Military Operation's, Coverup's and the Antarctic Treaty.

So back in the mid 1900's for some reason or another which isn't entirely clear, various countries including The United States all of a sudden developed an obsession with Antarctica. The Mainstream story says that "Admiral Byrd" was assigned an entire fleet of ships to go down to Antarctica to search for Nasi Soldiers that were suppose to have escaped Europe and set up bases in Antarctica. Prior to these events Admiral Byrd had gotten famous for his claims to having found Agartha at the North Pole.

Given this supposed discovery at the North Pole, it leaves one to think that the excuse given about the German soldiers May Not Have Been the real reason that Admiral Byrd went to Antarctica. The expedition oddly enough was dubbed Operation Highjump, which would stand to reason as the coastline of Antarctica is lined with 150 to 250 foot high Ice Walls.

Immediately following Operation Highjump another expedition was created with once again "Admiral Byrd" in charge but this one was dubbed Operation Deep Freeze. What came after Operation Deep Freeze was needless to say both interesting as well as confusing. I do not want to take away from the videos presented below so I will just say that what we are told about Antarctica is not even close to being the truth about the region at all. It would appear that what we are taught and told is nothing more than a total fabrication given to us courtesy of NASA and other Government Agencies or other Governments themselves.

There were, and are, many Governments and Countries alike involved with the Antarctic today. In any event, all of this plays a part in the Deception we were discussing in prior segments of this site. The Rabbit Hole just keeps getting deeper and deeper as we move forward through these deceptions. The Antarctic is a very interesting part of this deception all by itself, and as we go through the video presentations I feel it will become quite evident that there is much more here then meets the eye.

What is perhaps the most stunning is the Antarctic Treaty which was put into place shortly after the last expedition to the region and directly after the formation of NASA and DARPA. This treaty is without exception the most strictly enforced treaty that has ever been put into place to (as they say) protect this region of the earth. This should make anyone wonder as to why so many countries (48 to date) while not seeing eye to eye on virtually anything, all come together for this one treaty and enforce it without question.

The total intrigue that surrounds Antarctica goes a whole lot deeper into the rabbit hole than one might suspect. When we look into NASA which is one of the key players in this whole agenda and who, in conjunction with The Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) which was founded by Jack Parson's who is a direct follower of Aleister Crowley who was the founder of the religion of Thelema, and openly identifying himself as "The Beast", are all part in parcel of this great deception. In the first video, Mr. Rob Skiba will give you and introduction into the varying aspects of these organizations who were and still are directly responsible for this massive lie and who continue to orchestrate this absolute and total delusion onto the public.

As I have mentioned throughout this site. I can only show you where my research has taken me, I leave it up to you to come to your own conclusions based on the information that will be shown to you.

A Most Peculiar Timeline

Here is something that I believe will make even the most skeptic person think twice about. There is what could only be described as a peculiar time line that transpires just after the turn of the 1900's and leading up into the 1960's. I think we have all heard of "Nimrod" who was in the process of building the Tower of Babel when God came down and confounded their languages. We get into this character much deeper as we go through the segments within this site but for now, lets look at some interesting aspects having to do with this name shall we. Nimrod was born in 1908AM meaning (Year Since Creation) and while that is an interesting and historical fact it is what happened in the year 1908AD that sort of takes us for a bit of a loop. You see folks everything is on a timeline, whether is be prophecy being fulfilled or a timeline that is being met by Lucifer in order to keep his agenda moving forward. Believe me folks, you can't make this stuff up, it just is what it is. See for yourself.

Antarctica - Sorry We're Closed!

As discussed in the closing portion of the introduction this video deals with the fact that NO independent travel is allowed below the 60th south parallel. In other words going to Antarctica on an expedition on your own is strictly prohibited ??? Okay, so the treaty says you can go if you fill out certain documents that are required before permission is granted. Thing of it is the stipulations are so ridiculous that there is no possible way that anybody could fill out this document and be granted access. We will take a look at this and other financial aspects of even considering to attempt an expedition to this region of our world. This is an extremely revealing video that I would urge you to watch, as we can quickly get a very clear understanding as to how serious they are in keeping the public away from the Antarctic region, for what ever reason. But I'm sure you can start to see the deception beginning to take shape. I tell you, these people are not telling us anything that would even remotely resemble the truth when it comes to our earth.

NASA's Operation Ice Bridge and other Strange Facts

This video is from youtube channel "Richie From Boston" Richie makes tons of videos on various topics that are extremely interesting. He digs extremely deeply when he researches any given topic as do the many others that have videos within these pages. I would urge all of you to check these youtube sites out for yourself. In any event, being that Antarctica has always been shrouded in mystery we must always dig for information regarding this seemingly remote part of our world. Governments who can't seem to get along with each other on anything seem to all come together when it comes to keeping the average citizen like you or me out of Antarctica. Do you find that odd in any way ? Many have tried to go to Antarctica only to be met with a military presence that quickly turns away any curious researchers.

The Firmament in Antarctica

This is short video clip, but what it captured is extremely mind blowing. As it is mentioned in Genesis, God placed the Sun, Moon and Stars within the Firmament, and it is said that The Firmament or Dome comes down and meets the earth in the furthest most reaches of the Antarctica. Now with this being said, I urge you to take a quick look at this Four Minute video clip. This appears to be a scientific expedition that is deep onto the ice that is surrounding the earth and extremely close to where The Firmament is said to meet the earth. While the weather is something to be desired but is pretty much what you would expect from such a hostile region, it is what is captured on video that is Stunning. Some might find this a bit shocking, but I for one know the Bible is true, so all this does for me is put an exclamation mark on the whole of creation itself. While the team that is out there appears to perhaps be Russian judging by the language that is being spoken, I would warrant an educated guess that these people have been put in the position of having to rethink all that they have been taught about our earth.