Flat Earth Proof

While the scientific community would like us all to just conform to the notion that we live on a spinning ball or as they like to put it an oblate spheroid, they show us no proof of this in any way. All evidence points to a flat motionless plane and not what they claim the earth to be or what we are taught it is. With the technology we as individuals can obtain in todays day and age people can go out and conduct tests for themselves and prove these theories to be without merit or perhaps best said, prove them totally false.

Many people with the aid of high zoom camera's and telescopes have captured objects at great distances which if the globe math is brought into the equation should not in any way be visible. Both still photography as well as film has been captured that goes totally against all the so called science we are taught through our education systems or through scientific books on the subject.

In the Globe section we hit on the topic of curvature but did not go into much detail on the matter. Here we are going to go through a variety of questions that are generally asked when considering the earth as a Flat Plane as opposed to a Globe or Oblate Spheroid as they like to call it. The likes of Neil Degrasse Tyson an American astrophysicist, author, and science communicator, has been one of the so called Gate Keepers for the heliocentric model and will stop at nothing to keep this deception in the mainstream. Another heliocentric shill is a Clown called Bill Nye (The Science Guy). This guy is what I like to call the Mr. Rogers of the Globe Model and is yet another so called Gate Keeper.

These individuals are put in place to keep the blinders on the general public and to debunk anybody who questions anything having to do with the Globe. While there are many others that are also put in place in order to keep the lie alive, these two individuals are center stage and in the public eye pushing the heliocentric model like there was no tomorrow. Backing it up as if it were totally based on facts that are without question.

Here is the problem, when anyone starts looking into any of these aspects of this theory they quickly find that all the so called evidence is flawed and in most cases manufactured and without scientific merit. We have all been subjected to programming and disinformation for generations through the school system and especially through Hollywood, NASA and the media.

Since we were all barely able to walk we were already being shown a globe and watching programs about space. The constant bombardment of material day after day and year after year is a form of brainwashing and is meant to normalize what ever they are showing the masses. If we look back just a few hundred years we are able to see that just about every walk of life had depictions of the earth and wouldn't you know it, they were all flat.

I wonder if it would surprise you to know that there are a multiple of Official Government Documents that prove the earth is flat. While these people know full well we live on a flat plane and are all part of an Intricate and Flawless Design by our Heavenly Father, they continue to push this false doctrine on us. As you go through this site it will all become clear as to why they keep pushing this lie.

So spend a bit of time and view the video's below and after doing so, come to your own conclusions, but I know this for a fact. It will certainly make you think about what you have been taught, as up until a few years ago there is no way that anybody could have told me that I was lied to my entire life. But Now I Know For A Fact, I Was Lied To Big Time. This massive lie has been taught world wide, so I guess I am not alone, but now I am awake and doing the best I can to get this information out so that others can see what has been done. But as I said, view what is here, and draw your own conclusions.

There are a couple late entries that I wanted to include in this section. These video's are showing how even some of the biggest channels that would not give the flat earth the time of day are now looking into it because of the constant bombardment of disinformation spewed out by the mainstream. The mainstream is on a witch hunt, calling anybody who would even believe in the flat earth downright crazy and uneducated and in some cases much much worse. Well this has not gone unnoticed by the people who are paying attention and who are against censorship of any kind. But the degree in which the mainstream has gone to cover up experiments that have been conducted and the results that are indeed showing the earth NOT to be a globe is staggering. With that in mind, these video's had to be included so that we all can understand exactly just how deep this conspiracy goes and how they will stop at nothing to try and bury it.

Christopher Greene Defends FLAT EARTH

So it now seems that the mainstream as well as countless shills out on the net who constantly try to bash the flat earth movement and attempt to make a joke of it have pushed just a little bit too hard. Christophere Greene from AMTV channel who has in the range of 650 thousand subscribers has now seen the light it would seem. This is what happens when you have people constantly trying to disprove something that is so obvious it would take someone who is totally blind not to see it. The more they try to disprove the more people start to think, why would they be so hard pressed to mock and disprove something.??? Well it seems that is exactly what Christopher has finally come around to asking. You see my friends sooner or later people will look and when they do finally awaken, there is no going back to sleep again. Truth has a funny way of doing that to people it seems. I for one am extremely happy to see someone who has not given the flat earth any sort of a venue finally come around.


As mentioned in the video directly above Christophere Greene from AMTV has finally come out and is looking at the flat earth from a biblical prospective. But there is far more to the story than meets the eye here my friends. He is coming at it like we all are and that is; Why would the mainstream be in such a panic to try and make people look like they are crazy for even believing in the flat earth.? It would seem like the more they try to discredit the flat earth the more people are going to ask why would they be so concerned with this topic.? So concerned that they are censoring search strings and removing video's that deal with test results having been conducted to prove the validity of these experiments. This is seemingly overkill on something that they think is stupid to begin with don't you think.?? But as I have said before and will continue to say, these people are scared, so scared in fact that it would seem to me that there is nothing they will not attempt if it means discrediting flat earth research.

Debunking Flat Earth 101

So it seems that no matter who is approached or asked about the possibility of the earth being flat, the same answers are repeatedly given. Such as, Oh No, Not You Too ? Or perhaps the most common response is, You just don't understand science and of course we have the more direct approach of Your Crazy.!!!. These are perhaps the most common of all, but there are a lot more catchy phrases and colorful metaphors that have been used from time to time as well. In this video we are going to look at some of the common misconceptions that arise when speaking to someone who thinks the mere thought of the earth being anything other than a globe means we are totally stupid and without scientific knowledge, when in fact nothing could be further from the truth. What a lot of people do not take into consideration is the simple fact that those that now believe the earth is flat were once no different that those who still believe it is a globe. After all we were all indoctrinated and brainwashed by the same education system.

