The Brainwashing Of The Mainstream Media

I wonder how many people understand that they are being manipulated and brainwashed by their Televisions.?? Think this notion is crazy.?? It's Okay, you join the vast majority of the folks who think that Television is nothing more than a form of entertainment and does not (in any way) contribute to the brainwashing of society as a whole.

With that in mind let me take you down a little path here and try to explain and show you how they use this device to influence peoples decisions and manipulate people into feeling one way or another about various things happening around the world today. It could be anything from an upcoming election, or something in the national news that has gotten everyone's attention or even something that is happening oversea's. Regardless what may be the current issue you can rest assured that the Media will be out in full swing bringing you a play by play of the events and (oh yes) making sure to stick their two cents in every chance they get in order to sway viewers opinions in their favor.

You see folks (6) Six corporations own all of the Media and control all that we See, Hear and Read. It is all designed as a "Control System" so as to control the spread of information to the masses. They tell you exactly what they want you to hear and tell it to you in such a way as to provoke an emotional response from within you. They call it T.V Programming for a reason my friends and believe me they have been Programming the masses for a great many decades now. I know how this sounds my friends, as believe me when I say: Not so long ago I was in exactly the same boat, but then I started seeing for myself what these organizations were actually doing and I woke up to their methods of manipulation, now I am attempting to share the information I gathered with you through this website.

I think the turning point for me was the last United States Election, where we had a front row seat in watching how the Media attempted to sway peoples votes. This was totally wrong as the Media should report, not act as a "Propaganda Machine" for any one party and/or organization. This was a show of what the Media really is and how it attempts to manipulate the general public to fit it's owners idea's and corporate agenda's. But this is only one instance of a much bigger and deeper problem.

The public airwaves have slowly been taken away from the public. There was a time when broadcasters were called upon to be responsive to the needs of the citizens and present all sides of any given issue. It was part of their calling to be the Watchdogs of Democracy. However, the Media has instead abandoned their responsibility. The view that gets advanced is no longer the view of the "Little Guy" it is instead pushing forth the views of its ownership and of top management, or major corporations. Editorial decisions are made with one eye on the political slant that will best benefit the company, and one eye on the bottom line. The corporate view is tainted, in that it looks for the best way to advance the corporation's financial interests. The result is this, instead of behaving as the Watchdogs of Democracy, the Media has become the Lapdogs of the government.

In the old Soviet Union, the government controlled the media. Not a word of substance could be published without prior approval from the Bolshevik Commissars. Today, in the United States, the situation is starkly similar. But most Americans don't even know it. In the United States today, it is a select handful of super-rich families and tightly-knit financial interests — a plutocratic elite — who own the Big Media and who control the government through their ownership of that media.

Every single one of the major Media outlets is controlled by this powerful interlocking combine. ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, Time, Newsweek, U.S. News & World Report, The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, The Chicago Tribune — even such "regional" giants as The New Orleans Times-Picayune, The Miami Herald, The San Diego Herald-Tribune - and the list goes on and on. And these Media Powerhouses control dozens — actually thousands — of other daily and weekly newspapers, magazines, and radio and television outlets across America (and around the world). The average American has no idea that super-rich predators with names like Rockefeller, Rothschild, Bronfman, Newhouse, Murdoch and Redstone are making vast profits and achieving immense power through their stranglehold on the American media (and, increasingly, on media around the world.)

While I could carry on with this all day long and give you example after example of how the entirety of the so called Media is and has been manipulated, But I will close this introduction out and let the video's below make my point for me. I am sure that it won't take long for you to see what they are doing and how they are brainwashing and manipulating the people into believing what they want the general public to believe. While calling anyone who reveals the truth about them "Conspiracy Theorists" and/or Uneducated Idiots and in some cases much, much worse.

This is the primary reason we see such growing support for Alternative Media who base their reports on truth, but here again, the people have become so entirely brainwashed by the Mainstream that they too call these outlets and the people who operate them Conspiracy Theorists. Do you see how it works my friends.???

Just so that you don't think this is some fringe conspiracy theory (as most will attempt to label it) I will give a brief excerpt from a book from Gore Vidal who has been exposing the mainstream news media and the elites for decades. Although this man passed away in 2012 his work going back as far as 1968 is celebrated as ground breaking, yet does anyone hear of this man.? Of course you don't. Let's see what he has to say.

"You cannot get through the density of the propaganda with which the American people, through the dreaded media, have been filled. And the horrible public educational system we have for the average person. It's just grotesque," Vidal says. When asked about the "fundamental belief" that U.S. foreign policy since the Second World War has been "a fight for freedom," Vidal says: It never was. And to believe that we're a democracy, that means you know nothing about the Constitution. The people that made the Constitution hated democracy. … We're an oligarchy of the well-to-do. We were at the very beginning, when the Constitution was made, and we're even more so now."

