Testimonials From Flat Earth

Perhaps one of the most extraordinary things I have seen happen after people have researched Flat Earth is that they have found God (Yahuah) and Christ Jesus (Yahushua). Even Atheists and non-Christian (Agnostics) alike have picked up a Bible (some for the very first time) after finding out that we have been seriously lied to about our world.

There have been people from all walks of life that have always felt that something was off with the world that they have been presented with from the education system and the likes of organizations such as NASA. People have been fed the evolutionary theory since the time they were old enough to understand their given language and that evolution is in some way Fact. The Big Bang and Evolution both rely heavily on the Globe or Heliocentric Model. Without the heliocentric model the big bang and evolution may as well get tossed right out of the window. These people who lie to us on such a grand scale cannot stand the idea of creation. They hate God and for this reason they hide anything having to do with creation and instead pollute every ones minds with evolutionary garbage.

After researching the Flat Earth most people see the world through different eyes. This world is much too perfectly designed to be some accident that occurred billions of years ago. Furthermore, the people who push the theory of evolution know darn well it is not as they say it is. It's not hard to find evidence to totally take the evolutionary theory off the shelf, and this can be done quite easily by most anybody who has not been totally indoctrinated by the system. Those who have looked into this with an open mind clearly see that what they have been told has all been a total and outright lie.

One particular youtube channel by the name of "The Truth is Stranger Then Fiction" which is a great channel, has collected a number of testimonials from many of his subscribers who have been moved to God after finding the Flat Earth. We have included a number of them below so that you may see how totally moving it can be when finding out the truth about the world in which we live, and how it can actually affect people.

There are countless numbers of people in the world who know something is missing and that there must be a much bigger reason for being on this earth then just a 9 to 5 job and seeing who can end up with the most stuff when life is said and done. Yes, There is a great deal more to life then this, and understanding that we have been created by God is perhaps the first step in understanding this. Have you ever felt that there has to be more to this existence.?

When we begin to understand how the earth actually is and that our Heavenly Fathers throne sits right above us we can begin to see that our Father is RIGHT THERE, and is very real. He is NOT in some far away place in the vastness of so called space, He is exactly as it is explained in Ezekiel.

Here is what is described in Ezekiel 1:26-28 - 26 Above the vault over their heads was what looked like a throne of lapis lazuli, and high above on the throne was a figure like that of a man. 27 I saw that from what appeared to be His waist up He looked like glowing metal, as if full of fire, and that from there down He looked like fire; and brilliant light surrounded Him. 28 Like the appearance of a rainbow in the clouds on a rainy day, so was the radiance around Him. This was the appearance of the likeness of the glory of Yahuah. When I saw it, I fell facedown, and I heard the voice of one speaking.

How I Became a Flat Earther

This is a particularly moving as well as a very inspiring testimony from a Truth Channel on Youtube knows as The Flat Earth Brothers, or FEB. We listen to how at times we all can be faced with severe heartbreak and in this incidence the author of this video was himself faced with a great heartbreak. One that led him to contemplate something that was so severe that without coming right out and saying it would have been a very perminant and life treatening decision to say the least. It was at this point in the authors life when he found himself calling on God to help him cope with the burdens he was carrying. I will not go into a great deal of information in this intro but all I can say is that this particular testimony moved me as I'm sure it will move you. It also is (as I previously said) very inspirational, for when we see what our heavenly Father is capable of when it comes to His love for us, it is without a doubt deeply inspiring as well as very, very moving.

Flat Earth Testimony ( Miranda )

This lovely lady who's name is Miranda was born in England, educated in the Netherlands, who now lives in the country side of France. Miranda explains to us how a few years ago her world was totally turned inside out and upside down. Miranda explains to us how one day she started looking at the world through different eyes and how what she was seeing was not what she had learned. She goes on to explain how she started to question what NASA was showing her and how she would always see the Blue Marble (Globe) as our world. She goes on to tell us about how the more she looked into what this space agency was telling her about the world the more she began to doubt the scientific explanations about the world in which we live. This is a very good testimony that is certainly worth the few minutes it takes to hear her story. There are so many that have found that where we live is not as it has been shown to us, but is a much, much different place then what we are being told.

Flat Earth Testimony ( Autumn )

In this video we hear from Autumn who explains to us how she came into the knowledge of the Flat Earth and what kind of an impact it had on her. She tells us about the role that God has played in her knowledge and about how deep the deception goes with the Globe and the many various aspects related to this massive endeavor to hide God. She gives us her views on how deep the indoctrination goes and how they continually force this agenda by sticking it in our faces on a daily basis. Autumn goes on to tell us how it is all directly involved with Satanism and Sun Worship which is in direct opposition to God and the teachings of Christ Jesus. She explains to us what a direct impact this has had on her and how it has brought her to understand scriptures that didn't always make sense to her in the past, but since coming into the knowledge of the Flat Earth now make perfect sense. Needless to say Autumn is not alone when it comes to the absolutely astounding impact that gaining knowledge about the lies we have been fed can have on people.

Flat Earth Testimony ( From Atheism to Christ )

Discovering the Flat Earth can have a profound impact on people of every walk of life. Here we hear a testimony that was sent to The Truth is Stranger Then Fiction youtube channel. Paul is from Sweden where more then 80 percent of the people are Atheists. Paul explains how the state took care of his education or rather his indoctrination as he puts it. He explains that his family are still practicing Atheists while he has a totally different outlook on things since he discovered the Flat Earth. Paul goes on to tell us how when growing up he didn't want to be considered an odd-ball so he believed in all the science, scientism, space, evolution, NASA and that the Bible was just a fairy tale. In 2015 he discovered a video on the Flat Earth and did not immediately click on it as he thought it was just too over the top, but then figured what the heck I need a good laugh so he decided to watch it. Well, Paul is now a different person and if you have a minute I would urge you to give a listen to where he was then and inevitably where he is now.

Flat Earth People From Around The World

This video is presented by another awesome youtube channel called "Jeranism" who has done some great video on this topic and much, much more. This video explains how a couple of years ago people from around the world who dared to question what we have all been taught, and who while researching the world in which we live in were met with a great deal of ridicule from the people around them. It seems that whoever attempts to pull away from the heliocentric model and question the false science of our earth is met with hatred, name calling, shaming and in some cases much, much more. Fortunately for the people who have began to research the Flat Earth, their lives have been enriching, exciting and filled with discoveries and learning around each and every corner. Like most people, these folks have discovered that what we have been taught throughout our lives has been nothing short of deceiving right down to its very core. When we start to find out the sheer magnitude of the lies we have been fed it can and has been extremely liberating.