Space Is Totally Fake

Oh Boy, That is quite a statement isn't it ? Well, there is good reason for me putting this segment up, which you will see if you choose to look into this aspect of what they like to call Space. Being that we have been bombarded with one space faring adventure after another since we were kids, we never question what we see and are so indoctrinated and programmed into believing that space is real we never so much as think anything of it, we just know it's there. Or is it ?

As you will see when we go back in history we have been basically set up to believe in space as a vast vacuum filled with stars, our milky way galaxy and other galaxies by the thousands and on and on and on. This is merely programming and it has been pushed at us our entire life and in generations prior to ours. This has been going on since the dawn of heliocentrism, for without the vastness of space the Big bang theory couldn't exist and hence, none of the heliocentric theories would be possible.

They needed this immense vacuum in order to be able to put these vast distances between objects to bring about the formulas to fit the heliocentric model. Did you know that the Sun has been in a number of different positions over the course of time ? Oh, Yes it has changed in distance a number of time, but what doesn't surprise me is that each time it has gotten further and further away.

There are certain oddities that come into play when we see photographs of space from say, the International Space Station, The Hubble or any of the given space walks that they are said to go on. There are certain aspects of so called space that are missing. Yes, missing. If this has not copped your curiosity yet then I suggest you carry on below to the videos we have provided and see what I am talking about for yourself. It will be hard to deny the truth of what you are seeing, or in some cases what you are Not Seeing.

I tell you folks NASA is a real piece of work, they have got to be among the biggest liars that the world has ever seen, But The Show Must Go On. I mean for goodness sake, they have been caught so many times with these low budget attempts at CGI its absolutely ridiculous, but yet people just turn a blind eye and continue to cheer these idiots on.

They come up with project after project, but most of them are scrapped before they get off the ground and after putting literally billions of dollars into them, but it's okay, the people will give them more money to carry on doing more of what they are NOT doing.

We are also going to take an indepth look at some of the pictures that NASA likes to pass off to the general public at real, when infact they are a total fraud. How we are going to prove this fraud is by pictures that NASA said were provided by two different satellites. One said to be orbiting the moon, while the other is said to be One Million miles away. But yet when we look at the images, they are identical.??? Yes, they are identical, same size, same clouds and so on, which without putting a heck of a lot of critical thinking in this, we can determine that this is Impossible..

I would like to see just one thing that NASA has done for the betterment of humanity for over 50 million dollars a day, as from where I stand they have done absolutely NOTHING other than spend the tax payers hard earned money on useless projects that never go anywhere.

And if that in itself isn't bad enough, they then push their propaganda on the general population of the world, in order to do what ? Try to make the heliocentric model look real ? It's all FAKE, from the word GO and everything afterwards.

As I mentioned in a previous statement, The Only Thing That NASA Has Ever Put into Space is Your Imagination.!!!

NASA Just Keeps Dropping The Ball

This video was published by Taboo Conspiracy and is something that I got a good laugh out of and I'm sure you will too. I just can't stress it enough to you good folks as to how badly we have all been lied to by this and other organization when it comes to the Earth and Space. This is such a terrible thing that they have done to the people of the world I just don't know how to accurately describe it. But, when we wake up to this Deception it all comes crashing down and reality hits us like a ton of bricks. For some it is quite a shock and for others it gets them quite furious to know that they have been lied to for their entire life. But unfortunately my friends these people DO NOT care about us in any way, unless it is to grab hard earned dollars from us any way they can. Look at NASA for example. Here we are in 2020 and their budget has been increased this year to over 60 Million dollars A DAY. Now I would think that is reason enough to lie, wouldn't you.?

NASA Fails Again and Again

This video is presented by ODD TV, who shows us that on January 3rd 2018 NASA had a major glitch during their broadcast from what they are calling the space station. We go on from there to watch various space walks where wouldn't you know it, Air Bubbles are constantly caught escaping the space suits. Which really shouldn't surprise us in any way because of the fact that most of NASA's videos are made in a extremely large Buoyancy pool near the Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas. Then of course we have the conflict of the astronauts who disagree on whether of not you can see stars in space. You would think that this would be something that would be unforgettable, but it seems they can't even recall if they seen any. Then of course there is the issue with NASA loosing all the DATA from the Apollo 11 Moon Landing. Yup, All of it. Nobody seems to know a thing about it at all. Man's biggest achievement in history and all the data is lost.? Now isn't that just convenient.?

