So Where Exactly Are The Mars Rover's ???

On November 26th 2011 at approx 7:02 AM PST The Curiosity Rover was supposedly launched. At a cost of 2.5 Billion USD to the US Taxpayer, and the Rover was finally on it's way to Mars, and it supposedly successfully landed on Mars, in Gale Crater on August 6, 2012. Or did it ? According to NASA the mission was a success and no sooner did it get there, it was sending back pictures for all of us to be amazed by.

LOL, excuse me for laughing, but we are suppose to believe that these people at NASA were controlling this Rover from earth and that it was sending picture after picture back to earth non stop. Well, I wonder if anybody can fathom that in their precious heliocentric model of the universe, Mars is supposedly 33.9 million miles or (54.6 million kilometers) from earth.?

And we are suppose to believe that they are able to communicate with this thing almost in real time ? For goodness sake, give me a break, how gullible are we ? We go down a valley, into a tin building or in a rural area and lose cell coverage ? Oh wait, this must be the same state of the art technology that they used back in 1969 when they talked to the White House on a phone call to Richard Nixon in real time from the moon huh ? LOL, that is just hilarious... Anyway enough fun, lets get back to breaking down this segment shall we.

So while this all sounds rather fantastic, and makes it look as if there is nothing that NASA can't do. What if I was to tell you that Curiosity never left earth ? And that all the photographs we have seen from the supposed Red Planet are actually photographs of a location on earth or artist renditions ? While this may sound a bit far fetched, nothing seems to be out of the question when it comes down to the deceptions that NASA is willing to conduct all in the name of exploration or perhaps better put exploitation.

It seems rather odd to us that we can find landmarks on earth with the identical backdrops that are within most of the pictures that were sent from Curiosity, and that were suppose to be of Mars. We also find it rather odd that NASA has a base set up in a remote region of Devon Island. This was actually found by accident when a curious researcher was looking around on Google Earth and just so happened to run across none other then NASA and yup, you guessed it, The Rover. But wait a minute, I thought the Rover was suppose to be on Mars at exactly the same time snapping pictures and taking soil samples among other things ?

But wait, now we have "Insight" The newest and greatest of the NASA Mars missions which supposedly landed on Mars on Nov. 26, 2018. I don't know folks, they just never quit. This is all just an elaborate fantasy my friends and nothing more. Ohhhh,, NASA,, is there any lengths that you won't go to in order to try and pull the so called wool over the eyes of the taxpayer so that you can keep sucking the funds out of them ? This organization just continues to pull scam after scam and the people just keep lapping it up and cheering them on. I tell you, sometimes good old fashion Pride can really stand in the way of seeing this elaborate deception, that they don't even try very hard to hide.

It is really time for people to wake up. I don't know my friends, there is so much proof of not only this Mar's missions but virtually all so called missions that NASA is a part of that I cannot for the life of me understand why more people can't see it. I guess like I said, Pride gets in the way, and people are just happy to go along in life living the lie rather then facing the truth that they have indeed been lied to on a scale of massive proportions.

Now if all of this is not bad enough it seems that now they have found mushrooms growing on Mars.? Excuse me if I laugh out loud here, but this is what they are now claiming. It seems that while NASA was taking their imaginary pictures of the so called Red Planet they did not recognize that there were spores growing on the rocks they were taking pictures of in what ever location they are on earth. This is just another NASA blunder that once again has stuck them in hot water. As they are NOT COMMENTING on these pictures in any way, shape or form, as how can they.? They are once again caught in a lie, but this is a hard one to try and cover up or make light of, as now people have seen these pictures and want answers. So it will be interesting to see what they come up with as an explanation to this blunder.

It Really Is High Time That People Woke The Hell UP.

Curiosity Alive And Well On Devon Island

This video takes us for a little tour on Google Earth to a remote uninhabited spot called Devon Island. Here we find none other then our beloved NASA in all their glory. What's odd about finding them in the middle of nowhere is that the landscape looks very much like that of which the Curiosity was sending back from the Red Planet. Keeping this in mind we pan around and go through a number of different locations with the help of Google Earth to expose what we believe to be an elaborate hoax on the part of NASA on the people of the world. I know there are a bunch of people who will come up with any and all excuses for why NASA would be there at exactly the same time they are suppose to be on Mars, but hey that's to be expected. Like mentioned above, nobody seems to want to know the truth, they are just happy going along through life with their blinders on nice and tight and turning away from anything that does not fit into their man-made world. However this is a hard one to try and explain no matter who you are or how big of a NASA Fan you may be. It's quite tough to come up with some sort of a solution or excuse that would hold any water when it comes down to the timing of this capture and the equipment that is present on the scene. I think if anyone is even remotely awake they will see this for what it is.

Mars Landing WE DID IT!

They Did It, Or Did They.? Here we go again with NASA, I'm telling you these people who are part of this fraudulent organization are perhaps the biggest liars to every populate our earth. There is no end to what this organization will put out as truth when in fact it is nothing but a pack of lie's. They have been brainwashing the general population for decades into believing that they can actually go to these distant places and maneuver these crafts remotely; This is seriously laughable. But there are millions of people who have fallen prey to this organization as well as it's counterpart Hollywood. Who feeds the people NASA's propaganda through it's science fiction movies. The problem is that people have been so heavily indoctrinated and brainwashed into believing that all of this is possible that trying to explain to them that it is in fact impossible, is like pulling teeth. They will back NASA with a vengeance up to and including becoming violent against anybody who would dare to question the accomplishments of this satanic organization. It really is unbelievable...

NASA InSight Mars Landing Fantasy.

Give me a break already with this fake organization. By NASA's own admission they cannot leave low earth orbit, but yet they keep pumping out this Hollywood fantasy that they somehow or other can magically land on Mars. Thing of it is, if you will remember back when we looked at the stars and so called planets (wandering stars) we seen that they are nothing like what NASA shows us they are. In fact they are simply luminaries as mentioned in the Bible and not some form of Tera-Firma that they are able to land on. The earth is the only and I mean ONLY tera-firma that there is and there is no other place like it. But as I had previously mentioned they have the vast majority of the people so dumbed down and indoctrinated that unfortunately they will believe virtually anything that NASA sends their way. There isn't even the slightest hint of critical thinking any longer. They have taken God and His creation totally out of the picture and replaced Him and His creation with a fantasy world and cosmos that they themselves designed. It is such a shame that people won't wake up to this total and outright Fraud.

Mushrooms on Mars.

Well this got my attention and I'm sure it has gotten yours as well. As I had mentioned above in the opening statment NASA must not have been paying any attention to what they were taking pictures of, because I'm sure that they did not intend on opening this can of worms up. I have to laugh at these people as they are constantly shooting themselves in the foot. They are forever making some kind of a blunder that reveals the lies that come out of this organization. First they get caught filming and sending pictures from Devon Island of landscapes that were said to be of the Mars surface but yet are identical to landscapes that are found here on earth. And now they have (I feel) mistakenly taken pictures of mushroom spores and than a short time later again taken pictures of the same rocks that show the spores have grown into mushrooms. I mean how bloody stupid can you be to not notice this.? These people deserve everything that is being uncovered about them and with the seemingly flagrant attitude they display they deserve to be caught and brought to justice for their repeated lies.