The ISS Fake Station & The Imaginary Hubble Telescope

So, I'm thinking that most everyone has either heard of or seen the supposed International Space Station. The thing is that there are so many things that just do not add up with this tin can that it leaves us to come to the conclusion that the entire concept of the Space Station itself may be an elaborate hoax. But don't worry, there are enough Fan Boys out there to keep this thing alive, even if it isn't actually a functioning piece of hardware to begin with.

The images and video that is sent back from this alleged orbiting piece of space junk are so controversial that to say they were in any way a honest depiction of the world would be an understatement. Which leaves us to believe that the International Space Station, just like everything else brought to us by NASA, is a fake Freemasonic hoax and a complete fabrication done with special effects, models, pools, zero G planes, and various camera tricks. Not to mention that we repeatedly see bubbles and can hear the sounds associated with scuba diving gear from all the so called space walks.

What really amazes me is the amount of people who actually believe the projects that come out of NASA and who will defend this organization as if it were their god or something. I personally think that people are letting their Pride get in the way of logic when it comes to what we are presented with as truth out of this organization.

When viewing the video feeds that are suppose to be coming from this Station did anyone ever notice that the clouds they are displaying in their videos never move ? And it is almost laughable that no matter which picture or video you see, they always and I mean always have to put the imaginary curve of the earth in it.

I mean can anybody see how hard they are pushing this ?

It is one thing to try and sell this globe theory to the masses with indoctrination through movies and education, but to keep hammering this home with each and every picture or video seems to me to be nothing more then overkill. Why do they constantly have to show the edge of the alleged ball earth ? Who are they trying to convince that it is a ball ? Or is it that they just don't feel very confident with all the experiments conducted recently that are proving quite the opposite of what we have been taught all of our lives ?

This entire thing is nothing more than a fantasy my friends. Absolutely nothing adds up if we just use a bit of critical thinking, but how many people are even capable of critical thinking any longer.? I dare to ask that question, as it seems to me that society has become so entirely dumbed down that organizations such as NASA have an easy time of talking them into just about anything, while they sit there and have a good laugh at just how gullible the population of the world has become.

This brings us to the Hubble Space Telescope, oh yes the amazing Hubble. This Telescope has been (from what they tell us) out in space since 1990 and while they continually tell us that they change the Hubble's positions in order to view different areas of space, NOT ONCE, and I mean NOT ONCE since it's supposed deployment have we gotten a picture of the earth from this thing. Really ?

But this is really nothing when we look just a bit deeper into the Hubble and then compare the images which they say are taken by Hubble in contrast to the images taken by Sophia.

The Telescope Sophia is known as The Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy and sits in a plane owned by NASA which is flown between 40.000 and 45.000 feet high. A special door is then opened and Sophia takes images without the atmosphere getting in the way of the images it collects. Problem is that when these images are compared to those supposedly taken by the Hubble, they are identical.? Do you think that perhaps this is because all the images are taken by Sophia and that the Hubble does not even exist.?

While this might sound like a totally off the wall conspiracy theory (there is that phrase again), I would urge you to take a look at the videos below and see if you see what we see. I am not one to put things up that tend to cause even more confusion, my goal here is to open eyes, not to cover them up with even more confusing facts. We have to also look into the fact that they insist that the Hubble can move, is that so.?

Most anyone who enters into this with an open mind and without any bias will have an extremely tough time coming to terms with what we discuss on this topic with the videos below. NASA has always been feeding the public lies and half truths when it comes to space, as they know they cannot get there, they know this better than anyone, but yet they keep feeding the lies to the masses, and appear to act with impunity from any type of punishment by any government organizations. PERIOD.

I think it is pretty much safe to say that, The Only Thing NASA Has Even Sent To Space is Your Imagination.!!!

ISS -- Why Was This Video Banned ?

Doesn't it always seem that when something comes a bit too close to the truth or hits home with some Major Organization and is put into a public venue, it does not take long before this information is either stifled or just disappears entirely. In this video we see certain aspects of what is being shown to us from NASA onboard the International Space Station. In it you will see a ton of discrepancies when it comes to what we are visually being shown as opposed to what we should be seeing. It is extremely odd that most who have watched the original feeds that come from the International Space Station do not pick up on any of this and are happy to just cheer NASA on. When in fact this organization is doing nothing but feeding the masses CGI and Composites. But be careful if you choose to tell someone who is a NASA Fan that they are being deceived, as you could be met with something totally unexpected. So take a few minutes and view this video and see if you feel the same about NASA as you did prior to viewing it.

NASA Faking The ISS Badly.

So here we go again with this fraudulent organization showing us how badly then can fake the supposed ISS. I really don't understand why people do not see this for what it is. It baffles me to think that folks have become so entirely blind to what is right in front of them. I guess people will see what they want to see and are totally oblivious to the fact that NASA's own video's show them to be nothing but frauds. I sit here while typing this out and do not know how to relay what I am thinking in a manner as to not insult anyone. I get seriously upset that people have become so totally dumbed down and indoctrinated into these fantasies that they are unable to see what is directly in front of them. These organization are counting on the fact that through their propaganda and indoctrination programs society will continue to believe everything they are told and not look into anything for themselves. But it doesn't stop there, the indoctrination is so deep that not only do they not look for themselves, they ridicule anybody who does.

