The Hidden Truth About Censorship

I feel it is extremely important to add this section into this page as what is happening in regards to Googles ongoing agenda to stifle the truth and the "Truth Community" in general could almost be considered criminal. I don't believe that we have ever seen anything like this throughout the history of any public community platforms such as Youtube. But it's not just Youtube (which is owned by Google) but it is also Googles main search engine that is censoring, but censoring ONLY certain content.

When I say certain content I am referring to "Alternative Remedies", "911 Conspiracy" and "Flat Earth". It is only these three particular topics that are under Googles radar and are the subjects of the censorship.??? I personally only see one thing that could be driving this and that is: They are attempting to hide the truth of these matters... What other possible reason could there be.? I cannot for the life of me think of any other motive for censoring these subjects.

We can perhaps understand that "Big Pharma" would be concerned with "Alternative Remedies", as Big Pharma is a Trillion Dollar industry, so this may be a motive for the suppression of this topic, but as for the other two, I can't find a logical reason for their suppression. All I can come up with in way of the suppression of "Flat Earth" is they are simply attempting to incorporate "Damage Control" as Flat Earth is ROCKING the very foundations of one of the biggest lies ever devised by mankind. Millions of people are waking up to the "Globe Earth Deception" and therefore they are attempting to suppress or censor this information. But in doing so, I think it will do quite the opposite and will create more curiosity in people who will not understand why Google is censoring a topic if there is no truth to it. As for "The 911 Conspiracy" Well, I can understand why they want to suppress this, as so much evidence has come out about this being an inside job that there really isn't any way to hide it. They cannot undo what has been found and there is no way to deny the evidence that has been compiled that shows that the official story that was given is nothing short of a direct and blatant lie.

So with all of this in mind I ask you, if they get away with the suppression of these topics (which in my opinion is suppression of free speech) what will they be allowed to attack next.??? Oh, they say that they are NOT removing the content, they are simply suppressing it so that it will not show up in direct search results.? Well if we cannot find it in search results and are redirected to sites that are of the exact opposite in nature then why are they saying they are not removing the content.?? It may was well be removed if we cannot find it in a search result wouldn't you say.??

I don't know my friends, it seems to me that these people are scared and do not know what else to do in order to make this "Flat Earth Awakening" go away. It has raised many serious questions about NASA and its 60 Million dollar a day budget as well as "Fake Space Missions" and the list goes on and on. It also is causing a great deal of ripples through the "Evolutionary Community" as without the so called "Big Bang", Evolution is NOT Possible and without the Big Bang and Evolution the Heliocentric Model (Globe Model) may as well Not Exist. So my guess is that they really do not know what to do at this point, as Millions of people are Awake and Recognize This Massive Deception that has taken place and they really do not have any type of defence against the Evidence that is being uncovered.

Another aspect of Google and it's bid on Censorship is something that is so subtle that most don't even notice it, but it is very much a real thing and that is Search Results. If anyone of us where to conduct a little experiment and use a few alternative search engines other than Google and see what comes back when we search Contraversial Topics (in general) and then put the same search string into a Google search engine, you would quickly see the Bias that is associated with this organization. They are skewing the results to fit into their personal paradigm and not giving any search results that in any way deviate from the direction in which they intend on leading the viewer.

I am going to put up a few short video's so you can see for yourself the lengths they are going to in order to attempt to suppress this information. I think you will find it quite revealing to say the least and it should raise some questions in your own mind as to why they would go to such lengths if there is nothing to these topics other than them being some sort of a Conspiracy Theory.

However, if we think about this for a minute, I really don't think that a certain Conspiracy Theory should receive this much attention do you.??? I Think Not.!!! No, this goes far, far deeper than that I'm afraid. They are just using this term in order to make it sound legitable, but there is much more to this than meets the eye.

