The Differences between the Arctic and the Antarctic

There are so many differences between the Arctic and the Antarctic that it is nothing short of stunning. We would think (if the earth was a globe) we would see about the same temperatures north and south of the equator at various times of the year, but this is not the case at all. In fact it is totally opposite of this in every way.

While the Arctic regions experience rather warm summers, the Antarctic temperatures never even go high enough to begin to melt any snow or ice. Making Antarctica a region of eternal winter. Life flourishes in the north, while in the Antarctic there is no vegetation and only a handful of animals that frequent the region.

If we compare similar latitudes north of the equator to roughly the same latitudes south of the equator we find an abundance of vegetation in the north and nothing in the south. This leaves us to wonder how this could be when looking at the globe model we are indoctrinated with from when we are only children.

The globe model clearly shows the equator squarely in the middle of the globe and with the sun being the said 93 million miles away should be heating the globe equally on both sides of the equator, or one would think. But wait is the earth not tilted 23.4 degree's ? Well if that's the case the south would be more visible to the sun then if it was not tilted at all would it not be ? Can you see where I'm going with this ? None of this makes any sense at all when we start looking into these regions and how they differ so wildly.

The problem is that people just do not want to even entertain the idea that they have been lied to about where they live. Most do not want to look for fear of what they might find, and would rather just go on without knowing, rather than finding out the truth for themselves. Believe me, I do understand as I was once no different, I thought I had a firm grasp on where I lived and how everything worked, but when I started to look, I found things that if I were to say set back in my chair it would be a profound understatement.

All I can suggest to anyone who has even had the slightest degree of curiosity when it comes to the concepts of the world that we have been shown, research and find the answers for yourself as you cannot go by what we were taught or shown. You will not believe what they have fed us and how totally backwards it is from what we actually see and experience.


There is a late addition to the Antarctica section, but being that it really does not fit into any given category that I have created within this segment and I desperately wanted to upload it so I decided to place it within this section. I thought it important, as you can see they are feeling the pressure that the flat earth and the truth community in general is putting on them. So much so that they are now going to be taking a special flight in order to circumnavigate Antarctica.. Yes, you heard right, they are going to show us all that this Flat Earth stuff is nothing more than nonsense and we should just continue to listen to them and put all of this silliness aside. So you can now probably see why I had to include this video. And I believe you will find it extremely interesting.

The Arctic and Antarctic Extreme Differences.

In this presentation Eric Dubay gives us a boat load of facts related to the vast differences in the Arctic as opposed to the Antarctic. He shows us how plants and animals thrive in the far northern regions while barely nothing can survive in the southern most regions of the earth. Making distinctions of the amount of vegetation found at certain northern latitudes he shows us that when you take the same latitude south of the equator the results are entirely different. How can this be ? It is impossible for this to happen if we are indeed on a globe. We have been so heavily indoctrinated into believing this garbage that even when faced with overwhelming evidence that totally disproves the globe people will continue to support this blatantly false theory. This is commonly known as cognitive dissonance, which means: the mental conflict that occurs when beliefs or assumptions are contradicted by new information. The unease or tension that the conflict arouses in people is revealed by one of several defensive maneuvers: they reject, explain away, or avoid the new information; persuade themselves that no conflict really exists; reconcile the differences; or resort to any other defensive means of preserving stability or order in their conceptions of the world in which they believe they live.

The Polar Explorer Flight is a Scam

So as I had mentioned above, we feel that the powers that be are either getting a little bit nervous with the constant bombardment of questions and accusations of fraud pertaining to the stories we are getting about Antarctica that they are going to show us all how very wrong we are with a planned flight in order to circumnavigate Antarctica itself. Okay, well this would be something that I for one would love to see them do, then it would finally be proof we lived on a ball and we can put all this silly nonsense behind us and carry on with the brainwashing and programming. The thing is, as we near the deadline of this flight taking place I feel you will find the various stipulations they have placed on this flight to be almost laughable. I think it would be better to say the stipulations placed on this flight are ridiculous. Anyway, I'm not going to go into great details in this introduction and will let the video speak for itself. All I can say is the powers that be seem desperate. So give this a look and see what you come away with.