How Can The Hubble Not Exist ? Sophia, That's How.

So here we go with the Hubble Hoax, yes I came right out and said it. It is indeed a Hoax, as is most of what NASA does. We are going to take a look at the 1990 launch of the Hubble and the construction of Sophia. It may shock you to learn what is found when we look into the launch dates. There are organizations including the United Nations that keep track of every launch that takes place in the world. However, when the database is searched not only does the actual launch of the Hubble not show up, but all data that should be associated with this historic launch, is nowhere to be found.? The things is when looking at a Hoax, always follow the money. When it comes to the ability of NASA it seems that nothing is impossible, even if the laws of nature seemingly say they are impossible, NASA always seems to be able to come away with a solution. We know of another such entity that produces the same results overall, and that is none other than Hollywood. Go figure.

HUBBLE DOESN'T EXIST, Damning Evidence.

(Language Warning) Here we join Robert Bassano from PLANATE VERITAS as he calls the Deputy Missions Operations Manager for the Hubble Space Telescope. This is extremely damning and is worth the listen. We also find out that the actual launch of the hubble was not even put into the database that keeps track of most any and all launches. This was a launch that should have not only been recorded in this database, but should have been in the record books as this was supposedly the heaviest payload that was ever launched. We also find out that there has never been any type of real time pictures or video ever taken from the Hubble. The Deputy Missions Operations Manager doesn't even have any idea where the hubble is as they do not track it in any way ? THIS IS VERY DAMAGING EVIDENCE FOR THE BLACK HOLE BUDGET THAT NASA IS AND ALSO BIG TIME PROOF THAT THEY ARE FAKING PROGRAMS.

Hubble Cant Move... PERIOD...

This video just adds to the pile of operations that Hubble cannot do. In the video above the Operations Manager told us that the Hubble does not have any type of propulsion system. Here it is explained to us by Mr. Trive and Survive how it is impossible for this so called space telescope to move at all. When we look at this for what it is, we have to come to terms with the reality of these observations. The only things that move in so called space are in the movies that Hollywood produces. We have been so indoctrinated with Hollywood and NASA continually feeding us this fantasy that if we don't stop and think hard about what they are telling us it almost seems possible for some of these things to maybe happen, based on the movies we have seen. But that's all it is folks, it just seems that way because of all the scenes we have seen in the movies and have been indoctrinated with over the years. When we actually do some critical thinking on this matter we come to the realization that in reality there is no way for any of these things to happen.

Pro Engineer Explains Problems with the ISS

Here is Professional Engineer Brian Mullen, who's curious mind started to explore the International Space Station and Satellites located in the Thermosphere. Being that his engineering degree had him take various classes dealing with these methods of science he was the perfect candidate to break it all down. Well, "YOUTUBE" quickly removed and banned this gentleman's channel ? Why would they do such a thing, unless he was hitting so close to home that it could not be allowed to be put out to the public. We have gone through most of his video content and have not found anything that would be in violation of any guidelines that Youtube has in place. This is worth the watch as he goes through all the science that surrounds the altitudes in which the ISS and Satellites are said to be. If his findings can open his own eyes, (a professional engineer) I would think that it would be enough to convince the average person. Brian is a very nice and humble guy who is honest to himself and while having a bit of time with his findings, he does not dismiss them because of what he was taught. Instead he embraced and shared his findings, only to be banned ? So you see how it works folks, either you are a good little sheep and stay asleep, or you tell the truth and get shown the door.

(Update) Is Brian Mullen Missing ?

So after I had posted this video I found some intel on Brian. It seems that the powers that be must have been getting pretty nervous with the content that Brian was putting out, as we are told that somebody with a great deal of influence contacted Brian's employer and had him Fired. Now this would only happen if Brian was indeed right over the intended Target launching Truth Bombs at these people left and right. Folks, this is a Lie on a Grand Scale and these people will stop at nothing to silence people who hit the mark and are exposing these frauds.

We are still not sure as to the where abouts of Brian, or if he is okay, all we know is that he has either fallen off the grid by choice (which we doubt), or he has be taken off the grid, in either instance nobody seems to know where he is at this time.

So there you have it folks. Most of his video's have been mirrored on Youtube through other channels, so if you get the time check some of them out before they get removed, as he doesn't hold back when exposing these frauds and his evidence is all scientific. It Is Extremely Difficult to argue with his findings, so what do they do ? Make him disappear !!! Evil is as Evil Does and believe me these people are Pure Evil.

If indeed the powers that be stepped in and silenced Brian then all I can say is these people are dumber than I initially thought they were. As I wonder if they realize that by silencing someone who is exposing the lie's only fuels what he or she was working on. Other people will pick up the work and continue it, and those that watched his video's will quickly come to the realization that Brian was telling the truth.

These people certainly are not doing a whole bunch of critical thinking when it comes down to suppression, as by doing nothing fuels nothing, but by doing something to suppress only inspires people to do more. It's an age old philosophy that has come down since the dawn of time. You would think these idiots would be smart enough to know how this works by now.

The Word MARTYR is in the dictionary for a reason.