A Great Deception

It took man over 2000 years to come up with, and perfect the Heliocentric Model of the universe. This was indeed a creation by man, but to what end.? Nobody can serve two masters. Today the vast majority of the worlds population blindly accept the Heliocentric Model as fact, when in reality it is nothing more than Science Fiction at best. However, most will dig their heels in and defend this Unproven Theory to the bitter end even when experiment after experiment has proven exactly the opposite. Even when a person is shown that things just do not add up in the Heliocentric Model and that things are more prone to fit on a Flat and Geocentric Earth Model, they will still continue to fight tooth and nail to defend the Globe without even looking at any of the evidence. This makes absolutely no sense to me.

Flight Paths on a Heliocentric (Globe) Model do not make any sense at all. Yet when you put the Flight Paths on to a Azimuthal Equidistant Projection or Flat Earth Map they make perfect sense. But if you try and show anybody this Fact you will quickly be met with resistance of the likes you cannot even imagine. It's all programming folks. We have been Extensively Programmed over the course of our lifetimes by institutions such as Hollywood, NASA and yes, even our own Education Systems. This Programming never ends, it continues throughout our life until each and every time someone mentions the earth the first thing you think of is a Globe, is this not true.? The Programming starts as soon as we are old enough to understand our given language, and continues on throughout our entire life.

The nice thing is that people are starting to wake up to this Deception. Thanks to a lot of research being done on this matter and a lot of experiments being conducted people are starting to see that what we have been taught is not right. In fact it has all been an out right Lie. Fortunately there is a movement forming world wide and growing daily with people going out and researching for themselves and finding out the truth about our earth and our so called universe. Now don't get me wrong here my friends, this concept is not an easy sell. Most people are quite happy to just go through life living the lie and not wanting to know the truth, and would rather call anybody who does not just blindly accept what we are taught, to be nothing more than a Tinfoil Hat wearing Conspiracy Theorists. As it is just easier that way...

This however is quickly falling apart, as more and more experiments are being conducted and the results are pointing to a Flat Geocentric Earth, which makes the term Conspiracy Theorist come crashing down. I would urge anybody who is even remotely curious about where we live to take the time and look through the videos we have presented throughout this site and see how deep the Rabbit Hole actually goes and how many different organizations are involved in this lie.

Now with all that having been said, there is yet another part of this Deception that goes So Deep that most will not believe it unless they already have good knowledge of God and His Son Christ Jesus. This Deception of which I am speaking of is none other than what is revealed to us in Revelation 9.

In the second video we are going to take a look at the beginning of the tampering with creation and the introduction of the Heliocentric (Globe) Model. While some of you will not be surprised at who the players are, some of you will most likely be in out right denial of this coming Great Deception. Did you ever wonder why there is an increase of UFO sightings being reported around the world lately.? Would it surprise you to know this has all been foretold within the Bible.?

No matter who you are or what your belief's may currently be, I would urge you to watch this second video to find out where this Deception is heading. Despite the masses being totally hoodwinked by all of the Deception around us, we must stand strong in these final days and have a total and unswaying understanding of the things that are coming, in order that we are able to survive it.

While some might think this is far removed from the truth, it could not be more in-line with the truth and this truth being the Holy Bible. Don't kid yourself folks, God is real, and the Devil is real, and the coming Mass Deception is very real. As mentioned in the Holy Bible, the coming Deception will be so convincing that even the very elect may be Deceived.

Last but not least in this segment we are going to present the beginning of the overall evidence showing this Deception first hand. There are many videos that follow in the coming segments that deal specifically with each individual area covered within this two part presentation, but this will give you a feel for what is going to be presented to you throughout this site.

You will see for yourself how the Globe holds absolutely no merit, (even in the scientific community) and is all part in parcel of a Gigantic Manipulation, with multiple organizations acting as key players in keeping this Fabrication Alive and Going Full Speed Ahead.

It really is astounding to me to think that we were so easily manipulated over the course of our lives into believing this garbage. Thankfully, we now have access to State Of The Art Technology which gives us the ability to see various aspects of this Deception with our own eyes.

This brings about an interesting point, which is that the people who are behind this Outright Lie have gotten so Extremely Comfortable and Confident in the Brainwashing and Programming that they did not even give the slightest bit of consideration to the fact that as technology advances their Precious Globe and all that goes along with it may actually be discovered as a Gigantic Fraud.

We see them trying desperately to push back against this discovered evidence with deeper and more drastic Attempts at Programming aimed at the masses. But I'm afraid that the cat is out of the bag so to speak and the knowledge people are gaining in this Deception is growing daily. So, the powers that be are now in Full Outright Panic Mode and don't really know what to do, because it is all falling apart. As for this researcher.... It is Extremely Pleasing To Watch Them Squirm.

