There Are So Many Hoax's To Try Follow With NASA

Have you ever watched a Rocket Launch ? Did you ever notice that the rocket goes up for a short distance and then always levels out and heads out to sea ? I find this extremely interesting to say the least, maybe that's the reason Cape Canaveral is where it is. First of all, it is impossible for rockets or any type of jet propulsion engines to work in the alleged non-atmosphere vacuum of space because without air/atmosphere to push against there is nothing to propel the vehicle forward.

All NASA and other "space agencies" rocket launches never go straight up. Every rocket forms a parabolic curve, peaks out, and inevitably starts falling back to earth. The rockets which are declared "successful" are those few which do not explode or start falling too soon in order to ensure they make it out of range of a spectators view before crashing down into restricted waters, from which it is then recovered. There is no magic altitude where rockets or anything else can simply go up, up, up and then suddenly just start "free-floating" in space. This is all science fiction, but try telling that to the NASA fans. what you will be met with is a good round of name calling and finger pointing.

NASA has been caught in so many lies it's hard to keep up with it all. The funny thing is that they don't even seem to try and do a good job of faking it. Can Anybody Say "BRAINWASHING". They have such obvious error's that a grade school child could pick up on and yet the vast majority of the general public fails to see it. I just don't get it.

Is it an unwillingness to see, or it is that the public is so asleep that they can't see the forest for the tree's ??? I don't know which it is, but for what ever reason, NASA just keeps on feeding this stuff to people, the mainstream keeps pushing it as fact and the public just buys it up. It is bewildering to say the least.

We are going to take a look at a wide array of things coming out of NASA and point out the flaws in so many areas that there isn't going to be anybody who looks at this with their eyes open that won't see it for what really is. Critical thinking is something that the education system has tried endlessly to make go away, they have been trying to dumb down our children for decades as so to keep them from actually trying to figure anything out on their own. The governments have likewise been doing the same to the general population through media sources and the likes of NASA.

Hollywood has been a key player in making all of this come to life as well, as most of the public has been brainwashed by none other than Hollywood itself when it comes to space, and life on other so called worlds and on and on. Then along comes NASA and starts telling the world that they have found all of these planets that can support life and everyone in the media jumps onboard and spreads this fake news like a wild fire.

It is truly amazing to see how easily we can be deceived and how the constant bombardment of this type of stimulation to the brain can eventually be looked at as truth by the viewer. In this day and age if you ask anybody if they think there is life on other worlds most will answer yes, there has to be. When in fact the earth is an enclosed system, they cannot get out and nothing can get in. Space is a hoax people, all of this so called exploration is nothing more then a fairy tale spun by NASA, Hollywood and the Media.... PERIOD....

This is quote from Nazi propaganda chief, Dr Joseph Goebbels, 'Make the lie big, keep it simple, keep saying it and eventually they will believe it'.

But wait it gets better yet. Now NASA has magically found out that "WE" yes we, with all of our man made climate change are causing the earth to Wobble More.. EXCUSE ME DID I HEAR THAT RIGHT.???? I'm sure you will get quite a charge out of this section when you start to see this organization for what it really is. NASA is nothing more than a shill for the powers that will be, constantly pushing their lies and propaganda onto a totally dumbed down population.

I tell you My Friends, it's high time these people were confronted dead on with the lies that come out of their mouths, but then again do you think this brainwashed society will even see all of this ? I highly doubt it.

But before we get into the meat and potatoes so to speak lets take a quick look at something that all of these supposed flights would rest on, and that is communication. Nobody seems to understand the vast amounts of power it would take in order to get a signal sent (lets say from the moon) to and from such a distance in order to establish two way communication so that messages and or commands, or better yet pictures could be relayed. I think when we look at the calculations to establish such communication we quickly see that it just cannot be done, which leaves us to come to the same conclusion that we started this section with.. NASA LIE'S.

