The Missing Links in Evolution that they won't tell you about.

The term "Missing Link" has been used extensively in popular writings on human evolution to refer to a perceived gap in the hominid evolutionary record. It is most commonly used to refer to any new transitional fossil finds. Scientists, however, do not use the term, as it refers to a pre-evolutionary view of nature.

Some of these gaps which should be filled in by missing links are huge. Consider the gap between invertebrates and vertebrate fish. Which marine sea creature evolved into a fish with a backbone and internal skeleton? Fish fossils are even found in the lower Cambrian, and dated very early in the evolution scenario. But there are no missing links, no hint of ancestors. The missing links, which should be present in abundance, are still missing!

Both creation and evolution are views of history, ideas about the unobserved past, and both sides try to marshal evidence in their support. Creation says each basic category of life was created separately, thus there never were any "Missing Links." Evolution says links existed whether or not we find them. The fact is we NEVER find them. The question that most scientists and those who follow science ponder is: which historical idea is more scientific, and which is more likely to be correct ?

The thing is that we as Christians have the Bible as proof and do not need to go looking around for missing links that we know do not exist. On the opposite end of this scientists so badly want evolution to work that they will dig and dig and in some cases even go so far as to fabricate evidence so that they can stick to their evolutionary concept of creation.

There is absolutely no evidence to support the theory of evolution, which puts it into the category of pseudoscience. Without any question it is the single most blatant lie that has ever been told and yet it continues on in mainstream science without being questioned. Which I'm afraid to say turns it into more of a following rather than any type of science.

But it does not stop there my friends. This pseudoscientific garbage is now being taught in the education system not as theory, but as fact. How irresponsible has our education system become to allow something that has never been proven and is still nothing more than a theory to be taught as fact ? How totally off the rails has our society gone.?

In the video below we see Mr. Rob Skiba totally ripping apart the theory of evolution.

Now get this, they like to pass off as "FACT" that we share 98.7 percent of our DNA with a chimpanzee ? Would it shock you to know that while that number is very accurate, If We Ignore (18) Percent of Their DNA and (25) Percent Of Our DNA.? Yes, You Read That Right. So this is how they derive at the conclusion that in some way or another the chimpanzee is our distant relative.???

And This is Science.??? Are They Bloody Kidding Us.???

The Theory of Evolution is so completely out to lunch that it can't even hold up to it's own scientific tests. But yet they will fight tooth and nail to try and hold onto to it. Now I don't know about you, but to me this resembles a following, or dare I say it, a religion or cult of sorts. Because, it makes absolutely no sense to me as to how so many people can be so totally Blind as to follow something as flawed as evolution, and not do so much as to look into its validity before blindly defending it.

So what about their precious "Lucy" which they are so adamant about calling "The Missing Link"??? Can we take these scientists at face value and take what they are saying about this fossil as truth about this so called missing link ??? OF COURSE WE CAN'T. !!!!

I don't suppose it would shock you to know that after a careful look at the ancient hominian's skeleton called "Lucy" it is suggested that one or more of the bones may actually belong to a baboon. I can honestly say that judging from the looks of things on the surface it seems like science is so steadfast in proving their theory of evolution that they will stop at nothing to make this fraud come to life.

Don't be swayed by this my friends, these so called "Missing Links" are nothing but Frauds put in place by desperate people trying to prove something that does not exist>.

So with that in mind lets take a look at what they are calling science today shall we.

A Look into some scientific facts on Evolution.

The "missing link" is a term often thrown around by the media to describe fossils that are believed to bridge the evolutionary split between higher primates such as monkeys, apes, and humans. Many scientists cringe when it's used, because it often suggests far more importance and meaning a given discovery actually holds. The term "missing links" was first used in 1851 by Charles Darwin's mentor, Charles Lyell, to describe samples of fossils he had found. As mentioned above, Rob Skiba takes us through various aspects of evolution and the theories that they put forth as Fact. I will leave it up to you to draw your own conclusions on this topic., but I for one cannot even fathom this complete and utter nonsense that somehow made its way into our school text books, and somehow passes itself off as Fact. It is utterly absurd that the population is being fed these lies from grade school and up into the higher levels of education. Yet these people and organizations go unchallenged, and are allowed to continue with this nonsense.

Missing Link Fraud Lucy. Dr. David Menton

As I had mentioned above, "Lucy" has been proven to be a Fraud just as was the famous discovery of the Piltdown Man discovered In 1912 by Charles Dawson, an amateur archaeologist from England. The damage that was done to the scientific community with the Piltdown Man was massive. The unknown forger behind Piltdown Man intentionally misled the world about human evolution. The false claims rippled through the news media and museum exhibitions. Without access to reliable sources, in this case the original bones, the fraudulent story of Piltdown Man spread like a slowly building wildfire. Unfortunately, Lucy is having exactly the same ripple effect and is misleading countless numbers of scientists down the primrose path to believing something that is a complete fraud. It is a shame that people have gotten so brainwashed into believing the false paradigm of evolution that they have become totally blind to the absolute truth of these frauds and will still defend them regardless of the proof that is shown them. Evolution has become a religion of sorts, as people blindly follow the teachings even through evolution itself has been disproved time and time again. And our education system is setup in a way as to help push this propaganda.