The Case for Flat Earth

This is a presentation by ODD-TV, who has a great deal of video's on this topic. He shows us various aspects of what we are being told the world is, and what we are taught throughout our lives. And yet when we go and look for ourselves, we cannot find any proof to back up what we were taught. On the contrary, everything that we observe with our own eyes points to a flat plane. Why is it that with all the motion we are suppose to be part of, the earth rotating on it's axis, The earth rotating around the Sun, The Sun moving around the milky way galaxy and so on, we feel absolutely NO MOVEMENT ? And They Can't Prove We are Moving No Matter What They Do ? Their lies are Paramount my Friends, these people now have painted themselves into a corner and have to keep the lies going. So Organizations like NASA and Hollywood are put in place in order to keep their agenda moving forward and feed the masses their propaganda. It goes without saying that there is definitely an Agenda here Folks.

Proof We Do Not Live On A Globe

There are many questions people have when it comes to looking into the earth as being a flat plane, especially if it is the first time they are considering that what they were taught may not be what they are experiencing. In this video certain questions are addressed that are perhaps some of the most commonly asked. A great deal of distance photography is shown and explained as well as long distance video looking across vast areas while trying to find the said curvature. The earth is not what we are told it is folks. In fact it is something far, far different. This presentation deals with 29 reasons to question the world in which you live. Believe me there are many, many more reasons to question it and to question the people and organizations pushing out this deception, but for now let us look at these 29 and take it from there. I am sure that if you take the time to look through this for yourself you will come away with a whole lot more questions than when you started. My hopes are that you do exactly that, and that you are driven to start questioning everything that is put out by these organizations.

The Science of Flat Earth

There are various aspects of science that can prove we are not on a globe with very little to no effort, but they are quickly dis guarded by mainstream science so that they can continue with the illusion of their precious globe. I will say this again, all attempts to discover curvature anywhere on the earth Has Failed, and all attempts at proving any type of motion Has Failed. Yet, we are fed this absolute nonsense from a very young age and it continues non-stop into our adult lives. There is a quote that hold true in the world today and that is, "If you tell a lie, Make it Big, and keep repeating it, and people will eventually come to believe it". This is at the very heart of heliocentrism, a fabrication with no physical scientific proof to back it up. But yet it is taught in our schools right along side evolution which is another complete form of madness. The thing is, without evolution the heliocentric model could not exist, and with the heliocentric model, evolution could not exist. So there you have it, one lie feeding another lie and they somehow call this science. Which is Unbelievable.

Official Government Documents Confirm Flat Earth.???

This presentation is extremely revealing to put it mildly. Pastor Dean Odle takes us through various US and Russian Government Documents that show without a doubt that everyone who is in the upper ranks knows full well that the earth is indeed a Flat Plane. It really is amazing to me how these people can get away with suppressing this information. It should raise concern with everyone who is at least partially awake, to the vast deception that is taking place all around us. We have all been lied to on a Grand Scale, and there seems to be no end in sight. There are trillions of dollars spent annually by various agencies on fake space programs, which yields absolutely nothing for the betterment of humanity, as what have they actually accomplished.? It's time that people woke up, and looked at this for what it really is. But it is not that easy to get people to even look, never mind trying to changing their thinking. Most are so deeply indoctrinated and so full of Pride that getting them to even look, is like chipping away at concrete with a toothpick.

Flat Earth and Geocentric Proofs for Skeptics in 2018

So if you have not been convinced by now, here is a short video running through the most evident lies we have been fed. Most people like I have mentioned before have been programmed to believe we are on a globe, and nothing that is presented to them, no matter how evident it is, will ever change the programming. I was no different a few years ago, but once I started to question what I was being told, it all came crashing down. The earth is flat, all the evidence points to it, and the Bible corroborates it. Nothing that I was ever shown through text books or on T.V in respect to the heliocentric model has ever been proven, and it seems that it cannot be proven as all experiments conducted aim at a flat geocentric world that was created by God. There is nothing, and I mean nothing, that even remotely points to any sort of evolution or any kind of a big bang. So with all of this in mind, when we look at all of this we must come to the only logical conclusion that is possible based on the facts. The Earth is Flat, The Bible is True, and we have seriously been lied to.

Earth Like You Have Never Seen It Before

If all the above video's have not driven the point home then take a look at this. There is no way around this evidence, not even for the most hard-core globe believer. Here is the earth like you have never seen it before, In Infrared. With our naked eye we can only see so far, even with the best zoom camera's available, but with an Infrared filter installed, it is amazing as to what we can see. The distances we are able to reach are unbelievable. If there is anyone who still thinks there is curvature on the earth I would urge you to take a look at this and then tell me where it is. All I can say is that, if this is not enough evidence to at least make a person think, then I don't know what to say. No matter, we will always still have the people who DO NOT want to see and DO NOT want to hear, as hearing and seeing what has been found might shatter the very fabric of the world in which they believe is real. What I say to these people is; Your not alone, we were all in the same place not so long ago. And please keep in mind, we were all taught the same things, which makes us all victims of the same deception.