The Power Needed For Communications

I had to put this video up first and foremost as most people just do not get it. They hold onto the falsehoods that NASA puts out and do so without having any shred of evidence that these things are actually being accomplished. They back this organization to the point that could be looked at by some as a cult following. However, NASA has not crossed all their "T's" and dotted all of their "I's" when it comes to the empty holes they have left for anyone who wants to see how fraudulent they actually are. I mean lets get real here my friends. Back in 1969 the so called astronauts were supposedly in two way communication from the moon with then president Richard Nixon at the White House via a land line phone.? Who in their right mind would believe such nonsense.? When even in today's day and age we can't travel through a valley without losing cell coverage or go inside a tin building and have our coverage magically disappear. But we are to believe that this communication actually took place in 1969.? This is beyond laughable.

The Truth Shall Set You Free (Recap)

This is a short video thrown together with various aspects of what we have covered in the sections up to this point. I feel it is extremely important to take a recap view of what has been presented for the viewer in order to establish within themselves the shear magnitude and scope of the vast amounts of information and details surrounding this entire site. While I felt this recap was a necessity, I did not want to bore the viewer with the same material, while some may have seen various parts, there is quite a bit of material that you will not have seen in the previous sections, although the message remains on target. If you have been captivated by what you have seen up to this point, you will need to seat belt yourself in for what we are going to be presenting from this point onward, as it only gets crazier as we move forward. So please take a few minutes and join us in recapping before moving on. I am quite certain this short video will be well worth your time in order to solidify what we have seen up to this point.

Disney Presents NASA on Thin Ice

This might be interesting to most, as famous astronaut Buzz Aldrin while sitting down with some students is asked the question, why have we not been back to the moon in such a long time ??? I think you will find the answer that Buzz gave to be quite interesting and most revealing to say the least. ODD has put together a time line that if followed shows us how various agencies were put into place at certain times and how different players within these organizations plotted to deceive the public. Here again NASA is the prime player from start to finish as they continue to reveal things to the public without the public being able to pick up on it. People seem to be so indoctrinated and brainwashed that NASA comes straight out and tells us the truth but it just seems to gloss right over most viewers. It's almost like they are programmed not to see the truth, even if it is presented directly to them from NASA themself. Thankfully there are some that can see it, but most are totally blind.

Rob Skiba exposes NASA moon rock is petrified wood

To add to the already totally exposed NASA and the lies that they weave, we take a look at another factor in this on going deception. Do all of you remember when NASA supposedly brought all of these so called moon rocks back from the moon.? Well, what if I was to tell you that all of this moon rock was nothing more than Petrified Wood.? Yup, that's what it is folks... These people have been so entirely exposed as liars yet the general public continues to believe everything that comes out of their mouths, I just don't get it personally. How can anyone believe anything coming out of NASA.? I will let Mr. Skiba tell you the rest of the story in this video, where this particular country wanted to take out some insurance on their piece of moon rock and in doing so were subject to the testing of this supposed rock for insurance purposes. Well wouldn't you know it, when it was tested what do you think they found. If this wasn't so serious it would actually be funny. So the lies keep coming and yet NASA continues to spend over 50 plus Million dollars a day of the tax payers money. Go Figure...

NASA'S Funny Firmament Cover Story!

It's always fun to see NASA try to come up with these lame excuses to try and pull themselves out of the corner they have painted themselves into. So here we see an article coming directly from NASA who admit there is a man-made structure or barrier surrounding the earth. Huhhh. NASA admitting there is a barrier around the earth.? Okay, so they have it partially correct, there is a barrier called the firmament, but it certainly IS NOT man-made as they would have you believe. It was made by our Heavenly Father (Yahuah) during the creation of the earth itself mentioned in Genesis 1:7 And God made the firmament, and divided the waters which were under the firmament from the waters which were above the firmament. We also take a look at why NASA cannot go anywhere and why when they launch their rockets they seem to always turn and go out to sea. It seems that way because they do, there is no question about it. Nobody can get out of the Firmament and nothing is getting in unless it is authorized by God himself. PERIOD.

