The Moon Landing Never Happened

Alright so this is often called a conspiracy and it is said that NASA actually did land people on the Moon. Well that is simply NOT True. There is no way that they did this, and there is a ton of evidence to prove this was all a Hoax right from the get go. NASA in all their scientific wisdom would have us believe that in 1969 they put people in a beer can held together with spit and bailer twine strapped them to a rocket with 203,400 gallons (770,000 liters) of kerosene and lite the fuse.

Well if that isn't far fetched think about this. If you look back to before Kennedy made his famous speech, you know the one were he said "We will go the the Moon and do the other thing". We are still wondering what the other thing is and will probably never know. Unless the other thing was to lie there butts off about the whole darn thing. If that's what it was then indeed they are doing a bang up job on that for sure. In any event, back before that speech was even considered did you know that we already supposedly had probes going to Venus and Mercury ? I was totally surprised to hear that when I ran across this information. Funny how something that should have been a major miles stone in human history is hardly ever mentioned.

NASA has mentioned numerous times that they can't get past low earth orbit. Ok, so if they can't get past low earth orbit today then how in the heck did they put a man on the Moon in 1969 ? It didn't happen that's how. For the NASA fan boys out there that live and breathe this fake space agency, you guys have really got to open your eyes up and look at what this agency is feeding you. It's a big old smelly mound of manure topped off with a boat load of lies.

We have countless numbers of videos that show the Moon Landing Hoax up close and personal. It would take someone who is totally blind not to be able to see the evidence, or I guess you can choose not to look at it, perhaps that might make it not exist. But to those of us that think for ourselves and are no longer part of this elaborate scheme, we see it for what it is and also see NASA for what they really are. Around 53 Million tax payer dollars go to this organization on a daily basis. 53 million dollars a day, try and wrap you head around that for a second. This agency is totally defrauding the people by taking their money and feeding them a bunch of lies and CGI images of every conceivable thing they can think of and the majority of the public is just lapping it up. It really is remarkable to think that people have gotten so blinded that they still actually believe these events actually took place. We are going to go through a few videos on this and other topics concerning NASA and it's down right lies about nearly everything we see or that is produced by this organization.

I really hope that for those of you that still firmly believe that this actually happened you will be able to see things for what they truly are after you have viewed these presentations. I am only trying to show you the truth in the best possible way I am able to on this site. I do not condone what NASA has done nor do I condone the lies they continually feed the masses. Folks, this organization is a total and outright Fraud, and have committed unspeakable crimes against all of the US Citizens for decades by stealing their hard earned Tax Dollars.

So I Say This To You NASA.... Just Try To Debunk This !!!

Moon Hoax: Apollo Moon Landings Special

Scott Henderson & Marcus Allen take you on a journey through the Apollo archives and provide evidence that Apollo was a fraudulent event in our history. People really need to wake up to this and call it out for what it was, a total and out right lie. Throughout this video we will see various aspects of the moon landings that expose this as a fraudulent hoax that was played on the entire world. There are so many videos that have been put out by credible people over the years that are way to numerous for me to upload to this site in order to show you folks. I will therefore upload some of the ones that I would consider to be among the top 20 or so videos that have ever been produced on this topic. Personally, I know for a fact that man has not gotten anywhere near the moon, never mind landed on it, as this would have been impossible back in the 1960's and still is today. While these fellas are not looking at any of this from a Biblical standpoint I'm sure if they did, they would understand like I do, that you cannot land on a light.

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Moon

Award winning filmmaker Bart Sibrel presents his highly acclaimed (and much hated) controversial documentary showcasing newly discovered behind-the-scenes out-takes from the first mission to the moon, proving conclusively that the crew never left earth orbit. According to William Kaysing, a six year NASA contractor for the "Apollo" missions, a classified interdepartmental memo rated the odds of a manned lunar mission on its first attempt with 1960's technology, at only one in ten thousand. The only way to ensure success, and not risk killing the crew on live international television, was an artful bluff by the shrewd Nixon administration, along with their well acquainted counterparts in the CIA. This is why the returning crew looked so dejected, rather than triumphant, at their press conference, as it is believed they were blackmailed into lying about the alleged greatest accomplishment of mankind. Unfortunately, emotional ecstasy and pride, clouds most people's perception of the harsh reality of this massive deception.

