The Indoctrination Of Our Society

While most will not or do not want to believe it, we have all be indoctrinated by our Prussian (Socialist) education system. The Prussian education system originated in the early 18th Century as a way to instill absolute obedience and uniformity in the students under the guise of education. What the students wanted and thought was irrelevant, the Prussian education system was there to teach them minimal literacy and indoctrinate them into believing in the infallibility of the supreme authority (The Government). These Government-run schools came into existance part way through the 19th Century and are still going strong to this day.

Horace Mann the former US Representative then Massachusetts State Senator went to Europe to research the Prussian model of public education in the 1840's. He was in search of a new education model to better control the American students who he said were 'Unruly' which meant 'Too Independent'; he wanted to turn these school children into more disciplined subjects. Mann has this as #1 in his list of "Fundamental Principles", Which State: "A republic cannot long remain ignorant and free, hence the necessity of universal popular education."

Mann is credited as the "Father of the American public school system"; he researched a selection of educational models before being enamored with, and installing the Prussian system. King Fredrick the Great, designed the Prussian system to instill Obedience, Basic Skills, and Conformity. He wanted to gain and keep control over his people, and the idea of indoctrinating the populous at a young age was his intent. These controllers line-up and isolate students in single-file lines when walking and sitting with strict educators in individual four-walled rooms pushed a strict hierarchy while intentionally displaying fear. The continued control over what their subjects do, speak, think, stand, hear, read and write in their neighborhood conformist indoctrination centers. With it's depersonalized learning and authoritarian oversight; It became the easiest and least-costly system that could be incorporated into society and it's indoctrinational foundation was easily adapted to industrialize the educational process.

They built an industrial slavery-type schooling model that was designed to produce millions of workers for Americas factories, using the collectivist uniformity and hierarchy of the Prussian system. "Its pupil goes forth at the proper time as a fixed and unchangeable machine." With the belief that most of the students in America were bound for a lowly life of steady industrial labor, when the best and brightest were delicately made-ready for higher positions. Our present schooling system is running along with the Prussian system of isolation, fear and continued monotony, for students and teachers. Innovation is ignored for "following the agenda" collectivism and conformity instead of individual expression, followed with control over empowerment.

The Prussian educational program aimed to expel the family and church from the education process, ultimately trying to reach these five primary goals. - 1.Obedient workers. - 2.Obedient soldiers. - 3.Well-subordinated civil servants. - 4.Well-subordinated clerks. - 5.Citizens who think alike, (basically a hive mind). To understand the reasoning for this is very simple, the presence of independently educated individuals were a "thorn in the side" to Tyrants.

The American public was the next to be convinced to enact this obedience program, and all in the name of equality for the children. So they introduced it to the states to provide a school system to ensure a uniform education for all the kids. A "free education for all children in public schools" was also preached unbeknownst to the states, parents, and students, that this was straight from the "Communist Manifesto". The main goals of this system was far from individual intellectual thinking but to program these young students for subordination, obedience, and a life on the collectivism conveyor belt. The supporters and defenders of state-run education are still to this day misinformed that this system was adopted because the American people wanted it, which is completely untrue.

The USA is not the only country that is plagued with this system. It seems that all of North America is under this system as Canada too adopted the Prussian System of education. Prior to 1840, schooling in Canada was an informal and intermittent experience not yet separated from work. It took place in a "Parent and church" controlled system aimed at teaching basic literacy and religious precepts. In New France, a formal curriculum was available to only an elite minority who were trained for religious and other privileged vocations — a system similar to our European counterparts' of the time. Following the British Conquest in 1759–60, church controlled schooling in Québec was a primary agent of cultural survival and remained so until 1964, serving to maintain the "French language" and the "Catholic religion".

It is important to note that Canada's notions of schooling and the general organization of schools is largely a result of the Prussian model that was particularly influential after the French Revolution. This system required that all children between the ages of 5 and 13 years attend schools. Children were taught a national curriculum consisting of reading, writing and arithmetic, as well as ethics, discipline and obedience. This model was very successful boasting an average literacy level of approximately 85 per cent by the latter part of the 18th century and there-after was quickly adopted across much of Europe and Japan.

So while we have established that we are under a system that is of a Socialist background and is not meant to educate but instead to indoctrinate, we can start to see why it is that most think the way that they do. It is instilled in our minds as we progress through grade school that we are to listen and take all that we hear as fact and never question authority. Which leaves us in the position of being a slave to society where they can basically tell us anything they want and over the course of time, with enough indoctrination, the student will believe it is true and carry this knowledge (however false it may be) along with them throughout their entire life, never questioning what they were taught and thus passing this information on to others while being under the impression that what they were taught was truth.

However, as we see there is a mountain of insurmountable evidence all over the place that proves that much of what we were taught throughout our so called education was NOT true. In fact most of it was an outright lie that was placed in most of our minds through their indoctrinational proceedures. No wonder it is so hard to break people out of their slumber and get them to see or think outside the so called Box. They are for the most part totally asleep and are living in a dream world created by these maniacs that like to call themselves elites..

