The Sun is Not 93 Million Miles Away

NASA's astronomical figures always sound perfectly precise, but Heliocentrists have historically been notorious for regularly and drastically changing equations to suit their various models. For instance, in his time "Nicolas Copernicus" calculated the Sun's distance from Earth to be 3,391,200 miles. The next century "Johannes Kepler" decided it was actually 12,376,800 miles away. "Issac Newton" once said, "It matters not whether we reckon it 28 or 54 million miles distant for either would do just as well!" Now that's not being very scientific is it.?

"Benjamin Martin" calculated between 81 and 82 million miles, "Thomas Dilworth" claimed 93,726,900 miles, "John Hind" stated positively 95,298,260 miles, "Benjamin Gould" said more than 96 million miles, and "Christian Mayer" thought it was more than 104 million. Nowadays they have settled around 93 million for the time-being. But who knows what it will be next year or in the next decade.

However, there are big problems that arise with these imaginary distances. First and perhaps the most noticeable are the "Crepuscular Rays" that emanate from our sun. One would think that if the sun was indeed 93 million miles from the earth the suns rays would be hitting earth in a directly straight line, but oddly enough this is not what we experience at all. In fact what we see is something that could only happen from a "localized" and far closer sun then what we are led to believe.

The sun's Crepuscular Rays which shoot out from the clouds at various angles show us that the sun is actually much closer and much smaller then we are told it is. High altitude balloons that have been launched also show "Localized Hot Spots" that appear directly under the sun on the tops of clouds. There is absolutely No Way this could happen if the sun was at such a great distance from us. So you see, here is just another aspect of our earth that we have yet again been lied to about.

The more I have looked into this and other aspects of what we have been taught throughout our life, the more irritated I get. It appears to me that nothing is what it seems, or at least it seems to be in stark contrast of that in which we were taught, that much I can honestly say.

Indeed the deeper I have gone into these topic's my friends, the more Deception I have found and there seems to be no end to it. Once we start looking deeply into any and all aspects of this entire Heliocentric Model it seems that everything laid in around it in order to make it work would appear to have been fabricated.

Lets take a look at a few videos and see if we can notice that what they have taught us and what they are telling us about the sun's distance is not at all accurate. In fact when we just stop and look, we can see this is all very wrong, even without the aid of any type of scientific training or any form of telescope.

Using just a small degree of our Common Sense and with nothing but our Naked Eye, we are able to see that something is terribly wrong with all that we were taught throughout our lives. There is just way too much evidence that points to a Localized Sun as opposed to our sun being some 90 plus million miles away from us. Once again, I will stress that I can only show you what I have found, it is up to you to go through the videos and come to your own conclusions based on what is presented.

There are yet other questions that have came to be asked by Globe believing people (who go to great lengths to try to disprove Flat Earth) about how does a sunset work on a Flat Earth.? They say it is Impossible to see a sunset if we are on a Flat Plain. Well, lets go back for a second here and ask ourselves what is the meaning of the word "Science".? It is defined as having the ability to conduct an experiment, get the findings of the said experiment and be able to Repeat the experiment and get the same findings again and again, thus proving a theory, or stating a Fact. Being that the science of today is more Pseudoscience than it is science, we can determine that the evidence that is presented about the Globular Earth is mostly Speculation and NOT Scientific in nature.

The first video I am going to upload here is going to give the viewer the understanding of How the Sun works on a Flat Earth and How, Indeed We Can observe a sunset on a Flat Plain by conducting a relatively simple experiment that anybody can do within their own home. This is something that the Globe believers cannot stand as Proof as opposed to Specualtion or Theory, Always Wins.

So Let's Do A Little Experiment, Shall We.?

