Social Media Programming

The growth of social media has provided a platform for making connections, finding information, and achieving a global voice. But it's also created a narcissistic and addictive culture driven by digital notifications, comparisons, approval and affirmation. Add to that the anonymity that enables users to launch ignorant political tirades, cyber bullying and bashing of complete strangers, and you've got a recipe for a social disaster. And if that is not enough Social media is creating generations of individuals, fully connected, yet essentially isolated and unable to separate what they see on screen from reality. And it's taking a toll on our mental, physiological and social wellbeing.

According to Parker, Facebook was built on the notion of how to consume people's time and conscious attention. He said that he, like others behind social networking, understood the "vulnerability in human psychology" that would attract people to social media again and again, and then exploited it by creating a "social-validation feedback loop" in the brain. The result? When we see a notification, the dopamine comes in, and we become happy and feel affirmed by the world. In the process we're being programed to return to the screen for "social" approval and thus lose ourselves in it, which is essentially a form of mind control. People are spending hours and days of their lives scrolling through social feeds, brazenly arguing and abusing strangers and becoming polarized. Parker goes on to say, he can only imagine what social media is doing to young brains.

Social media has been shown to spread fake news stories far faster than real news. Want something to go viral? Make it fake news. This means that people who use social media are probably going to have a set of facts that do not fit reality. This isn't brain washing with the intention of control overall, but can and does lead to a populace that is becoming increasingly rooted in fake facts and ideas which can drastically change peoples view points of critial situations or happenings that they think they know the facts on. Only to later find out that what they thought they knew was based off of nothing but speculation and does not hold any truth what so ever to reality.

Social media is like TV, the Internet, etc. It's a medium through which words, images, and video are transmitted. It's up to you what you choose to view and what you choose to believe. If a story sounds fake or a marketing claim sounds too good to be true, then investigate it, don't allow yourself to be 'brainwashed'. What it comes down to is that if you are a user and consumer of social media, you need to be an educated one. The problem here is that hardly anybody does any type of research at all into the topics which they comment on and this causes nothing but speculation on the part of the people who are reponding to posts that they really know nothing about and just base their responses on emotion rather than facts.

On Social Media situations or certain topics are presented as black or white. One side is portrayed as righteous and sensible while the others are just malevolent or stupid. Information that does not serve the narrative is often ignored or hidden while that which supports the agenda is amplified and repeated, which in itself is brainwashing the user into picking sides based on nothing more than a small percentage of truth. We see this happen countless numbers of time expecially when dealing with topics that not very many people have a great deal of knowledge in, like science, space, evolution, etc. To give a few examples. While nobody knows much about any aspect of these topic's they will all ring in with one emotional response after another, or just jump on the bandwagon of the most popular response with the most likes and mimic the message that was presented in order to sound knowledgeable.

I am going to show some examples in video format of what is transpiring within these Social Media platforms and let you folks be the judge of it yourselves, as I can go on all day long here with type, but I know it is much easier to listen than to read countless lines of text. All I am attempting to do here my friends is to show you how easily all of the information that we are presented with can be manipulated and put out as fact when in reality it is nothing even close to fact at all. This is where a great deal of common misconceptions are born and then grow into the elaborate fabrications and manipulated understandings we constantly see around us.

And we wonder why it is that people have a hard time when it comes to actually looking at something that is The Truth.

They Admitted Social Media Is Programming Us

This is where it has all come to my friends. It doesn't matter if we are simply going out and reading what is latest in the news, or checking the weather, we are always under the risk of being manipulated by the people who run these Social Media Platforms. If we take just a moment and look into the giant of them all Facebook, we can see that they are far more than just a place where people meet up with family and friends and exchange the odd photo here and there. Most people think this platform is quite innocent and use it primarily to keep in touch with friends, but it is far different than what it might appear to be on the surface. They are programming the masses and they readily admit to doing so and they also admit to having full knowledge of what they were doing when they first created it. And if that is not bad enough they also pose the question as to what it may be doing to young minds. I mean come on, if you have to ask, you know darn well it is not doing anything good.

The Twisted Truth Of Mind Control

I can certainly tell you that from what I heard within this video shocked me. I am totally certain that nobody has heard what the CIA by way of MKUltra mind control methods had soldiers do during the Vietnam War is something that is unbelievable. The thing is that what they are doing by way of Social Media is not much different, mind you it is without the gore of course. Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and all other forms of Social Media is all part in parcel in this programming. I think it important to understand why people think under the lines that they do in the world today, as there is always a reason behind why people think how they do. The truth is that Social Media plants certain topics just to see what the reaction will be to their users. The Social Media Platforms are the biggest instigater of turning people away from the truth and labeling anyone who is attempting to bring the truth to the surface a Conspiracy Theorist. I tell you folks, what they are doing behind our back is nothing short of criminal. Mind control is a real thing and unfortunately we are surrounded by it in The Media.