We Have All Been Deceived

This is perhaps the most Controversial Topic when confronting anyone who is a firm believer in the Heliocentric Model or a follower of NASA and/or Science, or perhaps I should say Pseudoscience that is Masquerading as Science. As Pseudoscience is about all we see in todays day and age when it come to the structure of our earth and the so called universe. Theory after theory after theory is all we are met with. This coupled along with what they like to call proof in way of photographic evidence has all been fabricated. When we put this so called evidence under a microscope, we find nothing more than Photoshop Alterations, Composite Images, CGI and Artistic Renditions.

Their so called evidence that we live on a Sphere is nothing more than a Fictitious Fabrication of a Pseudoscientific World which has no basis in reality what-so-ever. When we look at the actual evidence and the results of countless actual scientific experiments (which can be repeated), nothing and I Mean Nothing points to their precious Sphere or Globe, and instead points to a Fixed and Immovable Earth just as the Bible declares it to be.

So I ask you, when we look at the Real Evidence, and that evidence points to something fundamentally different than what we have been taught, what do we call the teachings of the globe.? False?, A Lie?, A Deception? I Guess, Lets just pick one, as they all lead to the same place. This entire paradigm that we have been fed since birth is nothing more than one Extremely Huge Lie.

I understand that this may be a hard pill for most to swallow, but it is what it is, and the evidence also is what it is. Putting aside any type of Pseudoscience and/or Theory and only focusing on what can be physically and scientifically proven (and repeated), we come away with answers that Totally Bury the Globe and fully support a Flat and Stationary Earth.

Believe me when I say that people who have embraced the Flat Earth are most definitely looked at as Non-Scientific, stupid and/or crazy. However, I personally wear those labels like a badge of honor, as I would much rather be ridiculed and be correct, then to go along with the world and the scientific community and be a part of this massive lie.

All I know is this my friends. I was once just like everyone else and would have defended what I was taught, but after looking at our earth with new eyes and from a Biblical as well as a Scientific prospective, I now see how badly we as a people have been deceived.

Once again I will say, do not take my word for any of this, take a look at the videos below and draw your own conclusions.

Also keep the Biblical Scriptures below in mind when going through this section.

Jeremiah 5:21 - 'Hear this now, O foolish people, Without understanding, Who have eyes and see not, And who have ears and hear not:

Colossians 2:8 "Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world..."

Recently it has been brought to my attention that people have been getting X-Communicated, Disfellowshipped and even Fired as Ministers for believing in The Flat Earth.??? What kind of bizarre craziness is this.? Religious organizations SHOULD NOT JUDGE Anybody and Do Not Have The Right to JUDGE. So exactly what is going on here with this madness.? I personally have not heard of anything so crazy in a long long time, but this is exactly what is going on.

There are even Pastors who are teaching that we Should NOT be taking our Bible's literally when it come to Flat Earth.? I recently ran across a video and I am going to upload into "Slot 1" of this section as I think it is extremely important for all to see this. I just cannot believe the levels some people will stoop down to in order to save face and keep up with this scientific fantasy they call cosmology, when (If They Looked) they would see that it is Entirely The Opposite of what they have been taught.

The Shocking Responses To Flat Earth.

I'm sure that most of you will be able to relate to the vast majority of the responses within this video, as they are basically common place when discussing Flat Earth with most anybody who is of the Heliocentric mind frame. What should surprise you or even shock you is the segment with the Pastor. This is something that I not only found distrubing, but could not believe what was coming out of this so called Pastor's mouth. Now it is one thing to disagree with someones view points on a given subject, but when you start contradicting the word of God and start telling people that what the Bible says does not mean it the way it is written is quite another. But this is what we are seeing my friends, we are seeing people holding on to the Globe and Science so tightly that they are coming close to being guilty of Idolizing these belief's as well as organizations such as NASA. And in many cases they are holding what these people say above the word of God and in turn reducing the Bible to the mere words of ancient sheep herders.?

