Propaganda In The Media

Ownership of media outlets is now supercharged and super concentrated. It's not the four or five media companies, but "Big Tech" that determines what you see. And Big Tech is even more concentrated: It's Google (which owns YouTube) and Facebook (which owns WhatsApp and Instagram). The generous can give honorable mention to Twitter, with its few hundred million users (which dwarf the reach the "Legacy Media" once had). In recent years Tech Billionaires have bought media companies too, such as the Washington Post (owned by Jeff Bezos of Amazon), the Intercept (Pierre Omidyar of eBay), Time magazine (Marc Benioff of Salesforce), and the Atlantic (Laurene Powell Jobs of Apple)..

It's brought to you by a cult: Earlier this year employees at Facebook described the ways in which the company's performance review system, in which numerical ratings from colleagues are gathered by managers, leads to "cult-like" practices within the company. To get ahead in the company, employees must "act as though everything is fine and that we love working here," even when they don't.?

Many researchers have pointed out how social media algorithms work to boost certain Conspiracy Theories, move users to more Extreme Content and positions, Confirm the Biases of the searcher, and Incentivize the Outrageous and Offensive. These Proprietary Algorithms, which determine what you see, cannot be viewed, reverse-engineered, or understood. The media platforms that use them do so without any accountability. But why should this surprise us in any way.? Most all that happens within big business these days does not seem to be monitored by anybody any longer, it's just "Do As Thy Wilt".

One of Facebook's founders, Sean Parker, said that Facebook's goal was to "consume as much of your time and conscious attention as possible," and that it did so by giving users "a little dopamine hit every once in a while, because someone liked or commented on a photo or a post or whatever. And that's going to get you to contribute more content, which in turn will get you more Likes and Comments." The point was to create "A Social-Validation Feedback Loop . . . exactly the kind of thing that a hacker like myself would come up with, because you're exploiting a vulnerability in human psychology."

External stimulation of the brain by electromagnetic means can cause the brain to be entrained or locked into phase with an external signal generator. Predominant brain waves can be driven or pushed into new frequency patterns by external stimulation. In other words, the external signal driver or impulse generator entrains the brain, overriding the normal frequencies, thus causing changes in the brain waves. Changes in brain waves causes changes in brain chemistry; which then cause changes in brain outputs in the form of thoughts, emotions or physical condition.

Radio, TV, The Internet, The Power Grid, Cell Systems, or any other "Electromagnetic Carrier" can be used to carry a signal that will influence the behaviors of most people in close proximity to the signal. What such signals can do is cause a person for instance to drop into a Light Altered State. Like when people come home from work, sit in front of the TV and watch the nightly news feed. Within a few moments someone begins saying to you, "Honey, Dinner is Ready". But, They Hear Nothing… They are no longer watching the "Programming;" they are "Being Programmed" with the latest values, beliefs and ideas being pressed into consciousness of most people through media.

So as we see my friends we are constantly bombarded with radio waves especially in this day and age and while we think that everything is perfectly normal, it's NOT. Televisions and Computer Monitors pulse at 60Hz which is the same frequency that our brain pulses, so what happens to us is we end up in a light trance like state. This is why hours can pass and we don't even realize it, when we are consuming programming from these devices. We often come away with saying, Where did the time go.??? I'm sure that this has happened to each and everyone of us on more than one occasion, has it not.?

All I'm attempting to point out here is that no matter who we are and how much in control we think we are, we are all susceptible to this form of Propaganda and Mind Control which is all around us each and every day. Check out the video's below to see a more detailed description of what they show us and how manipulated it all is. It is this manipulation that toys with us, as this type of hype can stir emotional responses within us that would not normally be at such heightened levels.

All I can say is keep alert to the fabrications of the Mainstream Media as most of what we hear is filled with half truth's and in some cases No Truth At All.

And always keep in mind that the biggest delevery system of Propaganda is your Television. So be aware and stay alert.