The Missing Milky Way

This video was put out by The Truth is Stranger then Fiction. Here he finds something that it seems everyone has missed in all the footage that has been given to us by NASA. No matter if it's photographs or video from the Space Station, or Space walk footage where you can clearly see space right behind them. There always seems to be one rather large part of our universe that is missing, The Milky Way. Now this is nothing of small proportions that can in some way be missed, it should show up in nearly all pictures or video that has been taken from outside of the earths atmosphere. It's vast and bright and cannot be missed by the naked eye from earth, yet when we look at any of the footage provided by NASA we never see this immense cluster. Now I don't know about you but this just strikes me as odd. It has made me question all that I have been shown in way of footage from these clowns. They have been known to fake a photo or two in the past right.? I say that with Tongue in cheek, as we know they are faking nearly everything, but this is a particularly good find.

The History of Outer Space Programming

Here is another presentation by ODD TV in which he describes to us the methods used over the course of time to both indoctrinate and program the public into accepting outer space as reality. None of us have been there or seen it for ourselves but yet when someone mentions outer space we have a visual representation of it already in our minds due to this planned programming that we have all been subjected to. These days we are fed outer space on a daily basis with the likes of NASA, Hollywood and the Media and recently even Weather network's have gotten in on the brainwashing. It is a constant barrage of images, movies, video games and so on all based around what we perceive to be outer space. They have the majority of the public so dumbed down that most everyone will basically give the same visual representation when describing space. Now that's what I would call properly indoctrinated and educated. This has been, and still is all a part of the heliocentric hoax that has been fed to us over the course of our lives, and also taught to our parents before us and now to our children.

Fake Space And The Static Earth

Since birth we have been bombarded with images from so called space. Whether it be from Hollywood or NASA there has been a constant onslaught of the outer reaches of space in order to fuel our imaginations of the possibilities of life on other worlds. So here is the problem, NASA, the biggest player in this space game continues to insist that they launch rockets and probes into space to investigate. While never once discovering anything that is valid or helpful to humanity. But they keep obtaining grants to do absolutely nothing and it seems that this will never end as long as they can captivate their audience with the help of Hollywood and the media. It is nothing short of insane what these people get away with in the so called name of science. Unfortunately, Science is not what it used to be, nor does it reflect it's true definition of what used to be observable and repeatable experiments. Now it is merely what ever NASA can dream up and of course get the audience to buy. This is then adopted by the general pubic as scientific in nature and fully proven by NASA. - Really.???

How About The Science Behind A Vacuum.??

So before we exit this section I wanted to include some scientific data on what actually happens within a Vacuum. I know that most of us have no idea of what a real vacuum such as space is, never mind how things react within a said vacuum. So here we are going to look at various experiments done by even the likes of The Myth Busters and see how this all adds up with what we are being told by the likes of NASA and Hollywood. You see folks we have all be programmed to believe what we are being shown by these institutions. To such an extent that after decades of this indoctrination we firmly believe that what we witness is true and will fight to defend it, even when what we are being shown is entirely impossible by scientific standards. But do you think for a moment that anybody even looks to see if what they believe is true.? Of course they don't the indoctrination and programming is so deep that people will defend these false doctrines without even so much as investigating to see if what they are told is actually true. So please take a moment and see the evidence for yourself.


The 5 videos in the Deep Space Climate Observatory (DSCOVR) bundle were a collaborative effort by Paul On The Plane and the gentleman who owned the YouTube channel Archer Sage. In this combined series you will see some very obvious photo manipulation from NASA. It is not that hard to come to this conclusion using a few tools that are freely downloaded to detect just such photo manipulation. I tell you my friends there just does not seem to be any length that NASA will not go in order to fake space and pictures of their precious globe. But it would appear that they are (at this point) not getting away with it as easily as they used to. Thanks to people who have taken up the task of researching these frauds. Over 50 Million dollars a day go to NASA right out of the American people's pockets, and for what.?? This fakery.?? I am sure hoping that in the not so distant future the people of America Will Wake Up and see this organization for what it really is, as what this organization gets away with is absolutely insane or should I say Criminal.

NASA Busted Again

NASA Busted Yet Again. This seems to be an ongoing and recurring theme when discussing this organization doesn't it.? I mean if people have not yet woken up to the lies of these people, then I don't know if there is anything I can do for them. The garbage that NASA spews out to the general public has got to be amoung the most bizarre that I have ever seen. It is usually riddled with flaws and errors to such an extent that most anyone who has even the slightest ability with photo editing software can pick up on without much effort. We are going to take a look at a few pictures and a bit of video that NASA claims came from space. This should show you that no matter what this organization is claiming to be true can easily be shown to once again be nothing more than yet another lie. I'm sorry to keep banging away at this my friends but I really need to get this across to the people who blindly follow NASA and think what they show them is actually real. People really need to wake the hell up and break from the brainwashing that they have been subjected to their entire life.