Alter To An Alien god, HuH ?

Alright, so when I first heard this I was taken back, and I guess that's what most of us who have any idea of the Occult would think. My first reaction is awww common this can't be what Geordie Rose is saying, so I click on the video thinking that it must be something quite different then what the heading is implying.

Well, much to my surprise it was exactly that and the heading was accurate. So with this in mind we have to stop for a minute and wonder, how in the heck would someone come up with such a way of describing a machine ? Well it seems that Geordie is so awe inspired by the D'Wave Quantum Computer that when he stands beside it, to him it feels like standing in front of an Alter to an Alien god. Wow, I mean really !!!

Now I don't know about you, but I for one know of Only ONE God who's name is "Yahuah" and He is The One True God and The Father of us all. God does not like anybody worshipping idols or other gods, in fact he absolutely hates it and warns against this sort of behavior.

In any event, I'm not going to go into all of that at the moment, so lets get back to Geordie and his delusional thinking here. What is even more disturbing is where he see's all of this going. This guy is blind to what he is doing and is also blind to what all of this will lead to. He is more than likely only thinking of himself as after all we live in a materialistic world where the one who dies with the most toys wins right.?

Having said all of that, I was just taken back when I watched this and thought I should share this with you, as it is hard for me to even comprehend the thinking here let alone wrap my head around where he predicts this will all lead.

So I just wanted to take a minute and show you what these maniacs are up to, just so you could see for yourself. I mean how in the world can people be this delusional.? Hasn't anyone read even the littlest portions of the Holy Bible.? People can't be that far removed from reality can they.? Or can they.??? This particular segment has left me to wonder what exactly goes through people's minds, and how they can even entertain this garbage. As without looking too hard, I personally can see where this is all stemming from. As I am sure that most who have just the slightest degree of critical thinking still available to them can as well.

So sit back and watch this short video and let yourself be the judge on where you think this is all heading.

The Altar Of An Alien god

As mentioned above we hear from Geordie Rose who doesn't seem to hold back his deep feeling for this piece of machinery. There are also some predictions that he presents us with that is what we would call food for through at the very least. I'm not sure where all of this is going but when you couple all of this together with CERN and what those maniacs are doing over there and now they have the Quantum Computer of this Madman hooked up to it, well we can only hope that they somehow come to their senses before they go too far and all of us have to pay for their idiocy. However, if we look into prophecy we see that this will probably all be allowed to continue as what is written has to come to pass, so I feel that no matter how much we expose all of this or how much we try to put a stop to it, we are destined to see this through to the very end. What will the end be, well that's any one's guess at this time, all we can determine is that what ever it is, it probably will not be good.