A Stranger's Guide to Flat Earth

This video put out by ODD TV which is called A Strangers Guide to the Flat Earth. It is A comprehensive beginners course that thoroughly explains the answers to 21 of the most frequently asked questions about Flat Earth. Journey through the list from beginning to end and watch all the "loose ends" get neatly tied up by the time we get to the end. The earth is most definitely flat and it is important for us to understand this fact. They are going to immeasurable lengths to cover this up and the queston should be WHY.? Friends, they are quite simply trying to hide God at every turn. If all the people were to understand that this earth was created by God and that He sits on His Throne right above us (As mentioned in the Bible in Isaiah 40:22), they would soon come to understanding that "You Can Only Serve One Master" and that all of these material things that they attempt to distract us with on a daily basis mean virtually nothing in way of our eternal salvation. And they know, once God enters into the picture, their lies quickly become totally and utterly exposed...

The Lie We Live

This video is also put out by ODD TV. It is an interview with Eric Dubay who has done extensive research into the Flat Earth. There is such a great deal of evidence to corroborate this or perhaps better said, a lack of evidence to corroborate the heliocentric (globe) theory. I urge all of you to sit back and listen to this man explain the various things that led up to the heliocentric notion and the lack of physical proof that comes to light when looking into this. Yet the school systems all the way up into higher education will preach this as if it indeed fact and should be accepted without question. What is absolutely amazing to me is that in all this time school systems who teach this as fact have not once been challenged on it. It would seem that everyone is perfectly happy to sit back and learn a bunch of garbage science fiction and theories rather then the truth about creation. I would actually be surprised if after you go through the material within this website and see what they pass off as truth, that you don't feel the same way I do.

Fake Universe Theories Deception and Lies

The greatest minds as they like to call them, referring to people such as Albert Einstein, Nicolaus Copernicus and so on are the ones to have had their hands in moulding the so called universe we see science refer to as reality in our day and age. What may surprise you is that this so called universe is nothing more than a backwards engineered model based on theory and speculation. Todays scientists have substituted mathematics for experiments, and they wander off through equation after equation, and eventually build a structure which has no baring and or no relation to reality at all. These men invented a dual system of astronomy, one which fits their paradigm of heliocentrism which they wanted so badly to work that they would stop at nothing. All of this brought into prospective the theory of the big bang, Darwin's theory of evolution and on and on. The creation of a false heliocentric universe was complete, now all that was left was to indoctrinate the earth's population and soon they would have God taken entirely out of the equation.

Battle of The Flat Earth Beams

This might be of interest to a lot of you, especially those of you that understand long distance microwave transmission. As we know, (or can easily find out) Radio Transmissions are a direct line of sight transmission, meaning they are transmitted from a tower and intercepted by another tower some miles away, but in direct line of sight of the transmitting tower. In this video we are going to see some historic tests that were conducted that totally defy the range that these transmissions should be able to achieve. FECORE is about to do another such test in the line of sight microwave, but when the distances they are going to attempt to achieve are put into a Globe Curve Calculator it is shown that there is no possbile way for this experiment to yield positive results. We are also going to look at a historic test that involved 3 different stations that were some 331 miles away and 443 miles away respectively. The tests worked, but yet there should have been no way for these signals to be intercepted if indeed the earth's curvature was taken into prospective.???

Talk Show Hosts Blown Away With Flat Earth

There are some that like to make fun of things they do not understand and also ridicule people who go against the grain or against so called science. Here is a prime example of just that. The talk show hosts admitted that they were discussing the upcoming show prior to the guest (Mark Sargent) coming on and were actually kind of poking fun at the whole concept of the Flat Earth. However, after this brief interview and being shown fact after fact about experiments that have been conducted the host of the show, instead of laughing admitted to now be curious and wanted to have the guest on again in the very near future. My guess is that this host may have been compelled to do some of his own research into this topic, as once your eyes are opened and you are awakened, there is no going back to sleep. You are awake and believe me things that you may have had questions about, just start to fall into place. We are programmed from birth to believe in a globe, but luckily for us it does not take much critical thinking in order to start to see right through the deception.