How To Fake Space Badly in 1983

This is a hilarious short video of some footage that was found dating back to 1983 and a Shuttle Launch that was I guess suppose to be deploying a satellite of some sort. Back in 1983 they did not have the technology of today and were not able to give us these elaborate CGI renderings. They had to resort to something quite different back in those days. They built working models of rockets and of course the shuttle so that they could do their launch, have it go out of sight of the viewing audience and then switch to the studio where all of the action was taking place with the models as opposed to the actual shuttle. Yes, I know, I know, The Tinfoil Hat thing again right. Well, if that in fact is the case then perhaps someone can explain this footage to me. As when you take a look at this video footage I'm sure you will come to the same conclusion that I did when I seen it. NASA is lying to each and everyone of us with their elaborate schemes and hoaxes about going into so called space. They know full well they cannot go past low earth orbit and they say it repeatedly. It's just people don't listen to what they are saying.

Humans Are Causing Earth To Wobble More ?

This is nothing short of insane to say the least. NASA just keeps fueling this fabrication with stories that a 5th grader would question. But it is my guess that if we all just conform to the Carbon Taxes without complaining, and pay what they want, I'm sure that the world will stop wobbling, and Hey... IF WE PAY ENOUGH; Their Precious Cartoon Globe might even start to spin backwards and reverse all of the damage that us dumb humans have caused. NASA has got to have the Biggest Conglomeration of Idiots working for them that has ever polluted the surface of the earth, but the saddest thing of all is that most of the people who are still totally asleep will listen to this trash and actually take it seriously. People never stop long enough to think that ALL TESTS over the course of history to prove the earths movement HAVE FAILED.!!! My Friends, we really need to do everything we can to wake these people up, as this has gotten totally out of hand. Yet, despite this blatant and totally obvious fraud, people continue to cheer NASA on, listening to one lie after another coming out of this totally satanic organization.

Top 10 Reasons We Know The Earth is Round

Here are the Top 10 Reasons that Ball believers say they know the earth is round. It's quite ironic that people will just spew this stuff out as if it is a commonly known fact, but yet cannot back any of it up with any type of evidence. And that's not the worst part of it.. When we go out and do tests or show them directly that what they are holding on to in way of proof is contrary to the test results, we are met with ridicule and name calling. I can't for the life of me understand how somebody can blindly hold onto something that has been disproven time and time again. What we can see with our naked eye and God given senses goes against everything that is pushed out by the likes of NASA, Hollywood, the scientific community and the news media. Yet they just keep pushing this false paradigm without even considering the evidence. We have all been taught the same NASA garbage. However, when the truth is shown to us, (even if it contradicts everything we have been taught), do we just turn our heads and pretend all of this evidence does not exist.? I'm sure that NASA hopes that we all do exactly that.


I had no choice but to include this video as the last installment of this section as it is just too revealing to sit on the sidelines and collect dust. Here we are going to watch an actual Shuttle launch from inside the shuttle itself. While the NASA fanboys will relish and marvel at NASA's abilities, we who are awake and no longer deceived by this organization are going to expose this Hollywood fakery for what it really is. We are also going to look at a test pilot in training who is actually undergoing some Gforce training just to see what Geforce's actually do to the human body. Then we are going to compare what we see on the Shuttle to the Geforce training exercise and see exactly how they line up. I'm quite certain that you will quickly see for yourself that all we are seeing when it comes to the footage from NASA is a dramatization filmed in a studio. These people are liars and deceivers and there also seems to be no end to what this organization will attempt to put out in order to keep this fantasy alive. It is really high time that people put away their pride and literally Woke Up wouldn't you say.???

TOP 10 Reasons Why I Don't Trust NASA

Here are just a few of the reasons why I don't trust this organization nor do I trust any other alleged space organization. I say this because they (for lack of a better term) as all fraudulant. And the thing is, they don't even do a very good job at faking it. There are so many blunders in most of their footage that it's no wonder people get hold of their video's and tear them apart. I will continue to say that the only thing that NASA has ever sent into space is Your Imagination and I will stick by that. I have gone through 100's of video's related to their supposed space walks and moon missions and there is so much that is questionable that it would take someone who is utterly and totally asleep not to pick up on it. Folks, these people are liar's plain and simple. They can't get out of our earth atmosphere and they know it. The firmament is a solid dome that emcompasses the either earth and was put in place by God "Yahuah". It's pretty simple, nothing comes in and nothing goes out without express permission from Yahuah Himself. Period.