and modern day computer CPU chips are made of silicone the conductors in the D'Wave are made of "niobium". Niobium-tin and niobium-titanium alloys are used as wires for superconducting magnets capable of producing exceedingly strong magnetic fields. Niobium is also used its pure form to make superconducting accelerating structures for particle accelerators.

By their own admission the D'Wave has the ability to traverse or peer into Multiple Alternate Realities that are layered on top of our own reality. This may seem to be something straight out of a science fiction novel or movie, but the founder of D'Wave himself states this. So now lets for a moment think back to what CERN is trying to do. Now lets take and put the D'Wave computer in conjunction with the Large Hadron Collider and think about that for a moment. When we look at this for what it is it's not hard to come to the realization that there is far more going on behind the scene then we are being made aware of.

As we go through this section we will be able to see more on what this system is actually doing and why. It will be explained by the founder of D'Wave himself.

I put this section together primarily to show everyone what is transpiring behind the scenes and under the cloak of science. It is extremely important that we know where we are in the time line of the last days my friends, as there are things coming that people will just not be ready for

What You Need To Know About The D'Wave

This feature dives into the Quantum Computer and it's core design. It explains how the system was created, the materials used and the functions that it is capable of. Also we take a quick look into some of the words uttered from D'Waves founder and how he views this system and its capabilities. It's disturbing to say the least that these people do not seem to have any concerns with messing around in what they like to call Alternate Realities. Does this strike anybody as being a bit off the beaten path ? The thing is that they know perfectly well what they are doing and understand where this is all leading. It is really unbelievable that the vast majority of people just go through life unaware of any of these things that are transpiring around them. Being that the Large Hadron Collider now has the D'Wave attached to it and they are now working in conjunction with each other, leads us to believe that they have probably already succeeded in tearing the veil as it were.