Summoning The Lovecraftian Old Ones

First of all I have to apologize for such short introductions in this section, but there isn't too much I can say that the videos won't explain. All I can add is some background and try to paint a bit of a picture of these NUTS that are so excited about this monster they are unleashing in way of the D'Wave Quantum Computer. In any event, lets carry on.

So this in itself just might be the most disturbing of all areas within this segment. For a great deal of time people have been anticipating that something of this nature was happening at CERN with their portals, but since they are now working with the D'Wave Quantum Computer which is now operating in tandem with the Large Hadron Collider it seems they are close to achieving their goals.

While many will still firmly believe that this is nothing more then a conspiracy theory, nothing could be further from the truth. It's one thing to have a theory, but its totally another thing to hear what you firmly believe coming directly out of the mouth of none other then Geordie Rose. This guy just puts it right out there without so much as a care or concern towards what they are doing. It stands to reason that anybody who has a little bit of common sense should at the very least show just a little bit of concern for their fellow man in light of what they are attempting to do, or we would at least hope that they would. But this does not seem to be the case at all.

Here Geordie Rose puts it right out on the table. So this is no longer any type of a conspiracy theory folks, it is Hard Fact and you will hear it right from the horses mouth so to speak. If this doesn't leave you with some pause for concern then I don't know what I can tell you.

What seems incredible to me is that while he is disclosing all of this to the public, what else is he doing ? He is recruiting people to come and work for his company. I mean where are the people that monitor these madmen.? Isn't there any type of laws or regulations that are in place to put some sort of reigns on these NUTS.? I find this to have gone totally off the rails, as we have to sit back and watch as these organizations play with things that should not be messed with and do it without fear of any type of reprisal.

This world has gotten so out of control it is not even funny any longer. People like this are allowed to openly tell everyone that they are about to unleash hell on earth and nothing happens to them ??? I just don't get it, is it now okay to do such things and suffer no consequences ??? Who in the hell is running this Horror show anyway ???. My Goodness, it is absolute absurdity.

Geordie Rose A Tsunami of Demons is Coming

In this video Geordie Rose, while giving a speech in Vancouver British Columbia, Canada does not hold back when explaining what they are doing and where they would like to see all of this go. It really is amazing that these people are doing all of this with impunity, and would seem are answering to nobody. How can this be ? It used to be that if anybody was messing around with something that could inevitably change the course of our world, or put any or all of us in danger they would be shut down in a heart beat. But yet these people who are working together towards this dark and need I say sinister goal do not seem to be the slight bit concerned with any type of repercussions from any law enforcement or government. I'm sorry to once again state this, but it really leaves me at a loss to try and understand how in the love of God these guys can just keep on doing things of this nature without having to answer to anybody. So with this in mind, do we really have to wonder who is behind all of this ? I should think not.