This Document Is the Ultimate Proof

So while they are always telling people to never believe anybody who comes up with these wild ideas or Flase Flags, and that all of this is nothing but Conspiracy Theories. And that the government would never be involved in any such thing; I will point you to this recently declassified document. I'm telling you my friends the people that are coming out and exposing all of this stuff are hitting it right on the mark, but thanks to the mainstream and the deceptions that are verbally spewed out by these deceptive organizations the masses remain slaves to this disinformation and propaganda. The only way to find these things out is to research. There is no way that the government is going to be able to deny this is going on, I mean NO WAY. Just take a look at what our governments are actually capable of doing. This should both shock you and open your eyes to the deceptions that the population is under. Meanwhile they are currently launching the biggest censorship attack on anybody trying to expose these lies.

Here Is The Reality Of The News

You have to see this. The beginning of this is a segment taken off of a CNN Fake Documentary that was done in order to try and show their viewers that Fake News is REAL. They are trying to give you the idea that there are people out there that are getting rich off of making website that are full of Fake News. This way they can push this fake news narrative. They push this and repeat this time and time again in order to try and control the masses with repetition. It is like the age old quote. Make the lie big, keep repeating it and in a relatively short period of time people will see it as truth. This is how they control the minds of the masses, they create a narrative, keep repeating the lie over and over again until it becomes truth in the minds of the listener and/or the viewer. What they get away with truely unbelievable.

How The Media Controls The Masses

Before we are able to understand why we think how we do when we view our world we have to first understand where our ideas stem from. Most people who use the media to any degree will be susceptible to these forms of mind control without you even knowing it. This is how they do it, but do not feel like it is something that you alone fell for, as we are all victims of this deception. In this day and age we see more and more agenda's on the rise that we have never seen before. It seems that the current generation coming up has in some way or another have adopted pretty different views on how the world should be as opposed to how I remember them being when I was growing up. But there is a reason for this as we should understand from viewing the section on Indoctrination through the education system. They want to get ahold of the children in order to shape and mold them into someone that they can totally control and who does not ever question the system. And By being indoctrinated into the system puts these people in the position of when they see someone question it, they automatically defend it.

Media Manipulation and Mass Programming

Some like to chalk this all up to a Coincidence, and that would be an easy way to just put it aside and not give it a second thought, but most of us know that it's just not that easy. Now if it happened once, well okay we may be able to just dismiss it, but this is far from that. I keep saying it and will continue to say it, there is virtually nothing that we see on the surface that isn't scripted and part of an overall Agenda. However, it is hard for most people to see it, as most are asleep and unfortunately unaware of all that is taking place around them. It's easy to just go about our day to day lives and think that all of these things that are happening in life as just a part of the world as we know it, but there is so much more to it my friends. But it's not until we Wake Up to we really come to understand the depth to which this actually goes. We all really need to take the time to look, if we are ever going to break free of the programming. In the main sections on this page there is tons of evidence that the world we have been shown throughout our entire life is nothing more than a mocked up version of our true reality.

I Saw It On T.V So It Must Be Real.

Here is yet another facit of this entire propaganda machine that we need to address. As I have mentioned previously the entire propaganda machine is put in place by only a few organizations. The Rockefella's, Rothschilds and J.P Morgan have bought up enough of the media around the world as to control the media and the messages being put out to the public. It is said that it only takes someone to own 25 of the largest papers in order to control the narrative and these people own a lot more than 25. So what do you think you are seeing on your T.V as News.? Do you think it is True.? Well, I would beg to differ, as in most cases what we are seeing on the mainstream news networks is scripted news stories put in place to drive an agenda. These people do not even hide anymore, they are right out in the open telling everyone what they are doing, but do you think anyone is listening.? Nope, they continue to follow these news organizations and take everything that they say as True. So watch what you are believing as most of what you are seeing on the news is skewed in such a way as to drive a narrative.


Propaganda is so very closely related to Advertising that at times it is hard to tell them apart. If we are not paying particular attention to the message being relayed it can have a profound effect on our feelings. What I mean by this is that most Advertising firms use a form of Propaganda to sell their services or product by attempting to appeal to our emotions. The food industry does this all of the time, but playing ads for their products at certain times when they know you will be hungry. You have probably noticed this during the changing of the seasons, as soon as winter comes you start seeing ads for winter tires and as soon as summer hits you start seeing ads for camping and boating, fishing, etc. The advertiser is hoping to play on your emotional state in order to get you to buy their product or use their service. Well the same technique is used with Propaganda. They try and hit certain emotions in order to drive a certain point across. So be aware, and keep a watchful eye for this type of programming.