The Big Bang Joke We Are All Told

Boy oh Boy, where does a person start with this madness. I mean really, this is such a stupid theory that it's hard to keep from laughing while at the same time trying to be serious in attempting to explain this nonsense in any type of a rational way. Yet without it, the entire theory of evolution may as well get tossed right out into the garbage can.

You see my friends, this is how they do it, or have done it should I say. They have Backwards Engineered this entire world and universe. When the heliocentric model was first brought to light, they had to have an alternative means for creation. Thus, the Big Bang had to be manufactured in order to make the heliocentric model look at the very least feasible.

Meanwhile this theory of heliocentrism (if you can even call it a working theory) has been injected into our public school systems and taught as factual right along with evolution, when in fact they are both only speculations at best and hold no basis in fact what so ever.

All of this is once again done with only one motive in mind, and that my friends is to hide God The Father and His creation.

The Public has (for over 150 years) been totally brainwashed into believing this utter nonsense. Most do not even question it and are happy to go through life without ever looking into, or researching any part of this totally ridiculous concept.

If anyone stops long enough to gather just the slightest bit of basic information on this so called theory, it quickly becomes clear that not only is it false, but there is absolutely no baring of fact what-so-ever to this totally drummed up version of creation.

The public and private school sectors alike have adopted this into their curricular, and teach it from grade school well up into post secondary, and university levels of education. So when students graduate they are already firmly indoctrinated into the principles of The Big Bang Theory, The Heliocentric model of the universe and of course Darwinian Evolution Principles. And the crazy thing is, All of These Half Baked Theories Have Been Proven To Be FALSE time and time again...

But this is only part of the problem, as what these school systems are doing is basically indoctrinating and creating a whole new generation of Atheists because of it. They are doing everything possible to take God the Father totally out of these young people's minds and most certainly out their lives. Now I ask you, who would want that.? It doesn't take somebody with a university degree to figure out the answer this question. I have placed a video below that shows just how bad these kids have been brainwashed by these liars. These kids just want truth, and as you will see it doesn't take much to get them thinking.

However, the question to us should be how this has been allowed to happen without any type of official protest.? It wasn't long ago that the Lord's Prayer was abolished from schools, and soon thereafter all ties to creation seemed to be tossed out of the window and replaced by Darwinism, Heliocentrism (which is essentially sun worship) and The Big Bang theory.

To me, this is beyond upsetting, which left me little to no choice but to dig even deeper into these flawed concepts in order to see exactly where all of this is stemming from and also where it is inevitably heading. You might be surprised to find out where all of this has led me, and believe me when I say that this topic is only the very tip of an extremely large iceberg.

We are being led around like a bunch of dumbed down sheep in a world full of Hungry Wolves my friends. If you stick with this site section by section you will begin to see how it all fits together into a neat package that has been in the works since before the Biblical Flood.

This entire thing has been orchestrated for centuries by a very patient entity that is known to us by several names, one being; The Father of All Lies.

So lets take a look at some of this information and see what scientists and the mainstream are passing off as reality shall we.

Folks, All I can do is show you the material which I have found, as always I leave it up to you to come to your own final conclusions...

Exposing The Big Bang For The Lie It Is.

This video is really quite self evident in it's explanation of the Big Bang Theory. To me it is quite concerning that people would blindly follow such a stupid notion without taking just a bit of time to look into the validity of this entire concept. This is nothing short of pseudoscience at best or at the very least scientism. Pseudoscience, or better described as The Theology of Quackery makes no sense on the face of it and has no basis in fact what so ever. Yet otherwise logical people have fallen headlong for this nonsense even though none of it can be proven, and all of it is too good or too easy to be true. Pseudoscience is philosophical, political, religious/occult theories that seek legitimacy by claiming that they are scientific theories, while the fact remains, that they are either not testable, or they abuse the use of abductive reasoning. The beauty of science is supposed to be that they admit what they find and not use the label of "science" like a modern religious icon to push agendas onto people! Anyone who says that "Science is settled" is not being scientific, they are being propagandistic! The "Big Bang" coincided nicely with religious doctrine just as had been the case with epicycles (and despite the embarrassment thereof) religious institutions sought to encourage this new model of the universe over all others, including the then prevalent "steady state" theory.

The Atheist Delusion

This is a real eye opening presentation. I continue to say how our school systems have brainwashed our youth, but this is perhaps the best evidence to show you how deep the brainwashing actually goes. It's sad to see what these institutions have been allow to do to these kids. But hope is not yet lost. With just a few questions in regards to creation we can ignite the critical thinking in people and it seems that once you can do that, they immediately start to question what they have been taught. While the presenter is still enslaved by the heliocentric model of the universe, he otherwise does a good job with these kids. And I'm sure as he continues to grow he will begin to see that the Bible teaches a much different aspect of how our earth actually is. I am sure you will see how satanic and ungodly our current education system really is, and how this system is designed to mold these kids minds with false beliefs. Seeing how these kids are manipulated into believing evolution rather than creation is appalling and is totally satanic to it's core. The kids are fed lies, when all they want is Truth.

Big Bang Lie & The New Age Deception.

The entire big bang universe has been put in place to give us no purpose while being told we are just an accident at best. This will open us up to the great deception that will come into the world in the last days. In 1951 Pope Pius XII declared that Georges Lemaitre's (creator of the big bang theory) work proved the Christian dogma of divine creation of the universe. Then history repeated itself. Evidence surfaced that the "Big Bang" might not really be a workable theory in the form of General Relativity. Needless to say, this suggestion that the Big Bang could not happen, provoked the same exact reaction as the suggestion that the Earth might not be the center of everything. Instead of questioning the basic assumption, great effort was made to find a way to evolve the new data in terms acceptable to the assumption of a universe spawned in a single moment of creation. Mans progress is not measured by the reaches of his science but by the limits of his superstition. The truth is known, but the truth is unpopular, so the truth is hidden. This is so called science today !!!

Don't Believe The Bible is True.? Watch This.

I wonder if we have ever just stopped for a moment and thought about what it is we believe.? There are many who go through life not giving any thought to who God is or who Christ Jesus is and/or what He did for us when He was on the earth. This system of things can easily blind us and keep us from looking at these things by constantly diverting our attention else where. This is how this society is set up my friends. It is set up in such a way to place materialism front and center while taking salvation and placing it on the back burner so to speak. Most people do not give a second thought to what will happen after their life is over on this plane, nor do they give any thought to God or Chirst Jesus. Take a moment and give this short video a look and you will see what I am attempting to say here. It does not take a great deal of work in order to take the average person off the street and get them to think beyond our day to day life, and this is the proof of that. Just as this man quickly found out, there is so much more to our existence here on this earth than what we sometimes may think.