In this short little video we are going to show you how Atmospheric Refraction works on our Flat Earth. This is something that has seemingly flowen over the heads of most people out there, but it is also something that is known by scientists. When we view something from a distance our atmosphere magnifies the objects due to the water vapor within our atmosphere. Okay, so you say "what difference would this make"?, Well, I'm glad you asked that question, as I am going to show you just how big of a difference this makes when we are viewing our sun through our atmosphere and how because of this Atmospheric Refraction we see things as we do. It is one thing to say that you cannot ever view a sunset on a Flat Plain, but it is yet another thing to prove it. So, while the Globe believing people have never offered any proof that it really is impossible for us to see a sunset, we are going to conduct a little experiement to show that indeed it is possible and here is how it happens.

So You Think It's 93 Million Miles Away ? Not A Chance !

This video explores what we are told is true science, right. We take a close look at how they attempt to explain away what we see when viewing how the sun acts in relation to the earth. Oh, they like to try and tell us it is nothing but perspective that is causing this phenomena, but what is actually happening is that perspective is missing entirely from what they are trying to sell us here. It leaves me to wonder, to what lengths these people will go to keep this lie alive, and my guess is they will never stop with this deception. Nearly everything we are being told about our world, so called space, the sun and the moon are being proven to be false. Most of us have been so totally brainwashed into believing all of these things that we don't so much as even question any of it. Which IS Our Biggest Mistake. Take a bit of time and watch this video and if after you have viewed it you still think the sun is 93 million miles away from our earth then I don't know if there is anything I can do for you, as it would seem the cognitive dissonance is buried much to deep.

P900 Footage of Local Sun

For generations now we have been led around by the nose by the likes of NASA with their CGI images of the sun as well as being told it is 93 million miles away. But with the technology that any of us can buy in this day and age things that we have been taught throughout our lives are now looking much much different. Here is some footage from an 80X zoom camera that shows a much different picture then that of what NASA puts out to be our sun. It is not hard to pick up on a few things within this video that you will never see shown from mainstream science. I would go into detail here about what it is that is quite easy to pick out, but I think I will let you find this out for yourself in this short five minute clip. I tell you friends, all that we have been taught about this earth is a lie. Check this out and tell me if this even has a remote possibility of being 93 million miles away. I think you will quickly find that what is being seen with this totally awesome camera is something that can in no way be viewed if the sun was actually such a great distance from us.

Local Sun Through The Firmament, Have You Seen It.???

I totally understand how extremely hard it is to break with all the indoctrination and lies we have been told throughout the years, but when we actually LOOK, and use our God given senses we have to come to terms with what we see. Most people are so entirely brainwashed that no matter what you show them they will dismiss it without even looking at anything, and even if they do look, they can't see the forest for the tree's. It is really quite a shame that our so called education system has been allowed to do this to us. Yes, I use the term "us" because I was just the same as everyone up to about 3 years ago. I totally believed as most do, until one day I actually stopped and Looked. And being an individual with a curious mind, I could not argue with what I was seeing. I was being honest with myself as to what I was observing, and since then I have been seeing things with a much different set of eyes. All I can ask of you is to please put any and all preconceived notions aside and look at this as if you were looking at it for the very first time, and I'm quite sure you will see things much differently.

Solid Proof of a Local Sun

Here is a fantastic video that shows nothing more than a still image taken out of a planes windows during a flight. It is what it shows that is solid proof of a localized sun and not one that is some 93 million miles away. We once again are going to look at the suns rays, particularly the direction in which they cast their shadows off of the top of the clouds. This is something that cannot be caused by anything other than a localized sun. All of the people that have tried to debunk what we witness when it come to the sun rays by saying it is the slits in the clouds that cause this illusion will have to go back to the drawing board after seeing this evidence. It is unbelievable what people will go through in order to hold onto this globe isn't it ? I mean, it seems it does not matter what you can show them, or how good the proof is, they will always try to come up with some sort of a reason for why we are seeing something that just does not add up on their precious heliocentric model. Well, it could be because we are not on a spinning ball hurling through space couldn't it.