So with all of this in mind, I will go as far as to say this much, if we are ever going to find out the truth about anything, we first must break away from all of the indoctrination we were so blatantly fed since we were children. There is so much truth out there, just for the taking, but unfortunately it somehow goes un-noticed by the vast majority of the population. And yet here I again sit, attempting to show that this system is filled with nothing but liars who Do Not have anyone's best interests at heart. And that what these liars have done to the population is nothing short of a criminal act. Hopfully when you go through the video's below all of this will come into view and you will be able to see this Deception for yourself. Then perhaps you will better understand why it is so extremely difficult to show anybody anything having to do with Truth, without it being immediately rebuked and quickly there-after attacked and ridiculed.

The Prussian Connection to Schooling

This video is basically the above introduction in a nutshell. It goes through the entire history of how the Prussian system of education was adopted by first Horace Mann of the United States and from that point how it slowly got a foothold in all of North America. It is very scary when you stop and look at this system as it is not designed to educate as we might think. It is rather designed from a Socialist aspect of indoctrination of the public to such an extent as to create and generate order and obedience and to have the students learn to be complacent. There is absolutely no room for critical thinking or independence which is what we require if we are ever going to become free thinkers. Unfortunately this Prussian education system instills the exact opposite and instead of rewarding free thinking and/or critical thinking, students who show these traits are looked at as non compliant to the curricular and ostracized. Now I ask you, is this the type of place we want to be sending our children to.? I Would Think Not...

Socialist Indoctrination Through Education

As mentioned above, the entire idea of education in North America is based on Socialism. Now I know this sounds pretty nuts but this is exactly what is happening in our education system today. This has been in the works for a long period of time and it is the only way they could ensure a socialist population over the course of time. They knew that there would be no possible way to adopt a socialist way or life within a capitalist society with force, as they would have be met with much resistance. They therefore formed an model where they would attack capitalism from the inside by first infiltrating the education system. From within the education system they could then dismantle Christianity by introducing evolution and science and thus remove creation and God (which they did). If we stop for a moment we can easily see that our schools breed more Atheists today than ever before throughout history. This is not some sort of a trend my friends, this is all stemming from the model that was established many decades ago. The problem is that nobody can see it. The general population has become so seriously dumbed down that it seems virtually impossible for people to see what is right in front of them. The bottom line is that there is a reason why most people jump on the bandwagon when the majority of people think a certain way. They are also quick to call anyone who does not think as they do crazy or a conspiracy theorist.

The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America

Charlotte Iserbyt, former Sr. Policy Advisor for the U.S. Department of Education gives us a real eye opener here. She explains how they are manipulating the education system not to educate but to brainwash and indoctrinate the population. She goes on to tell us that this entire model of public education is the Soviet system at it's finest. Those of you that have gone through the area's above may understand about secret societies that are mentioned throughout the illuminate and Freemason sections. She talks about Skull and Bones which is where America educates their Presidents and congressmen, etc. In any event, what she has to say is something that everyone should hear, as this does not only effect the United States of America because if they fall to this system it will spread like wild fire throughout the world. So sit back and listen to why people are how they are today and understand how serious all of this is, as the school system is not producing educated people any longer, but rather they are producing brainwashed and indoctrinated global slaves of the system.

Your Communist / Marxist Indoctrination

Well yes you did read the heading correctly. This really is what is happening in North America today and while some people are bringing this to the surface by hitting the public school systems head on, it is doing nothing but slowing effect on the over-all agenda, while it continutes moving forward. I wonder if anyone can understand how important it is that we know how serious and destructive this is as a whole.? The results of this can easily be seen all over as people are no longer doing any type of critical thinking and are more prone to follow than they are to lead or break away from various different ideology which society is filled with today. The Cognitive Dissonance that accompanies this is extremely concerning as people who suffer from cognitive dissonance refuse to look at anything that is out of what they believe to be true, even if all the evidence shows that what they are seeing is undeniable. This is why I continue to say this in the main area within this page, as the evidence that is shown is right on the mark, but to get people to even look is more difficult than one might assume.

The Broken Education System

Everything in the American education system is broken. But the government and the elites think it's humming along perfectly fine and keep raising tuitions in colleges and universities to levels that are putting the students in such debit that they will be lucky to ever be able to escape it's clutches. And that is not the worst of it. They have flooded the population with all of these over skilled workers and continue to produce these skilled workers when (now get this) there are NO jobs out there in the fields they are training these students in. Their statistics are made up of false data that shows a high percentage of students working soon after leaving these institution. The problem is that their statistics include people who are working at McDonalds because they cannot find a job in the sector in which they were trained. This is noting more than a well thought out racket my friends which is totally out of control. And the biggest problem is that nobody see's it, nor do they realize what is transpiring until it is too late and they are hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt. Go Figure.