The thing is here my friends, is that what they are trying to create is a system that will only give out answers that they want the population to know, and nothing that in any way "Contradicts or Challenges" the so called Authoritative Mainstream Narrative. They are attempting to govern the flow of information in such a way that within a generation it is doubtful that anybody will know anything remotely resembliing the truth any longer. I would urge you all to fully watch the first video as this sums it up in such a way that should scare vitually everyone right out of their shoes. The truth is getting out and they Don't Like It, and will stop at nothing in order to suppress it.

My personal opinion on this is: They Are Running Scared, And Don't Know What Else To Do In Order To Hide The Truth That Is Now Coming Out.. However, while it brings a certain degree of pleasure in seeing these so called elites squirm like the snakes that they are, what they are trying to do in order to suppress the truth is down right scary.

Beyond Censorship Destroying Free Thought

I don't believe that anyone really understands what they are doing when it comes to Censorship. I believe that when people hear that Google or Youtube are simply going to be Censoring some of their content, they don't really get to upset about it as what can be the harm in trying to do away with conpiratorial content.? Well I'm afraid that it goes a great deal deeper than that my friends. However, you have to dig deep in order to find the documents that show what they are trying to accomplish in the long run. This should scare anybody half way out of their collective minds. This is nothing short of an authoritarian line of thinking and one that will inevitably lead to the destruction of not only free speech but free thought in each and every one of us. The mere idea that we are about to let these organization tell us what we can and cannot research or be interested in and that we have to conform to what they say is true is absolutely crazy. But this is what they are going to attempt to do. Welcome to Communism.

The Myth Of Google's Unbiased Search Engine

Here is a little eye opener for those of you that constantly use Google as a seach engine and who think you are getting totally unbias search results to your search strings. Google has recently changed a great deal of their algorithms to (as they say) try to curb the amount of conspiratorial content that is being distributed. Well, who is to say what is conspiratorial and what is facts that are being hidden behind the name Conspiracy.? You see folks the term Conspiracy Theory or Theorist was devised and put out by none other than the "CIA" in order to hide truth in plain sight. On many occasions when something comes out that is letting too much truth beknown to the general public it is quicky labeled a conspiracy theory by those who do not want this truth out. In most cases the people or organizations who are attempting to bring this truth forward are also labeled Crazy, or Uninformed or just simply Conspiracy Theorists. This is their attempt at saying that there is nothing to see here so listen to us and forget these Conspiracy Theorists.

The Blatant Censorship On Youtube.

As I have mentioned above there are certain aspects of material that has come out over the course of the last few years that seems to have the elites in full out panic mode. This is about the only way I can describe what I am seeing in way of the censorship that is coming down on Youtube lately. They are in what I would consider to be Damage Control Mode as (especially) with Flat Earth it seems that they feel treatened by it's rapid growth and the fact that they cannot seem to suppress it. They continually say that Flat Earth is NOT Factual, but when anybody looks into it and conducts experiments in order to look for the supposed curve of the earth according to their own math, it cannot be found.? Which leaves us to believe if you cannot find it, it does not exist, which is the only thing that makes any type of sense to me. So exactly who is hiding facts here I'm wondering.??? The Globe Model cannot even stand up to any testing using their own calculation. Which leads us to only one conclusion, The Earth Is NOT A GLOBE.

Google Is Killing The Truth

We are going to take a little look into some aspects of this censorship that many of you may not currently understand unless you have gone through the topics on the main page. There are Secret Societies at work in the background who are pulling the strings of nearly everything we see and hear in our world today. Which we cover extensively in the main content on this site. I know it may seem a bit off the wall if you have never looked into the dark forces that are in power in our world today, but you can trust me on this, they are real and what they are doing is most certainly real as I'm sitting here. It all comes down to them attempting to suppress anything that may become an obsticle that may stand in the way of them continuing their agenda, which if you take the time to study these sections within the main content it will all become abundantly clear to you. What I will say on it at this point is that all of these societies are Luciferian in nature. And if you are unaware of these societies it all sounds totally bizarre when you first hear of it, but they are real and are constantly working hard in the background. So with that in mind lets take a bit of a look at these maniac's shall we.