He goes on to say: "I've been around the ruling class all my life and I've been quite aware of their total contempt for the people of the country," Expanding on what he says is an inept media that covers the tracks of its corporate overlords, he says: "Socrates tells us that the unexamined life is not worth living. And that is an absolute truth. Those who want to examine life don't go in for journalism, because they're not allowed to." "Everybody is on to the con act of our media; they are obeying bigger, richer interests than informing the public, which is the last thing that corporate America has ever been interested in doing."

Media Mind Control, Think It's Not Real.?

Alan Watt is giving his thoughts on the subject of the corruption of peoples minds through use of TV media, and if you listen very carefully and apply some thought to the matter it won't be too hard to recognize what he's talking about. You see my friends this entire Agenda is by design, I know I keep saying that and I say it repeatedly thoughout the main sections on this website but there is an Agenda and they are following it to a "T". However, as you will see if and when you get into the main sections (The Meat and Potatoes) of this website, the entire aspect of the Media is to persuade the viewer that what they are seeing and being told is the truth, when in fact it is nothing more than an elaboate lie. What I am attempting to do in this section is to show everyone how we are all controlled and manipulated by the Media and why we respond to anything that does not conform with what we think we know, in the manner that we do. As it is exceedingly difficult to get through to anyone who has been Indoctrinated and Brainwashed by the Mainstream Media and who also thinks they have all the facts on a given topic. Problem is that all the information they possess has come from the Mainstream, which as we will see, cannot be trusted.

Never Trust The Mainstream Media

As I had mentioned we have the vast majority of people who subject themselves to the Mainstream Media on a daily basis and use what they hear in order to develop what they would consider to be a good understanding of the world around them. The problem is here is that most of what you hear is scripted and nothing more than mindless propaganda that has been manipulated in order to get an emotional response from the viewers. This is why I put this section up, as it seems that no matter what I show in the sections above that deal with the vast deception that we are all currently under in the world; I must first establish that almost all of the people have been brainwashed by the mainstream media and are under the assumption that anybody who does not think as they do is nothing more than uneducated and or a conspiracy theorist. I am really hoping that after viewing this section most of you will wake up to the fact almost all of us have been manipulated by the very people who we have trusted.

We Are In the Age of Deception

This video explores statements made by Neil Degrasse Tyson, Bill Nye, and many people who are set in place to tell the masses what to think. We are living in an age of great deception my friends and we had better wake up quickly. While many people realize this and have woken up to it, most people do not and are still fast asleep. We are in an extremely grave situation here folks, as despite the many people who are out there attempting to show the people how they have been manipulated and lied to, most do not want to listen. The indoctrination and brainwashing has been driven in so deep that anytime someone tries to show these people something that they did not hear via the Mainstream they immediately shut down and do not want to hear about it, or quickly classify what the person is trying to say as a conspiracy. It really is a shame that the Mainstream has been allowed to do such things to the population, but they have and here we are now trying to undo the damage they have caused. And sadly in most cases we are not having much success as the indoctrination is too deeply rooted.

TV Mind Control And Media Manipulation

This video should be a real eye opener for everyone. When you see exactly how the Media controls and manipulates the public it should not only shock you, but hopfully it will wake you up to what it is these organizations are doing right in plain site. It really is amazing how people don't see all of this, but I guess it is like I said above in the introduction, it wasn't too long ago I was in the same boat. The Media is anything but what we think it is, or what we used to remember them to be, but than again if we look through the history of the Media itself, was there ever a time when they weren't manipulating the public in one fashion or another.? Anyway folks I hope you enjoy this video and I also hope that it opens up your eyes and mind to what is going on around us, and hopefully it may also shed some light on the various reasons as to why most of the public calls everything they don't understand a Conspiracy Theory, and anybody who goes against the grain or has idea's that are contrary to the Mainstream a Conspiracy Theorist.

The Blatant Lies Of The Media

Well folks, here is perhaps the most out in the open display's of Fake News by Media that will ever come your way. And what are they pushing on the people today.? Vaccinations of course. So many have woken up to the fact that vaccinations are directly linked to a multiple of diseases such as Autism, Alzheimer's and Dementia, just to name a few. Most people will no longer even consider vaccinating their animals at this point let alone their children... You really need to see how the media lies to the masses my friends, it is uncanny as to what they will do in order to push their propaganda and to brainwah the public. I just can't tell you folks enough, if you have not yet stopped listening to and watching these liars then I urge you to quickly break away from your T.V as it is nothing more than a indoctrination device that is used to sway your thinking and brainwash you into believing these lies. I just can't stress this enough my friends. These organizations have the majority of people walking around in a daze believing things that are simply not true when it comes to these so called counter measures or preventive medicines as they like to call them. In reality these are nothing more than lie's in way of propaganda to get people to conform.