The Pseudoscience of Darwinism

Following the publication of Darwin's On the Origin of Species in 1860, many political theorists and opportunistic politicians applied his findings to human society. In the 20th century, these ideas were put into practice and it nearly destroyed us.

Here is why Social Darwinism was one of the worst ideas ever; Charles Darwin's theory of natural selection was unlike any that had preceded it, the shockwaves of which are still being felt today. Even Copernicus's terribly upsetting notion that the Earth revolves around the Sun only mildly perturbed our sense of the universe and our place within it.

The same could be said about Newton's clockwork physics and Einstein's relativistic interpretation of the cosmos. These axiomatic shifts certainly changed the way Western society looked at itself, but not to the degree that Darwinian natural selection did. Total Lunacy is perhaps the only way to describe this nightmare.

Personally, I cannot for the life of me understand how anyone who has even the slightest degree of what is commonly known as critical thinking could even so much as consider this half baked theory as anything resembling a working model of creation. There are so many holes in this so called theory that I personally would not even presume to call it a theory. I would rather call it for what it is, and that being more of a warped fantasy or perhaps better put, a nightmare of sorts. How anyone can buy into this is beyond me... Anyway, lets continue...

So here is where we begin to see a correlation between Darwin's theory of evolution and the heliocentric model of the universe. This is to say that one cannot exist without the other. One essentially feeds the other in order to create this mocked up model of the world and man's origin's. Needless to say, the mainstream keeps pushing this propaganda on the world attempting to pull everyone away from Biblical creation and into this Freemasonic view of the world.

We have been fed this lie for countless generations and it appears as if there is no end in sight. They (the scientific community) just keep piling it on, every month now it seems NASA tells us of new discoveries out in the cosmos, and the general population just buys it all as true, when in fact these people are doing nothing but throwing more logs on the fire so to speak in order to keep this lie alive, and thus keeping the indoctrination in place while moving their agenda forward.

We will take a more detailed look at NASA a few segments ahead, which I'm sure you will find quite revealing, if not shocking.

A Look into The Greatest Lie Ever Told.

This video describes how over the course of time we are all programmed into believing this nonsense. It goes without saying that the school system and the mainstream are nothing but propaganda organizations to keep perpetuating this enormous lie that has been placed on humanity as a whole. We must wake up to this deception that once again is hiding God our Creator. I wonder who might be behind this whole thing ? It's not hard to figure out once you see the absolutely enormous scale of this deception. Darwinism is a theory that should have never ever been considered, let alone adopted into society, or our school system. At it's very core it is totally flawed to the point of utter lunacy. There is absolutely no evidence to bring this theory to life. For some reason or another this concept grew and Lord only knows why. I mean this is at best a half baked idea of misconceptions and half truths that do not amount to any basis in fact what so ever. But it is still in the school systems and being taught around the world as fact.

Evolution Is Crumbling - Scientists Abandon Theory

OK folks here is the Smoking Gun so to speak. While science will not and cannot entertain such an idea because it does not fit into their precious evolutionary concept, there are some that will "Risk All" in order to reveal the truth. Why I say this is because the scientist that revealed the findings (rather then hiding the results) was dismissed from his position. Within this video you will see exactly how some evolutionists respond to this new evidence. I for one was laughing, because they can see their precious evolution crumbling and are, well lets just say it, Pissed Off to put it mildly. When you hear so called evolutionary scientists losing their mind and yelling and screaming like little children during an interview, you know you have hit a nerve. It brings me great pleasure to see this and from my prospective all I can say, it's about time someone put these God hating people in their place. In any event, Take a little look at this and see for yourself, the evidence is impossible to deny or disprove and will cause a ripple effect in the evolutionary circles for a great deal of time to come. AMEN To That.!!!

Dark Face of Darwinism.

This documentary presents an aspect of the theory of evolution that has so far remained hidden. It unveils the ideological links between Darwinism and the totalitarian ideologies like fascism and communism. You will see the fruits of Darwinism in the killing fields of Hitler, Stalin and Mao. Social Darwinism is the application of evolutionary principles to humans, most notably in the form of eugenics. As a result of the eugenics movement in the United States nearly 100,000 people were sterilized, many against their will. Individuals considered mentally deficient or delinquent were sterilized to prevent them from having children who would also be "defective". The motivation for those who promoted eugenics has been well documented to be Darwin's theory of evolution. They sought to eliminate "unfit" offspring and increase the number of "fit" in a type of "natural selection". They believed that what they were doing was for the betterment of the human race. Eugenics was carried out in many other countries as well, including France, Sweden and Australia. Eugenics laws in the US served as a model for laws that Hitler enacted in Germany. Germany was lauded as having an efficient and effective eugenics program sterilizing over 300,000 people. This was then followed by euthanasia, human experimentation, and the active killing of people considered "genetically inferior." This is what should have be called "Total Madness".