One Giant Lie For Mankind

This video covers some of the LIVE telecast for Apollo 11 and touches on many other aspects of the Apollo missions. It touches on various interviews and press conferences as well as on board communication and even covers a bit of Aaron Ranens documentary, "Did We Go?" Within this video is a segment where a researcher is tasked with what would appear to be a simple thing, prove that they actually went to the Moon. Well, this proved to be harder then first expected for this seasoned researcher, as you will see. When asked, he said I thought this would be very easy to prove, but what I found is that it is an extremely difficult task. It's high time people came to terms with the fact that this whole thing was nothing but a complete and utter fraud right from the start. It is such a shame that people cannot seem to come to the realization that they have been taken for a ride by this agency, and continue to have the blinders pulled over their eyes to this day. It's Unbelievable.!!!

We Never Have and Never Will Go To The Moon

NASA will never openly come out and say that the Moon Landing was a Hoax. And We must understand that most everything we were taught in school was only what they want us to know. When someone can take what they were taught and parrot it out to someone else just the way it was taught to them is called Properly Educated. This video takes us through a bit of the history of what is taught and what is suppressed in the education system as well as in the scientific community. There are many things that are hidden from us, the question is why would they hide anything from us in the first place.? We need to ask questions if we are going to find answers. As if we just blindly follow what we are taught and told without questioning anything how are we learning anything other then what they want us to know, which is mostly half truth's and propaganda. What has the ISS done for humanity ? What has any of their supposed exploration done for mankind in any way ? These are questions that need to asked.


In this short feature we take a look at a wide array of deception and delusion, call it what you will, but for all that it's worth none of it adds up when it comes to NASA and their deceptions. We are going to be looking at various pictures that were taken while these clowns were supposedly on the moon, Yeah, Right... We are going to view the various angles of the sun or stage lighting when the pictures are taken and let you see for yourself how totally deceptive this entire thing really was. I guess they just weren't very good at figuring out how things would actually look back in those days, as when we look at it today without bringing in the programming that the entire world was and still is subject to, we see all of the flaws associated with what they were trying to sell the public back in the day. It truly is amazing that for the vast percentage of the public, while they look at the same footage we do, they either don't see, or refuse to see what is directly in front of them. The cognitive dissonance runs extremely high in most people, as the suggestive programming is embedded extremely deep in most of us.

Moon Hoax goes Main Stream

I thought I would end this segment off with a bit of humor. Of course we must do it at NASA's expense since they have put themselves in a rather awkward position with all of their staged events which I must say seem almost to easy to duplicate. Folks, NASA has been pulling the wool over our eyes long enough, they have embezzled Trillions of dollars from the American tax payer which in itself is a crime of unblievable proportions. You would think that by now most people would have their eyes wide open to this Fraud, but yet it seems that this is only what we can painfully call wishful thinking on our part. I personally don't know if people are just unwilling to see this for what it is, or if it is nothing but good old fashion Pride that gets in the way of rational thinking. In either instance there seems to be a wall that has been put up that just does not allow people to see what this organization is inherently guilty of. I think it really is shocking that this organization is allowed to consume some 53 million dollars of American tax dollars DAILY on these fake missions. I mean in all due respect, where does this all end.???

NASA Needs Help Landing On The Moon!

