There is No 24 Hour Sun at Antarctica

So we are constantly met with people who hold on to the Globe concept and thus try to prove it using Antarctica. You would think all they would have to do is to show anyone of us some curvature and we could put all of this to rest, but we know that can't happen. Anyway, one of the leading ways that they try to do this is to tell us about the 24 Hour Sun during the Antarctic Summer, which is the months of November December and January. We would think that there would be countless numbers of videos showing this event over the course of time wouldn't you think ?

I for one would love to see the proof, then we could all just get back to the old globe that we were all taught in school and put all of this Flat Earth stuff on the shelf to gather dust. Problem is, that while there is a multitude of videos showing the 24 hour sun in the northern hemisphere (The Arctic) there is absolutely none of this event taking place in the southern hemisphere or Antarctica.

Don't worry though, no matter what we find to the contrary there will always be the people who blindly follow the heliocentric model no matter what evidence is presented to them. The indoctrination runs extremely deep in the vast majority of people I'm afraid, but this is how the education system was designed.

When we look at the countless numbers of things that don't add up when looking at the globe model one would think that eventually even the most hard-core heliocetric believer would have to stop dead in their tracks and start to question what they were taught about this region of the world. But yet we see quite the opposite when it comes to dealing with the programming that has occurred within most of the public. They will fight tooth and nail to defend the globe at all costs.

Which to me, makes no sense at all. If its wrong and can be proven, than it's wrong, Period. Whats the problem with just admitting to yourself that we have been lied to ???

The Freemasons must be extremely happy with their little army of brainwashed individuals they have created. As there can be nothing better then to sit back indoctrinate a number of generations into one of the greatest lie's ever conceived and watch the people blindly defend it for you. I'm sure they are having a good laugh at the expense of these people who cannot seem to come out of the delusion they are living in. The thing is, if only for a second a person can break loose of the grip of this lie, then they suddenly start to see the truth. And that is, that this earth we live on was created by our Father (Yahuah) and all that is in it is also part of His creation, including us.

Despite all the evidence of this staring people right in the face they would sooner believe in all of the ridiculous scientific theories and baseless claims of mathematical equations that in some way prove we are on a spinning ball hurling through space. It's really sad that people are so badly blinded that they can't see the forest for the tree's. However, despite the deep programming that most are inflicted by, THERE IS STILL HOPE.

Once a person realizes that they have been lied to, a certain peace comes over them. And once that alarm clock goes off, there is no turning back. As soon as they are able to start to see the lie itself, the entire deception makes itself visible and man is it a whopper.

I can only hope that this site in some way will have a profound effect on some people that visit. It is my hopes that if nothing else, it gives some of you a moment of pause. In order for you to be able to reflect on what you have been taught and to start to question things and seriously start thinking for yourself, rather than just blindly following and believing what the government funded education system has tried to push on us as fact.

Becoming a critical thinker is key to discovering all that is real and true. We do have a choice when going through this life. We can blindly follow, or we can think for ourselves and seek the truth out in all matters. But they hope we just continue following a man made text book on some aspect of science that not even the writer of the book can fully comprehend. All I can say to you is, follow your God given senses. There is a verse in the Bible that perhaps fits this particular field of thought, and that is Romans 3:4 let God be true but every man a liar.

So with all of this in mind take a look at the video information below and come to your own conclusion. All I can do is show you what I have found and hope it will in some fashion open your minds up, and make you ask questions.

John 8:32 - And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

No 24 Hour Sun: Captain James Clark Ross

Captain James Clark Ross conducted his own Antarctic expedition in the years from 1839 to 1843 in which he attempted to circumnavigate this southern most region. In doing so Ross also was in search of the actual South Pole but throughout his entire journey he was unable to locate an inlet in order to find his said target. He and his crew encountered various problems throughout their journey which they documented quite well and which we are able to read today. The thing is here folks is that their journal clearly states that in the months that are said to be of a 24 hour sun, they nearly ran into a massive iceberg that snuck up on them in the darkness of night. So while scientists of today or should I say The Liars of Today would have us believe that there is a 24 hour sun in the Antarctic region, Ross's journals totally disprove this. And well, I for one would take the word of someone back in the early 1800's who had nothing to gain by saying this, long before I would take the word of any scientist today.

No 24 Hour Sun At Antarctica

This video hits on the huge inconsistencies surrounding the so called "geographic" South Pole. This is just a ceremonial arbitrary location the Judaeo-Masonic liars have come up with for publicity and also to fool people about the flat earth reality. All of the buildings are modular and are moved periodically with the moving and changing ice due to the huge winds and blizzards of Antarctica, but they don't tell you that. As per the Greenland underground base in the 1950s. They had to abandon it because it was destroyed by moving ice, this is also true for the much more perilous southern ice region. The whole thing along with the candy cane "pole" marker is moved periodically and they abandon or disassemble the rest of what looks like permanent structures at "the pole". There is no way to verify anything that comes out of the mouths of these people when it comes to Antarctica. Why is everything so shrouded in mystery when it comes to this region.? Why is this region so extremely locked down and seemingly out of reach of the general public.? What could be so important that would require such intense security.?