How The Programming Began

Pythagorus was the first to say that the Sun was at the center and that everything revolved around it. Claudius Ptolomy restored the ancient cosmology that the earth is in the center and that it is immovable and that the Sun, Moon and Stars move around it as instruments to give us light. This system prevailed until the time of the Monk Nicolaus Copernicus who as we have discussed in a previous section gave way to the heliocentric system the world accepts as fact today. The heliocentric system was then given fuel by the likes of Galileo and other able men. However, Galileo was condemned and sorely punished for his theories by the College of Cardinals in 1616. Isaac Newton in 1687 published his Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica which expanded on the theories of Copernicus with a little added factor called Gravity. This newly added feature was just what was needed at the time to basically add a little spice to the copernican movement. Soon thereafter distances between the Heavenly bodies started to grow extensively. Great distances were put in place to try and fit there flawed theories and to try and explain away various factors that did not add up by using mathematics and physics. By putting these vast distances in place they were able to reverse engineer the math to conform to their theories. This is what we call science.?

The Global Lie

This is a documentary put out by Robbie Davidson from Celebrate Truth out of Edmonton Alberta Canada. This video features Will from The Truth Is Stranger Than Fiction, Rob Skiba from The Quest For Truth and many more video producers. Robbie put this video together featuring many other content makers from the truth community and in turn he has used small portions of these content producers videos in order to get the proper feel and over all look of this presentation. So if you happen to see something you have seen in another segment, I'm terribly sorry. Duplication in any part was never my intent. It is absolutely stunning when we look at all the aspects of this Massive Lie that has been pulled on the entire world. Most of us are left with a feeling of disbelief. However, after looking at the evidence, we must to come to the realization that the lie may indeed be real, and that we (as a world population) may have been totally and utterly deceived.

Flat Earth Jesuits & the Global Conspiracy!

This should be a real eye opener for most of us that go through life thinking that all is okay and moving right along in a perfectly normal fashion. However, where we are heading is far removed from what I would consider normal in any sense of the word. In fact, this entire deception has been in the works for generations and is fully in-line with Biblical Prophesy. As you will see within this video presentation this is a well orchestrated plan, one which is quickly heading to a climax. The problem is that most are not even aware of what is happening, nor are they in any way prepared for what is right on their doorstep. I would urge all of you to drop what you are doing and sit back and watch where we are heading, as the coming New World Order is at our very heels and it is moving forward with a quickness. We must prepare for the coming deception, as our very resolve will be tested to it's very core. The only way to get through this is with the understanding and belief in our Heavenly Father (Yahuah) and His only begotten son Christ Jesus (Yahushua), there is NO other way.

The Biggest Lie of All - Part 1

Most people first stumble onto this topic by accident, but once the door is opened it is extremely hard if not impossible to put it back in the box. Why would that be ? Well it is for no other reason then once a person hears something that sounds like truth it is hard to just stop and go back to what we thought we knew. The programming that we have been bombarded with since a very early age was almost complete. If it weren't for the fact that we as people are curious and always searching for truth whether we know it or not. We are programmed internally to always seek out answers to things that don't make sense so that we may put so things in some sort of a working order. Some very evil people have set out to distort and manipulate our understanding of our earth and all that surrounds it. These people ( as you will see ) have been doing nothing but brainwashing and indoctrinating the masses since we were born and will continue to do so until they are challenged. Our education systems have also been a part of this deception along with various organization such as NASA and without question Hollywood, are at the heart of the mass programming. Check out part one, and see for yourself how the things that these organizations try and sell us is totally fraudulent and also how easily they are detected when a person knows what to look for. I can only hope that some of you will awakened.

The Biggest Lie of All - Part 2

Here we are going to take look at NASA and the Space Shuttle. While we are going to go through this in much more detail in the segment on NASA we will briefly look into a few aspects of this organization and the lie's it feeds the general public. We are going to look at a few launches conducted by NASA and listen to the explanation of why it seems that every launch seems to go up for a bit and then curves off instead of going straight up. They give us a lame explanations that make most of us scratch our heads, but as most are fully indoctrinated into the heliocentric model of the earth these explanations seems totally rational. We are also told that the shuttle is a glider, ok so we are therefore going to also take a look at some glider footage as opposed to some shuttle footage and see for ourselves if indeed the shuttle is what they would like us believe it is. There are so many things that NASA does not even bother to hide from the public, like I mentioned above; they actually think that the indoctrination and brainwashing is virtually complete and that the public will basically buy whatever they are selling without questioning anything. Well, they could not be more wrong. We are questioning them and certainly will not fall for any of these half baked answers that they give the brainwashed masses who are so full of Pride that they are blinded by the lie. In other words, they cannot see the forest for the trees.

The Flat Earth in 5 Minutes

Before entering into the next section I thought it might be a good idea to give you guys a 5 minute introduction. This basically covers most of the common aspects of doubt and some of the first questions that come up when someone is introduced to the Flat Earth. While I'm sure there are ton's more questions that some will ask, the ones addressed within this quick 5 minute clip are the most common and the most obvious that would come to mind. Why I keep on mentioning this fabricated global illusion is because it is the catalyst that leads us into a much, much deeper rabbit hole full of deception, progamming and indoctrination. Folks, If we are to know things in life we must start with where we live (first of all) and get that straight before we are going to be able to understand anything after that. As most of the lie's we have accepted in life start with believing we are on a spinning ball flying through space at break neck speeds. But before we can address all of the other elaborate deceptions which I will show you, we must first understand the very foundation of this scheme.