Well I thought I would be able to end this off with the last video, but it seems that NASA just keep providing us with more and more humor, so I guess I will have to keep updating this site in order to accommodate their lunacy. Wouldn't you know it, in all of the infinate wisdom and all their knowledge of so called space travel with missions to Mar's and well you name it, NASA has now come out and are asking for help in successfully landing man on the moon.?? Yes, you heard that correctly, they have come out and are asking if anybody has any ideas as to how they may achieve this goal. I have to tell you that I was ourtight laughing at this when I first heard it and it did not take long for someone out of the truth community to quickly put a video out on this latest seemingly unconventional move from NASA. So without wasting any time I thought it would only be right that I should share it with you, as we all need a bit of a laugh from time to time and if it is at the expense of NASA, then it is well worth the effort on my part to bring it to you.

"The LEM Under Fire"

I thought I should add this little clip where we take a good close look at the Lunar Module or commonly referred to as the "LEM". When I look at this supposed Lunar Lander I have to say that I cannot for the life of me understand how people can give even the slightest bit of credence to this thing having actually gone to the Moon. I mean lets get real here folks, this thing looks like a school science project gone terribly wrong to put it mildly.. If someone didn't know anything about the supposed moon landing and someone was to show them this thing and tell them they were going to go to the moon and back with it, I'm quite certain you would hear some very loud laughter filling the room. I mean, this thing looks like it is held together with spit and bailer twine for goodness sakes, and yet we are suppose to believe it took the impossible journey to the Moon and back.?? Oh and at the end of the film, when the LEM is filmed leaving the moon. Who stayed back and worked the camera as to catch it lifting off I wonder.?? This is so absolutely ridiculous it's not even funny.

Hilarious Things NASA Has Said

This video, while not showing any clips of the moon landing in general is something that I had to upload as it deals with the idiotic things that come out of NASA's mouth when questions are posed in regards to the moonlanding and the telemetry data that was gathered during these so called missions. It goes without saying that there in probably a good reason why some say that NASA stands for (Never A Straight Answer) as you will see it seems that no matter what question is thrown at them, they always have some answer that just does not make any sense. I don't know how to put this gently my friends but those out there that are still under the assumption that NASA went to the moon back in the late 1960's really have to put their pride aside and open up their eyes and see what is directly in front of them. NASA is nothing more than an extension of Hollywood, and could be described as nothing more than a Sci-Fi Fantasy at best. But no matter the stupidity surrounding this organization and the 52M dollars that they pull out of the American tax payers pockets daily, people will still believe this is all true.

Mythbusters BUSTED Yet Again.

I don't know how many of you have watched the show MythBusters, but I'm quite sure that most of you have. Would it surprise you in any way to find out that these people lie.??? Well on two different occasions while conducting tests to prove to their audience that the earth was indeed a Globe and while attempting to prove that footage supposedly taking on the moon was real They Have Been Caught Lying. It seems to me that anybody who is even remotely attached to what we commonly call "The Mainstream" is sworen to secrecy when it comes to anything having to do with the shape of the earth or anything having to do with The Moon Landing. This is a short clip, but it is the content that is worth the watch. We have heard the saying A Picture Holds A Thousand Words, well this short clip hold a heck of a lot more than A Thousand Words let me tell you. These people have no credibility left in my books and I'm sure it will be questionable in your minds as well when you get done watching this short (but extremely revealing) video.

Apollo Moon Landing Hoax.

So to cap this section off I have decided to put this little Gem of a video up done by Taboo Conspiracy. It is a very detailed look at various aspects of the Moon Landing that I'm sure even the most skeptical of people would have a hard time getting around. There are so many inconsistencies when it comes to this supposed event that I don't know how it has lasted as long as it has. Mainstream Media keep propping it up and giving it legs to stand on, when in reality it should have been called out for the fraud that it was a great many decades ago. Why it has taken so long for the vast majority of people to finally see that this was nothing more than an elaborate hoax from the word GO is beyond me. We as individuals are always seeking truth, or at the very least we should be seeking truth, not only on this, but on a wide array of topics that have been distored, as well as totally hidden from us throughout the course of history. We have been lied to on so many levels that I just don't know what to say. It is my hopes that within this site I am able to bring just a few of these outrageous lies out into the open.